, Our Slimline Rainwater tanks can be placed against a house wall (1000L only 260mm wide / 2000L 480mm wide). Bailey Tank 2,000 litre slimline. Thinpots Vertical Garden System have a penetration at the top and in the middle of the pot to allow for an irrigation dripper to be installed and have two small drainage holes in the bottom. Direct. Revolutionising Water Tanks in New Zealand since 2013. All tanks come fitted with all fittings for easier installation. The obvious answer was to make a rainwater tank that looked like a fence. Its lightweight 95 kilos also is an advantage in handling. Tanks Gallery. * The colours of the thin tanks depicted above may not necessarily represent the described colour in real life. The Slimline water tanks are great for emergency water, garden water or general water storage. Maximise the use of your property and water supply, choose from our range of above ground water storage tanks with capacities from 600 litres up to a massive 30,000 litres. Two 1000 Litre slimline rainwater tanks joined together. While beneficial in any circumstance, these units are especially advantageous in metered water situations and in regions that are prone to drought. Portable, grey and black slimline water tanks are available for all grades of water storage. Not only did you supply one of the heavier tanks on the market, but it was one of the most cost effective. The space and water saving 3,000 litre Promax Slimline Tank is ideal for urban dwellers who want to harvest and use rainwater for household requirements. Thin Tanks are very committed to the water conservation industry – not only residential and industrial rainwater retention but also grey water recycling, storm water retention and water treatment. Tanksalot® Slimline Tanksintroducing 8,000 & 10,000providing Auckland and throughout New Zealand Our Corrugated slimline water tanks are built for narrow spaces with limited access, and are ideal for the sides of houses or fences. New 2017 Black 5000L thin tank. stabilised, food grade polyethylene. The Slimline Tank SL01000 is only 750mm wide to provide access around the tank. Thinpots are designed to hang on the front of the Thintanks by clipping directly onto the irrigation pipe that is supported by concealed clips inserted into the cross wall connection voids in the Thintanks. SLIMLINE CORRUGATED TANK. Tauranga 3110 Add to cart Details. With polyethylene tanks from 295 litres to 31,000 litres, we offer the largest range of water storage tanks in New Zealand. Designed to blend discreetly with your surroundings, the Slimline Tank helps you save money on everyday necessities like watering the garden. We sell tanks. 5%. Some two years later in October 2012 the 3000 Litre Thin tank has completed the range of residential rainwater tanks to meet any residential home need. We have a full range of water tank styles including, traditional round tanks, slimline tanks and corrugated tanks. Our slimline poly water tanks provide minimum intrusion onto your property. Our Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks are New Zealand/Australian Made – manufactured from 100% U.V. Defining the shape, size and appearance was the inspiration of an inventive qualified civil engineer with 50 years experience in plastics and water treatment who is still part of this continuing journey with Thin Tanks planned expansion. The one-piece rotational moulded tank is manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene and has a working capacity of 2100 litres The design provides ease of handling and wall strength is further increased by a formed reinforced profile. ... to smaller tanks for extra water usage like watering the garden or washing the car through to emergency water supply tanks where a small tank holds a supply of water in case of a natural disaster where water is in short supply. Enjoy leak-free, convenient storage that offers easy access. Use our Slimline Tanks to form an internal courtyard. New Zealand. Our Slimline Rainwater tanks can be placed against a house wall (1000L only 260mm wide / 2000L 480mm wide) Use our Slimline Tanks to form an internal courtyard. Our New Zealand made Slimline Steel Water Tanks are; Narrow shape, can fit in a small space making these tanks Slim tanks. 2x 3000L thin tanks. 3000L North Shore. NZ Herald article, Slimline Rain Water Tanks – Stormwater Retention – Detention. With nearly 50 yrs in business you can trust a Bailey With your most precious resource. ... We sell Devan and Aqua Tank water tanks that can hold up to 30,000L of water, most of which come with free delivery. Enjoy all these benefits and more by installing the best rainwater tanks NZ can offer. Visit Bunnings Warehouse New Zealand today to find your nearest store! Maximise the water storage capacity of your space to suit your needs and lifestyle. UV-stabilised, they’re constructed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh environmental conditions. The SL02000 tank is made in New Zealand and is ideal for harvesting rain water in an urban housing setting.