Every section has a ton of regulations with arcane sounding names and acts and you'll be asked questions about them with the multiple choice answers all sounding very similar! hardest section(s) on the series 7 exam? I told myself I would do this if I passed the series 66 my first time after I completed my series 7. Fox paid 7-figure settlement over bogus conspiracy story. Anyway, the Series 7 (Series 7 Top Off) practice questions below will give you an idea of the types of questions you will see when taking the real exam. I know some very dumb people that have passed it. Lv 4. Poll: 15 Classic Books on Investing and the Markets, Fifteen Must-Listen Business Podcasts for Advisors, FICO Updates and Their Impact on Credit Scores, Allowed HTML tags:

. Series 7 suitability questions also test your ability to understand what is age appropriate for an investor. The test is long, but it's not extremely difficult, assuming you actually study. The Series 7 exam is one of the most difficult tests you’ll ever take, but the rewards for passing it are great, and by studying and preparing for the exam you can be one of the thousands of people who become licensed stock brokers every year in America. If you’re fascinated with the stock market and high finance, and you’ve decided to become a stock broker, you’ll need to take and pass the General Securities Representative Exam (Series 7), which is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Now, get ready to find out what “hard” is…. This is done with double negatives and those multiple choices involving not just a-b-c-d, but also I II III and IV. This practice test features 50 challenging questions that cover a wide variety of the topics that you will need to know for your exam. Safe bet that’s next on your list. It is what it is. Try the 3. Nicely done. As such, it’s a very lengthy and comprehensive exam-it takes 6 hours to complete the test, which is broken into two 3 hour segments, and it costs $250 to register for the Series 7 exam. Below are three examples of how the same topics, in this case common stock, corporate debt, and mutual funds, might be tested differently on the Series 7 Top-Off Exam compared to the SIE. Simply stated the 7 is not that hard. Read the question carefully. Perfect utility in study/passing, one point over the pass mark. This is the first of two free Series 7 Practice Exams. The Series 7 Test multiple choice questions have six different styles, as well as, problems that need to be calculated for puts, calls and margin on trading. Vice-versa for younger investors. a. common stock pays dividends while preferred stock does not. Series 7 Exam Study Guide with Practice Questions. To be successful on the Series 7 exam, you have to master the concepts that form the basis of the questions and, equally importantly, you need to develop your test-taking skills. The test is full of questions that are designed to twist you around so that you'll pick the wrong answer. Changes to the Series 7 Exam. [quote=someonewouldntexpect]Every interview I’ve been to they’ve always asked what I scored. What are your opinions of Netflix and Tesla stock? Did Trump just jinx it again by talking DJ Avg ystrdy? Number 8860726. Wealth Management is part of the Informa Connect Division of Informa PLC. Now you’re a millionaire, it’s that f*cking simple.” If only it were that easy. That will depend on your experience and education, but for most people the sections on bonds and options are the toughest. Congratulations, GlenGarry. I passed today with a 72%. [quote=Sam Houston]It is what it is. A passing score is 70%. If an investor is older, they should typically have a more conservative portfolio. Now I’m a “Series 7 Licensed broker. Kudos. Last time Trump boasted stock market hitting all time high, stock tanked due to COVID. Therefore, it can be considered a challenging exam. ProfessorOddlot. Every interview I’ve been to they’ve always asked what I scored. What is a good stock to buy now with $5000 or $10,000 extra $ I have to spend. The Series 7 is undergoing a significant change starting in October 1, 2018.