Gabriel Garcia Marquez's work "100 Years of Solitude" doesn't just take place in Colombia. Prose and poetry also provide a way to express emotions, raise questions and build critical thinking skills. In fact, literature cannot be confined to an educational curriculum. Have we piqued your interest a little? We are easily connected to the psyche of authors through their stories. Omi and Winant state,“Our ability to interpret racial meaning depends on preconceived notions of a racialized social structure. Inevitably, they will outlive their speaker. Of course, it is not disputable that we can also say that society has an impact on literature. It makes people think outside their normal box if you will. Novels are known to have changed the direction of the human mind and set in motion movements that have altered our ways of life. It makes people think outside their normal box if you will. History is not only a gateway to the past, it’s also suggestive of our present and the future. That is when literature can be what it is originally intended for. They have the ability to spark a meaning, reform a nation and create movements while being completely eternal. Such works give the masses an insight into the lives of eminent people, and also serve as a bible of ideals. Additionally, the ability to sense themes and messages opens us up to another way of thinking. Its themes and problems emerge from group activities and group situations, and its significance lies in the extent to which it expresses and enriches the totality of culture. Knowing the differences between these groups helps readers choose books, especially as they learn what types of stories and poetry they like to read. As stated in the quote by C.S. As a species we evolve every day and without that timestamp that literature gives us, we would know nothing about the past. When people relate … It is an avenue whereby the society heals itself from its many flaws. Common themes in literature include conflict, loneliness, fear and growth. Literature thus has a deep impact on the readers’ minds and in turn, their lives. @ Chrysolite 1st Year Anniversary, August 21, 2016, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), OGECHI VERONICA BECOMES CHRYSOLITE WRITER OF THE YEAR 2016, Chrysolite Poem of the Month (January 2018), Chrysolite Poem of the Month (December 2017), Call for Submissions – THE CHRYSOLITE CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY. Literature is important to society because it reflects cultural values and serves as a tool for teaching those values to others. Lastly, the phrase Freedom is Slavery shows how government’s situation changes when people get to have freedom. x��ZYs��~w��� �H��!�����9 �EWvw�������x}�t�S��؏?^�t]�*�5�|���z���÷]~�)�ZVYW��O?�w�?�wo�\�"�����7���`I�� dq�#?d۷o|�D��6_�W�y���a���Z,������k�=V­�cw���5~���7��׷o���Z��P [�D ��2ڎ,0�RG��>�Lߴ���B�ޞo2����R+/Ci��/�ŭ�e�W�ث�3�*�At��'�-}q��g�n�9~E ���L(��H ������cb:6P���'�"Sy4�ӥ��4��cR��8� m#����nvM�a�/���q��x^�!�bR�a�H)��&���O�G7. The Adventures of Pinocchio, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Winnie-the-Pooh, as also the relatively recent Harry Potter Series are some of the greatest works in children’s literature. Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" and Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" both explore similar themes of reputation, community and corruption of power. endobj Especially with the motto of the INGSOC, he explains how government can sacrifices people for their... ... For instance, it helps people understand the nature of society. On October 15th, moved to - Lewis, a British scholar and novelist. It is defined as the body of written works of a language, period or culture, produced by scholars and researchers, specialized in a given field. Does this means that the purpose of literature is flawed? Iranian mythologist and translator Abbas Mokhber says some books have an incredible impact on societies and nations. Novels are known to have changed the direction of the human mind and set in motion movements that have altered our ways of life. The Importance of Literature in Modern Society. . Such concept is used in today's society to classify individuals into racial categories. In Pakistani society studying literature is a symbol of status.