Place bag of juice IN the bag of ice and seal. We have used diet drinks and it works okay, just not as well. The best thing about a do it yourself Slushy Magic is that you have a great project to do with your kids. Just slushy fun! Download Now. The larger bag will be holding the ice, salt, and the baggie of juice. This is OH SO TRUE! The cubes did need to be frozen for quite a while! Use caution for soda with Slushy Magic. You can change your mind at any time and disable notifications. Our most popular "copycat" recipes to try at home. What kind of salt did you use? I bet you have everything you need right at … This recipe is GOLD! No Mess! Be sure and leave a comment – I’d love to hear how it went, and what flavors you made with your DIY Slushy Magic! It was kind of a hit and miss with this recipe but when it worked it worked well. Please enter an Access Token on the Instagram Feed plugin Settings page, Copyright © 2020 Favorite Family Recipes  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Privacy Policy  •  Terms and Disclosure  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. Makes kind of a mess if you don't have your finger just right over the hole. 2-3 hours is Definitely NOT enough time. No blender needed. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Slushy Magic being discontinued. Do not buy Slushy Magic online before searching Amazon.- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices. Chill the Slushy Maker in the freezer for 4-6 hours, remove, pour in your refreshment of choice, and squeeze the silicone cup. Even adults can enjoy Slushy Magic by making their own favorite alcoholic drinks; such as margaritas and daiquiris. Deals in the Wild: Puzzles to pass the time! Pour Rock Salt into big bag of ice – be sure to zip it tight!!! He is now 8 and has gotten much better. The larger bag will be holding the ice, salt, and the baggie of juice. This is so easy to do, even a 3 year old can do it… really! more attention. Signature Care Lip Balm. Easy to catch kids attention and get them involved. There could have been a number of reasons this didn’t work. Just slushy fun! At first, I didn’t think it would work but it turned out great! Your email address will not be published. These come in flavors... As we're still housebound, our family has been building a puzzle. The Slushy Maker quickly turns your favorite drink into a frozen treat! Kids like it a lot and want to have them a lot....unfortunately for me! No Mess! This is so easy to do, even a 3 year old can do it… really! The Kosher salt and ice are mixed together in one plastic bag, then the juice is poured into a separate plastic bag. I love your idea. Keep in mind that when you are shaking the bags.. they get SUPPPERRRR cold. When frozen, put cubes in and pour in drink. 1-2 tablespoons Kosher salt table salt is fine, too. She also asked him to drown one of her pups once because it was a "weak," "underbred", "ratty little thing. The salt and ice cubes are in the outer bag and the juice goes in the inner bag. Slushy Magic is easy to use - all you have to do is freeze the magic cubes in the freezer, place them into your Slushy Magic cup, pour in your drink, and shake to make your slushy! You can try it and let us know though! Here are just a few: Slushy Magic can turn any average drink into an amazing concoction. I remember doing this when I was in elementary school! Slushy Magic is not only an innovative product that turns boring drinks into deliciously cold and icy beverages, but it’s also extremely fun for kids to use. We always use the big cubes directly from our freezer. Brand logos ® © their respective trademark holders. An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment. Both kids and adults can enjoy Slushy Magic, It’s easy to use and takes less than a minute, There’s no mess or hassle associated with clean-up, Kids will enjoy their tasty new drinks as well as the process of making them, Any drink can be transformed into a slushy; including milk, punch, any type of juice, or lemonade and limeade, It’s great for those hot days in the summertime. Just toss 'em into the shaker cup, add any cold drink, then shake it up. You can buy the Slushy Magic Kit online for upwards of $10 OR you can make your own DIY Slushy Magic at home for a few cents. Instant slushy. This was so easy and worked wonderfully! You can even make slushy’s according to your own preference with the help of the slushy cubes that use snowflake science. Place bag of juice IN the bag of ice and seal. I always had to do it for him. Here's a nice, high-value printable coupon for $1.00 off Silk! Magic Cup ® products are ideal for dysphagia diets, appearing ice cream-like when frozen and IDDSI level 4 when served chilled as a pudding.. There is no reason not to purchase Slushy Magic today! We haven’t had problems with this recipe before so I don’t know what else to suggest. I like your idea of making your own kit. We have just used juices that aren’t pure fruit juice.. and sodas. Slushy Magic makes slushies in seconds! But the problem with the Slushy Magic Slush Cup is that when you take out their little cubes, you really don’t have much slushie left. Pour slush into a cup and serve immediately. I’ll show you how to do it yourself and make your own Slushie Magic and have a great do-it-yourself project with your children, for just a few bucks! That could be part of the problem. Just tried this for the first time today with orange juice (not from concentrate) and it worked perfectly following the instructions exactly (maybe the other poster did not add salt? It's that easy! They’re like MAGIC! These DIY Slushy Magic Slushies are the coolest things ever! What is your favorite harry potter movie? I did have have a couple problems with it though. Watch as Slushy Magic, seen on TV, instantly slushifies your drink. You throw together the ingredients, shake and BAM! They really are like MAGIC. Prepare to make your slushy magic by putting the drink bag into the bag of ice, 3 1/2 cups of Rock Salt help make your Slushy Magic. Darren is a Speaker, Presenter, iPad trainer, web consultant and loves finding new uses for existing tech. Then post it on Instagram using the hashtag #favoritefamilyrecipes. All you need is ice, salt, juice, and a couple Ziploc bags. Available in several flavors, as well as no sugar added! If your not a big sugar person I guess this wouldn't be a problem but for those of you like me who love slushies it's a little disappointing. Not all products have appeared on television. . I hand washed everything, and followed the instructions. Hi I’m sorry but this just doesn’t seem to work maybe I’m doing something wrong but I tried so many times and with different drinks but it never worked ???? ☹️ Maybe I didn’t put enough salt . Place juice in a sandwich-sized Ziploc bag, press out all the air and seal tightly. You must be signed in to rate this product. I found it works best if the liquid is already cold when you put it in the slushy magic. Jewel-Osco has two freebies on Just For U this weekend: A FREE jar of Barilla Vero Gusto pasta sauce and a FREE 2ct. HOpe this helps! For example, ions can of coke fills half the cup. Kids will have the time of their lives making yummy crystallized drinks that don’t create any mess or damage control! Only thing I would change is leaving the cubes in the freezer longer. We found that unless the beverage is already really cold, we could not get Slushy Magic to make a slushy. We like orange juice the best, no soda it will spew everywhere! Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Make your Own Slushy Magic Slush Making Cup. You can make a variety of flavors from cola, punch, chocolate to vanilla. Now there’s no need for you to use ice and blenders! TV Stuff Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites., Christmas Salad with Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing, Lasagna Soup (with European canned tomatoes). Required fields are marked *. Loved it! I feel like the angrys need to read the recipe a FEW more times so they can get it!! I did it with lemonade. and its advertisers store your user information on their servers and/or your device for statistical, marketing, and user experience purposes.