We haven’t even touched the orchard yet We think it should work though! Only problem — for some reason… they just didn’t last! And then obviously, homemade crackers. This looks so good! A snack item that rarely sees the inside of our kitchen pantry thanks to the incredibly long list of ingredients on the box, or the incredibly large price tag on the organic box with a slightly shorter list at the grocery store. Snap – they won’t be coming out of the oven every week, but I know when I make them there’ll be a satisfaction way beyond just eating them. We haven’t tried this with whole wheat flour yet, so we’re not totally sure how it’ll turn out. They look wonderful! I’m trying then for the first time myself – thinking my (pretty old) whole wheat flour is too dry already for the amount of liquid in the recipe. I look up easy snacks, and this pops up! Cut in the butter until the butter is about the size of a pea. . Perfect! Because my blood sugar was getting out of control and I finally had to get it together on eating right. They are so customizable! Roll the dough to each edge and corner of the mat, rotating, flipping, and using flour as needed to prevent sticking. And please get the Garlic & Herb PLEASE. I saw it in his shop and asked if I could take it for pictures. I’m in. Thanks again. Score the dough into desired size using a pizza cutter or a knife. A great healthy snack for kids or family ready in just a few minutes. Melissa K. Norris and Pioneering Today LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Or should they just be sprinkled on top? They turned out really well! I had full intentions of JUST calling these Ritz crackers until someone managed to run off with my wavy cookie cutter… I am fairly sure it was the kitchen gnomes. To make these a soaked traditional recipe, add 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar to the recipe and let sit for 8 to 12 hours before rolling out. Thanks again. Hi Sharon! Lasted less than 24 hours. Love love love this recipe Nagi. I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to explore the world of DIY crackers! These classics taste just like your ... 27 Cracker Barrel Copycat Recipes. $6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bake for 50 minutes or until they are a light brown, swapping trays halfway. thank you for the nice recipe. N x. It is so loud I had a hard time hearing your voice at times. Easy No Knead Bread Artisan Recipe in 5 Minutes a Day, https://melissaknorris.com/how-to-make-homemade-crackers-in-5-minutes/, How Homesteading Helped Lyme Disease Recovery, We Covered Half the Garden in Wood Chips (18 Month Update), What To Do FIRST On Your Homestead (Or What To Do NEXT). N x, These are a fantastic biscuit, great to have on hand in the freezer, problem is they taste so good we keep eating them as soon as they are pulled out of the oven for the second bake, I love this recipe, so much nicer than bought crackers! I love crackers and other crunchies but can’t afford the organic $6 a box for a handful that the coop sells. Would cookie cutters work for making shapes? I do make the crackers thicker – which turned out very good also … thanks so much for sharing. Do you have any recommendations for cookbooks, Yes, the one this recipe comes from, it has lots of gems in it. Many thanks. From there I have watched your sourdough starter series (I love the sourdough pancakes)! I have been known to drop a small fortune on designer shoes a handful of times in my life. Roll dough out on it. Your email address will not be published. These sound delicious and are smelling great while cooking, but I just realised I forgot to put the bi-carb soda in. Making this cracker recipe into herb crackers is easy. Took me very little time. I had just finished grinding wheat “Country Living grinder” and am already plotting the next batch………..maybe cheese? A lose/lose situation in either case that has left us alone in the dark when it comes to a starchy, solid crunch of a cracker to accompany our cheeses. I have 3 tips, 1) I added 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese for a variation. Thank you , Sounds great Tracey, I’m so glad you love them – perfect to store as well! Remember that you can always add more, and if you do, add just a teaspoon at a time. He asked if we had any cheese and crackers. One word of caution, dough this thin bakes fast! Versatile. The crackers may lose their crunch a couple of hours after they finish cooking. Just stop for a second and think about this: you, sitting outside, with a crispy, golden brown assortment of Homemade Flatbread Crackers, soft cheese, a glass of wine, end-of-summer sun on your face. REPEAT with … Will let you know when I try it. They are only $2.29 for a 12 ounce box so that puts them in the affordable range for me. When unexpected company stops by… when dinner is taking much longer than usual to cook… when you’re looking for something crunchy at snack time… when you’re packing up for a day at the beach and want to bring food that won’t spoil in the hot sun…. They turned out very good! Good luck, and please let us know how they turn out! Remove from the oven. I just made these, they were lovely.. Also rolled out one ball and cooked on a skillet to make a normal flat bread, worked well, thanks for the recipe, Great idea, Karen! Hi! Although satisfying for the moment, the crunch of celery is just not the same as the crunch of a cracker. When I buy store bought crackers, I usually put them in a gallon-sized baggy, the Hefty kind, and freeze them. Rachel Seis Updated ... Browned potatoes are a simple but perfect side for country ham. Covid-19 has brought me here. A copycat of the gourmet fruit and nut crackers sold at the stores to serve with cheese that I love but are pricey! Thank you so much! Alouette has two new products on the market (which can be found in the regular grocery store, thank you very much!) I’ll give that slight change a try the next batch I made. I was wondering if I could substitute spelt flour with buckwheat flour? I try to self sustain and make as much as I can myself.