Our Soprano Trombone sings beautifully across its register; perfectly suited for use in a trombone choir or for mastering the elaborate melodies of popular Baroque music. Available immediately ... Bb- / F Tenor Trombone with F-Attachment Traditional design (closed wrap) Bore: Ø 13.34 mm (.525") Medium Large. Conn 52H greatest advantage is its superior sound quality and F wrap section that provides stability and consistency in sound. These trombones are pitched in high E flat one octave above the soprano and has been used in some choir arrangements. Etude ETB-100 Series Student Trombone Lacquer. The third trombonist is usually assigned bass trombone which makes this one of the best trombones for beginners to learn. There’s only one instrument. It has an F attachment and has seven slide positions. GREAT PRICE Great price compared to similar brand new items. It is pitched at the exact same range as a standard B-flat Trumpet and one octave above the Tenor Trombone, and … The bore refers to the actual size of the tubing, measured at the point where you insert the mouthpiece. The Yamaha YSL-354 has a yellow brass bell and a gold lacquer finish. This model also features inner slide stockings designed specifically for this trombone which offers smooth alignment even in the 6th and 7th positions which can be rather difficult. The simplest of the three is the straight tenor trombone, which contains no tubing on the inside. Eastrock Bb TENOR Slide Trombone Brass Instrument for Student Beginner Professional with ABS Case & Mouthpiece and Care Kit,9.252" Bell(230mm) 4.3 out of 5 stars 36 $146.69 $ 146 . Conn trombones are most often used and recommended for symphony, these instruments are well suited for any type of music. Choosing a Trombone by Type. This trombone requires rapid technique due to it’s valve use. The F wrap promotes stability and clean attacks while the handslides on Bach’s are known to have a smooth surface and quick slide action. The most widely played trombone. Bass Trombone. Blessing BTB-88-O Series F Attachment Trombone. The name "trombone" is derived from the words "big trumpet," and that description holds true for the soprano trombone. €1,175. A silver plate finish is also available. If you’re interested in learning this brass instrument you first need to know what are the best trombone brands for beginner and intermediate students. Full warranty, mouthpiece and woodshell case included in the outfit. However Bach specializes in brass instruments and you can rest assured that the quality and sound is unrivaled. will both instruments have the same range? Soprano Saxophones; Alto Saxophones; Tenor Saxophones; Baritone & Bass Saxophones; Clarinets. The JP039 Bb Slide Trumpet is a well engineered and lightweight Bb slide trumpet, sometimes known as a mini or soprano trombone. Blessing BTB-88-O Series F Attachment Trombone. The 52H model has a large bore and a 8-5/8″ bell made of rose brass. This model cost less than $200 from most retailers and features a .500″ small bore and an 8″ bell. This trombone, as well as all Bach instruments are made in the United States using high quality materials. Soprano Trombone. While there are unverified stories dating the trombone back to the Spartans in 685 B.C., the first authenticated trombone arrived in the 14th century with the first use of the tuning slide (the trombone … Not sure I follow. This series of Bach trombone is available in lacquer finish as a straight trombone with a F Attachment. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. What are the Best Trombones for Intermediate Students? The rose brass that Conn is known for offers a warm tone. Key: Bb; Bore: 0.45" (11.5mm) The only disadvantage there is to this trombone is that, at over one thousand dollars, it can be a bit pricey, especially if purchasing for a child. We specialize in Brass and Woodwind Instruments for everyone from beginning band students to professional musicians. Regular price: $799.00. Buy On Amazon. Tenor trombones usually include a three-foot attachment to lower the pitch to F. This tubing comes in the traditional closed wrap and also an open wrap. Maximum quantity exceeded. A trombonist will prefer in c while a trumpeter will prefer in Bb. This student trombone is unrivaled by the price for value. The Yamaha YSL-354 also comes in an “s” model that is silver plated rather than gold. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. In modern compositions, soprano trombones have been used by jazz band coronet players; however this type of trombone is not one widely used and is not the best trombone for beginner trombone players. Trumpet Mouthpieces; Cornet Mouthpieces; Flugelhorn Mouthpieces; French Horn Mouthpieces; Trombone Mouthpieces; ... Used Olds Ambassador Tenor Trombone with F Attachment $500.00 Used Conn 44H "Connqueror" Tenor Trombone w/ Vocabell (Elkhart) $2,000.00 Used Bach 36B Tenor Trombone … The C.G. Bass Trombone. But, always check with the player. This trombone is sold as a beginners kit on Amazon and through other retailers that comes with a plush-lined hard shell carry case, a pocketbook for trombone, gloves, soft cleaning cloth, and oil for the slide. Product page Jupiter Only Tenor Trombones with F-Attachment of Jupiter . This results in the need of two series of mouthpieces, built to fit either small or large bore horns. This item is in … Blessing BTB-88-O Series F Attachment Trombone. Blessing BTB-88-O Series F Attachment Trombone. Pos 6 – 1 0 3 Technique on the cimbasso can be much quicker than the contrabass trombone due to its use of valves. The shape of the tapered surface, or rate of flare, determines the characteristic sound of the trombone… Bass trombones also very commonly have F-attachments, which serve exactly the same function as on the tenor trombone. The rose brass that Conn is known for offers a warm tone. This elegant Trombone also comes complete with a lightweight foambody case for safe, secure, and easy handling whilst traveling. Student trombone players need to keep quality but also affordability in mind when choosing a brass instrument. Tenor trombones Student trombones like the YSL-345 are perfect for students in grades K-8 or students that are not competing. The TB200B Series is the perfect instrument to go to when moving up from a student instrument. The C.G. Brass Mouthpieces. Model 760 Bb/F Tenor Trombone The agile Model 760 trombone begins with the basic design of the 750, but we’ve added a sleek open wrap F-attachment (with pull to E), and a .500″ – .530″ dual bore slide for a more open feel and a sonorous tone with a greater dynamic range. Pos 4 – 1 2 0 Valve trombones, alto trombones, soprano trombones, and marching trombones are less common (but well loved) trombone types. Buy On Amazon. These student models also do not come with the F attachment and are therefore extremely lightweight and easy to carry for the beginning marching band student. £108. I think it totally depends on the player. Conn 88HO trombone. Trombone Outfit w/F Attachment 508 bore small bore horn with 8" bell and nickel silver slide. Once you have decided to play the trombone, you have to choose the type of trombone you will play. This model share the sames slide as the standard 3B, but adds an F attachment. Blessing BTB-88-O Series F Attachment Trombone. About the same length as a straight tenor trombone, the bass trombone (also sometimes called the tenor-bass or B/F/E trombone) has a bigger bore and bell than either the straight or F attachment tenor and is consequently a larger and heavier instrument, weighing anywhere from 20 to 22 pounds. $1,399.