For the work that you’ve done in January (say), you will be paid by March 15/16/17th. Sorgen Sie also frühzeitig dafür, dass Sie die entsprechenden Qualifikationen nachweisen können! The first step to becoming a search engine evaluator is applying at one of these four companies: Appen (I work here) Raterlabs (Only for Americans) Lionbridge. Während meiner Tätigkeit habe ich unglaublich viele Suchergebnisse bewertet – angefangen von schlichten Google-Suchergebnissen zu den unterschiedlichsten Suchbegriffen (angefangen von sehr individuellen Suchanfragen bis hin zu sehr allgemeinen und weit verbreiteten Suchbegriffen) über eine Qualitätssicherung des Google Übersetzers, der Google News, der Google Images, Mobile Aufgaben, von Google Shopping bis hin zu Youtube oder Google Books. If you want to work as an evaluator/rater, you should be signing up with Appen Connect and not with Appen. Although most of our students find these courses useful in their preparation for the search engine evaluator exam, we cannot guarantee that you will pass the tests by taking our courses. The result would be like this: Now in terms of search engine evaluation –. These jobs tend to automatically be remote positions, so you don’t have to search specifically for remote roles as much as other jobs. Darüber hinaus wird ein einwandfreier Leumund erwartet. You will have to track your worked hours on your own. Search opportunities through sites like Appen, Flexjobs, and Lionbridge. In diesem Forum wurde jedoch Wert darauf gelegt, dass keiner mit seinem echten Namen auftrat. To earn a $25 Reward from Payoneer, register via our referral link provided on this page. The Search Evaluator Academy is an independent endeavor. The search engine company uses raters' feedback to evaluate if a given tweak in their algorithms should go through or not. This process is more subjective than an algorithm would provide, but Google gives raters detailed guidelines on how to choose a rating. We aim to provide relevant information and training for people who work—or are looking to work—on Google’s search quality rating project, which is known as Project Yukon at Appen, and Internet Assessor Project at Lionbridge. Bereits als Studentin habe ich für eine SEO-Agentur gearbeitet. A search engine evaluator provides educated feedback and critical insights for search engine companies like Google and Bing. Ich hatte natürlich Angst davor gekündigt zu werden, obwohl ich meine Arbeit stets in der bestmöglichen Qualität verrichtet habe und von den Stunden, welche ich in Rechnung gestellt hatte, meistens noch etwas abgezogen habe. Job title: Search Engine Evaluator / Online Web Evaluator / Search Engine Analyst Please be advised that some of the evaluator positions on's website are for Bing, not for Google… Am begehrtesten sind solche Leute als SEOs. The SEA Model - Master Search Evaluation course: If you are on a budget, a plausible preparation strategy would be to enroll in the SEA Model course only if and after you’ve failed your first attempt at the exam as many failing applicants are given a second chance -- this is not guaranteed though. We suggest moving this party over to a full size window. With the acquisition of Leapforce, Raterlabs too is now part of the greater Appen family. Ich persönlich würde die Erfahrungen, die ich als Search Engine Evaluator gesammelt habe, nicht missen wollen. The Google system is available 24/7, and ads quality raters set their own hours. In this article, I will only be talking about qualification tests for Appen, Raterlabs, and Lionbridge. It involves finding out whether the search results are relevant to the search query. ins Leben gerufen: ein Angebot mit hoher Dienstleistungsintensität und zugleich fairen Preisen. Auf E-Mails an wird rasch geantwortet! Raters are hired from almost all countries of Europe, North America, South America, most of Asia including India, and from a few selected countries in Africa. Payoneer is the preferred method of payment for Appen and Raterlabs. Read on…. Results can also be marked as spam. But their main and oldest project is the evaluator/rater project. Wenn Sie weiterhin diese Meldung erhalten, informieren Sie uns darüber bitte per E-Mail: – If you have done website testing projects in Usertesting and other similar websites, you would see that you have to rush to grab the task before it’s gone or good ( or bad). check out this course from a full-time Rater. You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media, and cultural affairs in India. Wer in