One of the most beautiful and premium disposable pans you can buy. I bought a set of 2 pans looking for dishwasher friendly, non stick pans after the cheap set of 3 pans I bought from big w began to stick terribly after 2-3 years. O... k also found out you are not supposed to leave food in these pots/pans and that you can use the green cleaning sponges on them as it is really important to remove all food particles off the surface to ensure the 'non-stick' coating works. ), and they even had the nerve to say the damage on the wok is because it just needs a scrub! Don’t bother, Fantastic pans when new but ultimately, they won’t last the rigours of regular use. Absolutely loved my scanpan frypan to begin with, then it betrayed me and started peeling, after 18 months. The warranty isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Then comes the anger. With great attention to detail, they fabricate high-quality nonstick products that are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Extremely disappointed. However, this can be a tricky feat if your mum hasn’t told you what kind of gift she’d be happy with. These were gifts from my parents. I have a roaster with rack and lid with glass insert. I could have bought several decades worth of cheaper pans for the price I paid to get a few months worth of usefulness out of a scanpan. Why we like it: all the benefits of non-stick, with added durability. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scanpan 9-1/2-Inch Fry Pan, Non-Induction 9.5", Black at My initial set did have some flaws - after using them for some time, I notice bits of the non stick surface had like little 'holes' in them. I bought it perhaps 3 years ago, my first and only SCANPAN item. Within 3 months the frypan was so bad we threw it in the bin and replaced with a $20 frypan from Kmart (which is still going perfectly!). I bought SCANPAN nonstick casserole pot, becomes rusted after approx 3 years of use. So now I have two useless pans that I can’t cook meat or eggs in. ScanPan Review. Buy cheap $20 pans and throw them out when they lose their non-stick properties. I’d advise buying cheaper brands and replacing every 2 years rather than outlaying money for a recognisable brand name. The Scanpan clean method provided by Sheldon and Hammond is never work as it is not possible to dissolve & scrub off those carbon residue from the tiny gap of the non-stick coating surface. Purchased in August 2020 at Catch for A$200.00. Bought when about 18 months ago and there are bits flaking off the bottom edge already, in multiple spots. Once this happening, it is consumer’s fault regardless it is not possible to scrub off those carbon residue from the tiny gap of the non-stick coating surface.When I made warranty claim r...Read more. Although the use of aluminum cookware has been the subject of discussion over recent decades, due to it being linked to Alzheimer’s, the aluminum cookware made by … Top 10 Scanpan Reviews in 2020 Read More Not only will I never buy again, but I will actively discourage anyone in the market from these pans. They are so expensive to buy! When I enquired about replacing them earlier they had told me it was a faulty batch with the coating and that they were replacing them all, but a different story now apparently. For reference we’ve replaced these pans with Solidteknics skillets & enamel-coated cast iron pots. Find more like this in our review of non-stick frying pans. Don’t buy scanpans!!! They are going into the bin. Unfortunately, although I used it as per the directions, the surface became very worn within 2 years. Very Bad Quality. Purchased in March 2018 at House for A$150.00. I have returned it to David Jones and just awaiting an assessment. Do Not Buy! Use this product on any cooktop or in the oven (up to 500°F/260°C), then let it sit in the dishwasher afterwards. What a waste of time & money!! Purchased in December 2015 at Myer for A$350.00. The fact that they have no customer service replies on here is so telling as well. The warranty isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Having spent so much on these pans and treating them with care I... really wanted to love them. Scanpan’s titanium ceramic non-stick coating has a rough surface and the tiny gap in the rough surface is highly attracting oily residue. If you want, you can fry an egg without using the oil in this pan, and it will slide around the pan. Further details in the disclaimer. I can give kudos to the design of the handle on the pans, no scr... ews and sturdy. Which is a little ironic, because this pan got the lowest review rating of all the pans that had reviews. I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of these classic pans. I wonder if it would make a novelty feature in the garden. Dishwasher can not be used to clean Scanpan cookware as it can not remove oily residue from the cooking. Send them back as they have a lifetime warranty. I invested in two different sized pans and both of them started sticking within a year. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from Scanpan CTX 12-3/4-Inch Covered Chef’s Pan Review The Scanpan CTX 12-3/4-Inch Covered Chef’s Pan has a stainless steel and aluminum ply base for better heat retention and an even spread of heat. Am told that the 'lifetime' warranty is only 10 yrs, they believe pots are older than that (they have been sitting unused all that time! Hi I have had two roaster scan pan both got bubbles in them quite upset. For daily cooking by using medium heat and plastic utensil, the non-stick surface of the Wok will last around 1.5 year. Within months, these several hundred dollar pans managed to begin sticking to everything they cooked. Sorry, I haven't had any experience with the roaster. I have returned it to David Jones and just awaiting an assessment. If you prefer to invest in cookware that will stand the test of time, then Scanpan is one cookware manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on its products.