Seashell tattoos are also a unique way to symbolize protection, since these shells are used to protect the animals they’re attached to, so it is significant meaning for them. Pu: (Samoan, Hawaiian), seashell, trumpet. Starfish Tattoo Design: Variations, Ideas And Meanings, Manta Ray Tattoo Design: Basic Info And Meanings, Sailor Tattoo And Variations Of Nautical Symbols. Circular shells seem to have the perfect look as wrist tattoos, and those looking to get a tat on their forearm might find that the more elongated shell design is pretty perfect for that part of the body. Because they can be shaped in multiple ways, you really can make them work anywhere if you have some art skills. Being inked with multiple shades, this design is ideal if you love to flaunt small tattoos. Your email address will not be published. One of the main reasons why people choose to get seashell tattoos is because they want to show that they have a love for the sea. Although, as the photo above shows, large and bold designs can be favored as well. Another cool meaning that you can use with a seashell tattoo is prosperity. Mermaid Tattoos: Temptation, Seduction, Intuition, Beauty And Creation. If you are someone who has a lot of great memories of being out on the beach with friends and family, then this could be an excellent tattoo for you. You can even combine two or more colors into the tattoo if you find that those colors personalize the design well for you. Symbolism and meaning of the seashell as a tattoo: One of the main reasons why people decide to get seashell tattoos is probably because they want to express their love for the sea. Of course, you can always just stick with the meanings that come with the seashell and just use the colors that you think will make it look great on your skin. The color you use on your seashell tattoo can also say a lot about who you are. You can also get a seashell tat as a symbolic way to show that you need protection from the negative forces around you. This is a great way to show that you take pride in protecting those around you. At the same time, anyone who loves being at the beach, enjoying rays and the ocean, might be a great candidate for a seashell tattoo. Seashell foot tattoo. While walking on the beach, everyone likes to pick these magnificent sea creatures called seashells to either observe them or collect them. Many people like to get these designs inked on them for several reasons. The point is that if you have a location in mind and you want to get a seashell tattoo, chances are you’ll be able to find a design that works well for you. Hold-fast is a popular phrase today, but only, Seashells As A Part Of The Sea And Tattoo World. Some people choose to get their seashell tattoo designed in a heart shape to make the meaning a bit clearer, while others like that there is a bit of mystery to the shells and will keep the “love” meaning to themselves. Smaller and cute seashell tattoo designs are often a favorite for females. These oceanic emblems are filled with flair! Seashell is an eye-catching design when it comes to the modern day tattoo print. You can also get a seashell tattoo as a symbolic way to show that you need protection from the negative forces around you. If one of your big goals is to be as wealthy as you possibly can be, the seashell is an excellent little symbol that you can get to constantly remind yourself of that goal. Seashells were an important source of food in ancient Polynesian cultures, much appreciated for their meat and for the beauty of their shell.Seashells were used as adornments and bigger shells served as horns and trumpets. As far as its symbolism is concerned, the mention of seashells is common in Christianity, referring to the baptism and fertility of human life … For an ornate exploration of watery wonder, guys are really starting to enjoy seashell tattoos. In the past, seashells were actually used as currency all over the world, so they are great symbols of success.