It does not mean we become pushovers and have to say “yes” all the time. Staying overtime and working all night long may prove to be unhealthy on a long-term basis. And they are right. Therefore, software developers need to learn how to break their daily work routine, if they want to be efficient in their work. When I was just starting out, I was completely convinced that technical skills are what makes or breaks a software developer’s career. Many companies, especially bigger ones, have groups that come together for after-work activities. It is OK to stay back late once in a while to meet important deadlines. Moreover, these are the five aspects of the employees’ behavior that managers mostly pay attention to: Apart from the communication with managers, when developing soft skills such as communication skills, you need to learn how to communicate with other co-workers as well. Words-choice can, of course, be driven from cultural aspects: for example, in English (and especially in the UK) we often use “sorry”, “thank you”, and “please” in our sentences. Dmente was born in February 2019 as a proposal by the UruIT recruitment team. You’re irrationally getting defensive against a new approach before evening fully understanding it. Medellín is not only the city of eternal spring, but it could also be considered the city of meetups. Take a look at our Blog! To me, it means communicating the vital information to management in order for them to paint an accurate picture of your good work. It is a well-known fact that understanding and communicating is not easy, especially when we try to explain something but the other person understands it in another way. The impression that managers have on us is based on their observations. Development companies appreciate teamwork skills, as software development is team-based project work. Use Bit to share, install and collaborate on individual JS modules/ UI components. The important thing is to find a balance between soft skills and hard skills. If you have done your job correctly, they will say good things about you. I do enjoy keeping in touch with people to nurture relationships. Of course, this is a personal opinion of mine about what makes a good team-mate and how a well-rounded software engineer should behave with colleagues and in the workplace. “How to be a leader in the software industry?”, “What is and how to become a scrum master?”, “How to introduce yourself in a job interview in the IT sector?”. I don’t think I have nailed this one yet myself, but I surely improved drastically since my first years as a professional. If you did, follow me on Medium, Twitter or my website for more articles about Software Development, Front End, RxJS, Typescript and more! All soft skills complement each other and the developers who possess most of them, if not all, are considered as employees with strong leadership potential. Avoiding to admit your mistakes may result in committing further similar mistakes in the future. We do also share that information with third parties for advertising & analytics. But pulling all-nighters on a regular basis will have detrimental effects on our health and social life. A clear example of this is the popularity of the well-known Meetup platform. They should not make decisions based solely on their personal preferences. Web developers may show their empathy in various ways. Being able to successfully manage their time means that they have one of the basic soft skills that every employee must develop as part of their work ethic. Software developers are expected to communicate their work and assignments with their managers in order to get the necessary acknowledgment and their work performance evaluated. We have to know when to log off and head home for the day. Companies and humans are complex, and this is simply a simplification of what actually happens every day, Being empathy makes you a better person but especially a better colleague, Try to understand the other’s point of view, taking into account culture, language, and how their social norms can differ from yours, Stop dismissing other people’s opinions before hearing their’s full argument, Try not to be condescending in situations where misunderstandings and conflicts are easy to arise, Try to be more open to criticism and change, and understand when you’re irrationally getting defensive for your opinions, Sometimes bad situations will happen even if did everything correctly from your point of view; don’t get discouraged, it is normal and these will serve as experience for your long career. I think this happens to me all the time. This is, in my opinion, the foundation of every interaction. You can do so by accepting that things went wrong and find a way to fix the problem, instead of trying to hide it. This will allow you to have a different perspective of various situations and will give you more to work with when taking actions and making decisions. What happens when the meetup goes beyond those technical skills? Don’t lose any more time on configuring packages, managing multiple repositories or maintaining cumbersome monorepos. We need to keep our minds open to new ideas that come from either a team member or another employee in the company, regardless of whether we believe that it actually might work out or not.