Bezug auf sein mündliches Englisch nicht besonders kompetent auftritt, muss sich keine Sorgen machen: Leapforce Inc. wird Sie – wenn es Ihnen so geht wie mir – niemals anrufen. Please note that they have been re-branded themselves as Teemwork.AI as is visible from the sign-up page above. You can sign up, This is another well -known company based in China. years of rating this June (2020). I have created an in-depth ‘Search Engine Evaluator Course’ that’ll help you excel and qualify for the test. – You are indirectly helping Google to better their search results. Google has search engines for countries across the globe, and the company hires ads quality raters for many different languages. If jobs for ads quality raters are not available, there sometimes are ads specialists or AdWords specialist jobs. If you continue to see this message, please email Responsibilities for Search Engine Evaluator. Since you are hired as a part-time employee with them, one has to give a minimum of 15 hours per week. Die Firma wird sich ausschließlich per E-Mail an Sie wenden. Is it some sort of a conspiracy theory? Geld verdienen im Internet – auch dies ist eine Möglichkeit wie es funktionieren kann: Ich habe drei Jahre lang als Search Engine Evaluator / Google Quality Rater für die Firma Leapforce Inc. gearbeitet und bisher noch nie einen Erfahrungsbericht dazu geschrieben. Maintain current computer software and hardware. Google Work from Home Jobs that Pay up to $14 per hour. Diese Möglichkeit habe ich sehr geschätzt, da es diese Möglichkeit bei vielen anderen Jobs nicht gibt: Man muss dort jede Arbeit erledigen, auch wenn man denkt, dass jemand anders sie besser erledigen könnte. Quality raters review the results returned in a specific search query, then rate the results in terms of relevance. Wer im Bereich SEO tätig ist oder in diesem Bereich tätig werden will, kann sehr viel lernen, wenn er in dieser Position arbeitet. The role Personalized Search Engine Evaluator, is based on the tasks of your personalized Google account. The Real Deal With Google Work-At-Home Jobs, Computer Programmer Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More, If You Know French, Here Are Some Work-at-Home Jobs for You, The 7 Best Job Search Engines for International Jobs of 2020, 10 Top Jobs You Can Get If You Want to Work From Anywhere. Review online content including text, images, web pages, and more. The core of the job is to assign quality ratings for webpages and relevance ratings for search results. I have the numbers of people that I’ve referred to, and the number of people that have actually gone on to pass this test. Sammelt man schon einmal eine derart spannende Arbeitserfahrung als Google Search Engine Evaluator, so bekommt man leider kein Arbeitszeugnis ausgestellt, obwohl ein solches doch recht karriereförderlich wäre. We have been receiving some suspicious activity from you or someone sharing your internet network. This is a work-at-home position. But the overall pros far outweigh the cons of working as an evaluator. Here are a few frequently asked questions, that you might want to ask. Below is a list of employers that offer these jobs: Since 2017, most of the evaluators at Leapforce in the US market were moved to a subdivision called Raterlabs. This qualification test is so tough that hardly 1 in 100 get through it, and work as an evaluator. Ich persönlich habe in meinen drei Arbeitsjahren 18 US-Dollar pro Stunde verdient, und so geht es wohl dem Großteil der Personen, welche dieser Tätigkeit nachgehen. Watch this video and listen carefully at 1:00. You should be an active Google Plus user and use Google search engine in most of your searches. I highly recommend you check out this course right now. As long as Google lasts, there would always be a need for human raters to feed raw, human data to Google’s algorithm so that they can refine their search algorithm. Because it is a work-at-home job, the environment can be anything as long as access to Google's online tool is available. The maximum hour that one can put in is 26 hours per week. Ansprechpartner für Internet-Angelegenheiten, Search Engine Evaluator – ein Erfahrungsbericht, Selbständige Marketing-Mitarbeiter (m/w) im Homeoffice. Some might be marked as vital, while others are rated as useful, relevant, slightly relevant, and off topic. This means work can be done at home, at a coffee shop, or even a park. This might not be the job for someone who is easily offended, although regular exposure to such content is not the norm.