Skagway's spells of 70-degree weather usually occur from April to August. In 1887, he and his son, J. Bernard "Ben" Moore, claimed a 160-acre (650,000 m2) homestead at the mouth of the Skagway River in Alaska. This placed a large burden on the prospectors and the pack animals climbing the steep pass. Smith managed to return fire — some accounts claim the two men fired their weapons simultaneously — and Frank Reid died from his wounds twelve days later. The population was estimated at 8,000 residents during the spring of 1898 with approximately 1,000 prospective miners passing through town each week. 1960, it tied for 29th place (16th largest incorporated). This also makes Skagway an important port-of-call for the Alaska Marine Highway — Alaska's ferry system — and serves as the northern terminus of the important and heavily used Lynn Canal corridor. The name Skagway is derived from sha-ka-ԍéi, a Tlingit idiom which figuratively refers to rough seas in the Taiya Inlet, which are caused by strong north winds. It is in the Alaska panhandle 90 miles northwest of Juneau, Alaska's capital city. A climate graph showing rainfall, temperatures and normals. [7], The reason for its figurative meaning is that Sha-ka-ԍéi or Skagway is the nickname of Kanagoo, a mythical woman who transformed herself into stone at Skagway bay and who (according to legend) now causes the strong, channeled winds which blow toward Haines, Alaska. By 1930, it bottomed out at 492 residents, although it rose to 13th largest in the state. Today, trains travel several times a week from May through September from Skagway to the small community of Carcross, approximately 45 miles south/southwest of Whitehorse. Alaska also holds the extreme US record low temperatures for every month except September and October. Males had a median income of $44,583 versus $30,956 for females. Others disembarked at nearby Dyea, northwest of Skagway, and crossed northward on the Chilkoot Pass, an existing Tlingit trade route to reach the lakes. [12], Due to the sudden influx of visitors to Skagway, some town residents began offering miners transportation services to aid them in their journeys to the Yukon, often at highly inflated rates. Skagway first appeared on the 1900 U.S. Census, having incorporated as a city that same year. Jesse Murphy is accredited as the man responsible for killing Smith. The Skagway lies on 59m above sea level Generally, it is cold and temperate in Skagway. In an episode of Homeland Security USA, the border crossing in Skagway was featured as being the least-used crossing in the United States. In July 1923, President Warren G. Harding visited Skagway while on his historic tour through Alaska. [14], Smith and Reid are now interred at the Klondike Gold Rush Cemetery, also known as "Skagway's Boot Hill. Consequently, unknowing prospectors sent news to their families back home without realizing there was no telegraph service to or from Skagway until 1901. Weather in Skagway, Alaska The most pleasant months of the year for Skagway are July, August and June. "[15], The prospectors' journey began for many when they climbed the mountains over the White Pass above Skagway and onward across the Canada–US border to Bennett Lake, or one of its neighboring lakes, where they built barges and floated down the Yukon River to the gold fields around Dawson City. Construction of McCabe College, the first school in Alaska to offer a college preparatory high school curriculum, began in 1899. [26] It rapidly declined to 872 residents by 1910, falling to the 8th largest city. [citation needed], The Klondike gold rush changed everything. In 2007, with the creation of the Skagway Municipality out of Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon, it ceased to be an incorporated city and became a census-designated place (CDP). The Skagway Airport receives service from two bush carriers: Alaska Seaplanes, and Air Excursions. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in October, with an average of 175 mm | 6.9 inch. Individuals in need of dire medical attention are transported by air via helicopter or air ambulance to Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau (an approximately 45 minute flight). The Municipality and Borough of Skagway is a first-class borough in Alaska on the Alaska Panhandle. In 1896, gold was found in the Klondike region of Canada's Yukon Territory. Canada requested a survey after British Columbia united with it in 1871, but the idea was rejected by the United States as being too costly, given the area's remoteness, sparse settlement, and limited economic or strategic interest. It receives about a million tourists annually,[citation needed] most of whom (about three quarters) come on cruise ships. Av. [19] It is currently the smallest borough in Alaska, having taken the title away from Bristol Bay Borough at its creation.