smirnoff vodka reviews by users & compare cheap prices using our UK Price Comparison Site. Smirnoff Vodka is the largest vodka brand in the world. Reply Published October 27, 2010 2:14 pm. If you’re in a club and you don’t want to shell out for Stoli, Smirnoff is your man. Could someone bring some clarity to this please? It’s a medium burn all the way through which means your first shot will taste like your last. I’m not sure what to make of that in regard to this review (since I am a stickler for details), but those seem to be the fact. Unfortunately for those of us who live there, a member of the Smirnoff family sold the North American rights to the Smirnoff name to Heublein back in the 1930s, and so you have to go elsewhere to get the good stuff. Two other cheap vodkas have impressed me: New Amsterdam and Skyy. He started out life as a Russian serf (basically at the bottom of a feudal totem pole) and went on to create the best selling vodka in the world. It is filtered with Charcoal. If you decide to go otherwise because some think price = quality hit up some Ciroc which is one of my favs… easy to drink on the rocks with a lime, Reply Published October 28, 2009 9:09 am. For the price, I think Smirnoff does the trick just fine and guarantees that I will not remember posting this review tomorrow. The vodka producer wasn’t just looking to get regular people tipsy. Filtration, which removes impurities, can be accomplished with a variety of techniques and materials. Actually, his name is Pyotr Smirnov. It’s vodka. The “natural flavorings” in the flavored versions might contain trace amounts of gluten, but plain old Smirnoff vodka is made from corn, making it totally gluten-free. Very clean on the nose, not much else to detect. Add to Compare. Smirnoff Ice—everyone’s favorite malt liquor soda—was created in 1999. Reply Published November 25, 2017 1:13 pm. Brands like Grey Goose and Belvedere relied heavily on aristocratic word of mouth and packaging. Most Americans are off put by the bite and astringent introduction that Smirnoff presents. I have given only Absolut a 2 star rating, with all other vodkas getting 3 or higher. Smirnoff is one that constantly surprises, beating lots of boutique and far more expensive brands of vodkas consistently, such as Belvedere, Absolut, Skyy, and plenty more. That is, I won’t drink anything (except for a review) of lesser quality than Smirnoff in a mixed drink. This isn’t just because of huge ad campaigns, but because Smirnoff (the brand) has product available in so many different flavors and proofs. (In theory it was to rein in corruption and alcoholism, but it did end up making the country a lot of money…). Smirnoff's roots go back to 1864, when Pyotr Smirnov founded a Moscow distillery to produce vodka. Svedka is very affordable and seems to be very decent quality. Smirnoff is a 40% ABV vodka from Russia. The strength of the vodka helps expedite the infusion of the fruit in most decent mixed drinks. You might respect it a little more—and knock it back a little less rapidly. Add to Wishlist. $17.99. Drank Smirnoff last night, I don’t know if my palette was just spiced up after dinner or what, but it burnt like hell. I usually buy Smirnoff because it is reasonably priced and it has a reasonably smooth taste, I think.. 1384. Maybe not unsurprisingly, the IMDB page is totally blank. Smirnoff was the first company to use charcoal as a filter for vodka. VodkaBuzz takes a taste of any vodka produced for mass consumption we can get our hands on to deliver an unpretentious report of our findings. And in the late 19th Century, they led an anti-alcohol campaign. Smirnoff Sugar Free Strawberry Rose Vodka - 750ml Bottle. In a club or bar, given the lower price compared to high quality vodkas, I certainly feel like Smirnoff would suffice. Fortunately for Smirnoff drinkers, Pyotr’s son Vladimir Smirnov was able to escape the country and bring his vodka recipe with him. Just as good of a vodka can be had for much less money. But just like aggressive driving, I never used to do it, yet will resort to it now because everyone else does: Smirnoff “Red Label” is a much cleaner, less nasty-tasting of Sobieski. Wrong on two accounts. Smirnoff is unique in its consistency all the way through. His solution: give panhandlers food and drink and in return ask them to fan out around the city of Moscow, demanding Smirnoff vodka. The bottle states the following: Smirnoff is is more appropriate in mixed drinks involving fresh fruits. By no means my favorite, but it does represent a respectable value. Next time some. Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka - 1.75L Bottle. Smirnoff Red Label is also known as Smirnoff No. It easily earns a 4 for me. Smirnoff is a ubiquitous name in the vodka world. Triple distilled and ten times filtered, every single drop of Smirnoff No.21 takes 8 hours to filter through Northern European hardwood charcoal in a 10 stage process. Do not reproduce without permission. Rated 3 out of 5 based on 18 reviews. I would drink this when available and for nostalgia (14 years old stealing Grandpa’s vodka), but I buy other brands for my daily consumption. $12.99. But as another reviewer put it, Smirnoff is the lowest you should accept at a bar or club, and it should almost always be on the shelf (it is actually, or was recently, the best selling spirit in the western world). That said, I’d pick Svedka or New Amsterdam over Smirnoff as my lowest quality if the bar carries them. Reply Published December 08, 2010 5:17 pm. But Smirnoff’s got a pretty interesting and unexpected history. We delete mean stuff. The aroma was also reasonably soft, as well, so things were off to a good start for the relatively inexpensive vodka. It has a slightly sweet mineral flavor, with some medicinal alcohol kicking in later. I myself am a bartender an have used Smirnoff in a few cocktail competitions around the U.S. and England. It is an ultra smooth vodka with a classic taste that has inspired other varieties of vodkas worldwide. I get sick off every bottom shelf vodka I’ve tried. Before you go to the liquor store and pick up a bottle of Smirnoff Peach, read up on the stuff. Well, the plain stuff anyway. The nose is nonexistant, which when compared to borski (5 bucks for a fifth) is a good thing. The mix is bitter. The burn is more harsh than other vodka’s, and the ethanol ‘taste’ is of very pooor quality. Smirnoff is definitely not as bad as McCormick vodka but not much better. I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw the “2” rating on this vodka. We’re terrified, but intrigued. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Robert Brodrecht, unless otherwise noted. I agree with the assessment that a good bar will have Smirnoff and that is the lowest quality vodka you should order at a bar.