I had finished the game at 100% after right around 10 hours, and that’s with me doing a lot of senseless murdering and reckless driving…for review purposes. There are tons of these to do, and while they can be quite comical, they are a huge source of what I mentioned before about things being repetitive. You can choose to use the right analogue stick, essentially making it a twin stick shooter. With 111 main missions, 15 side quests, 83 shakedowns and 415 properties to purchase, I think it’s safe to say you’ll be busy. With the help of his delinquent son, trusty hitmen, and tons of artillery it shouldn’t take too long. This is personally my favourite style out of the two. Developer Brian Provinciano has taken this on board, with Shakedown: Hawaii using the aesthetics of the past to critique the present. Your source for everything Nintendo Switch. I was immediately impressed with the visuals of the game, there are more than enough times where you think it can’t just be in 16-bit style. Your source for the most up-to-date Nintendo news covering the Nintendo Switch. It looks great, it’s exciting, and it seems like it has a lot to offer, but after a while it can get a little stale, just like most open world games. Hello! It has an understandably very vibrant and colourful pallet, which is somewhat of an understatement given the 1980’s inspired Hawaii. On the whole, the city looks absolutely amazing. Just as an example; there is a mission for the son that requires you to play a new video game. Some properties, although not many, even offer their own introduction into side activities for you to enjoy. Numbers do not help. It’s the empire building side of the game that is truly the strongest part of the game for me. Shakedown Hawaii is a mesmerizing ode to something akin to a genesis game back in the 90s. Combine all this with the various rampage missions dotted about town and you’ve got dozens of hours of content here. Shakedowns are when you go into a business and demand they pay you for protection. Expressing our critique naturally, not artificially should be an expectation, not a surprise. There are 126 missions, 83 shakedowns, 396 properties to acquire, and 28 weapon\score challenges. The soundtrack also manages to avoid rigidly sticking to the past, by instead providing a sound representative of the aesthetic the game is going for rather than imitating 16-bit era chiptune. In order to keep the money flowing he has to come out of retirement and take care of the competition. Share this article on facebook SHARE. I personally didn’t mind it. User account menu. Aggelos for the Nintendo Switch Review: Aggsolutely Amazing, Nintendo Switch Rougelike and Roguelite Buying Guide, Box Align for the Nintendo Switch Review: Boxing Clever. We believe that your voice matters. 1 year ago. Check out the trailer below for a full detailed overview of the gameplay in Shakedown: Hawaii. But I preferred docked mode as some of the sprites can be a little small to see in handheld. Whether it’s the more mundane things like trees and plants blowing in the breeze, to the litter on the street, or civilians chatting on mobile phones. Unfortunately, it’s running itself right into the ground. It looks great, it’s exciting, and it seems like it has a lot to offer, but after a while it can get a little stale, just like most open world games. Almost everything you see on the map can be purchased. It’s such a simple pick up and play style of game and I was hooked from the very start. The soundtrack is absolutely spot on. Despite having lots of buttons and control options, I found they were mapped really well and intuitive. Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Review, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review. No problem. While you’re at it, check out our Ko-Fi! Nintendo was always something that put me in a good mood, or taken me away when I needed a break from reality. The game is set in a beautifully pixelated (open world) Hawaii. The video game examples are mostly played for laughs, but the damaging effects of capitalism are baked into the core of Shakedown: Hawaii. Another complaint I had with this game is that it was pretty buggy throughout my whole playthrough. Yet this combination provides an interesting power trip that also manages to act as a somewhat successful critique of the woes of contemporary business practices. You’ll mainly play as the CEO, who’s responsible for building his empire and managing the business side of things. So, I was excited for the sequel in hopes of updated graphics and new, more exciting gameplay. They’re a lot of fun, but very quickly you’ll just fall into the pattern of repeating these over and over. Thanks! If you’ve ever wondered what Grand Theft Auto would have been like on the Super Nintendo or in the arcade, here’s your answer. He’ll report back all of his findings to you which in turn benefits your company. All in all a very enjoyable and rewarding experience filled to the brim with content, humour, collectibles, mini games and yes, shakedowns. Whether you’re buying up everything, adding multipliers or taking part in mini games to get your face on TV, it’s extremely addictive. Luckily, Shakedown: Hawaii didn’t disappoint. Once you own enough of them the cash starts flowing in, and you’ll own the whole island before you know it. The player is a grumpy, “set in his ways,” retired CEO who is trying to redeem himself and his corporation after discovering that various new technologies like video streaming, video games, and ride-sharing apps are putting him out of business. There are over 80 establishments to shakedown for protection money. Usually I’d say some junk about this game copying off of GTA, but I wouldn’t go that far. It’s probably lame of me to want “more content” from a game that seems to offer so much, but it can get a bit repetitive at times. As the head of the Feeble Corporation who has clearly been far too busy living the life excess. Every so often you’ll play as the son who mainly has fetch quest style missions and is desperately seeking some much needed “gangster cred”. Therefore, the main story missions see the characters (who you swap between certain missions) go out and consolidate the position of Feeble International via any questionable means possible, be it compromising the competition or levelling the playing field to your advantage.