Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I never made scones before but will be from now on. PS:  I did make date sourdough scones and have made them multiple times since. Mix it up. Learn to make Sourdough & discover why sourdough is the healthiest bread. I love the zest in it. Hi Diane, yep they are your biscuits, no matter the name they taste the same. Garnish with more lemon zest if you like. Hi Anne, I wonder whether the hour is necessary. I’m an experienced bread baker and know how bread dough should feel. Using your fingertips, rub the butter into the flour mixture until it resembles breadcrumbs. I made another batch today as I had some excess starter and they were perfect again. 4 cups S.R.Flour, 300ml Cream & 375ml Lemonade that was the only ingredients required so I thought this should be easy. Place a layer of fresh berries on the bottom of the pan. The scones look so lovely. It is just to help keep those juicy berries intact! They were, without doubt, the very best scones I had ever made. For the tastiest berries, head to your local farmers market. PS:  I did make date sourdough scones and have made them multiple times since. I have been using ripe starter but, considering the state of the starter I used for the first batch, I am certain a starter straight from the fridge would work just as well – that would make scones another way to use up excess starter. Most of us are familiar with huckleberries, but another berry that gets overlooked are wild blackcaps. Let scones rest on kitchen bench for one hour. Hi, I'm Sylvia! Dust the basket with rice flour or gluten free flour, shaking out the excess. I also had a bit of a giggle. Since first bake, I’ve made this with frozen mixed fruit, frozen raspberries, and frozen blueberries. After the first day, my mixture was totally exhausted but I was determined to follow the recipe so I left it for the full two days. Sorry Glenda, just being a smarty pants. Check out my step by step instructions and recipe video and prepare to fall in love with sourdough! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. *Ingredient not included in nutritional analysis. I’m curious, though, as to how one might modify this recipe to be lemon-poppy seed instead of having fruit in it? Spread the dough over the berries and press down gently, into all the corners with your fingers. 10pm Mix The Dough Add the bubbly starter in a large mixing bowl. Just add small chunks of very firm, cold, cream cheese along with the berries when you are folding them … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Don’t overwork the dough, which will release the gluten in the flour and cause the scones to be chewy. Preheat oven to 400F. The basic recipe is easy, just read it over once over before starting. I have no idea what temperature to actually bake this at! A truly easy sourdough recipe perfect for beginners. TOP TIP Check your loaf is ready to bake by gently prodding with a finger. Oh no!!! To continue reading, subscribe now for unlimited access. Also, can I use regular flour to dust the bowl. There was so much information about baking sourdough bread, so many new terms to wrap my head around, so much work. You can use unfed discard ( as long as it has been maintained regularly). Follow on Instagram. Try to use your starter at its peak, before it starts to sink again (you will see a trail on the sides of the jar when it starts to deflate). Try my Sourdough Cheese Scones or Sourdough … This is because all flours absorb water differently. thanks Katie- I need to clarify the recipe, I usually do both. >> More. To my amazement this no knead sourdough worked a treat. They look deceiving like blackberries but are actually a wild black raspberry. If you have a sourdough starter that is not 100% hydration, amend the fluid as appropriate. Cover and bake for 20 minutes. Mandy xo. I make scones to sell in a canteen and usually make them the day before, refrigerate them uncooked and then cook them the next day so they are fresher, do you think that it would be possible to do that with these sourdough scones. It is about making the connections, the mindfulness & joy of baking as well as understanding the techniques that make your bread rise, so you can bake & share nourishing bread every day, with the people you love. Yield: Makes 9 scones… For a heartier scone, I have also replaced some of the flour with toasted, While they are baking, make a lemony glaze to drizzle over the top. This way, the berries are on the top of the scone. Hi I followed recipe exactly for the scones but used raspberries! This Overnight Sourdough Bread requires no kneading or folding. They would easily be three times better than any scone I have made before. They are amazingly delish. I also used frozen blackberries and white chocolate chips (omg yum!) And, I agree, some cook books like Elizabeth David are great to look at and get ideas from but the humble cook books we return to again and again are priceless. Edmonton Downtown : 780-420-7282. Made these for mothers day and they were delicious! As she did so, I said,  “Don’t let it fall on my scones.”  A split second later, there was the almighty crash of the chopping board falling on my scones. Hi Glenda, Subscribe to my latest recipes and get my free, PLANT-BASED RECIPE GUIDE. If the weather is particularly warm the bread will prove quite quickly and is in danger of over fermenting – I usually prefer to prove the dough in the fridge overnight for 12 hours or longer. If it floats you are good to go. Copyright © 2020 Vanessa KimbellCall +44 (0)7707 480336 | +44 (0)1604 881274 | Email info@thesourdoughclub.comRegistered in England & Wales: 11513581Website by Callia Web, Competitions / Prize draw terms and Conditions, Webinar & Book Club Schedule – Click on the links to join the webinars, BLEND I followed the recipe except I used Huckleberries instead of the blackberries. Haha, You are right thanks for spotting! Why do we freeze the dough? It might work well also if I leave the starter in the airing cupboard overnight to take advantage of the heating when it kicks on in the morning as I am putting starter there when building it up for bread also. Bake until golden brown, about 25 – 30 minutes. A favorite variation is, instead of using fresh fruit on top, mix in dried cranberries. Bake wholesome #realbread at home with tried and tested recipes from The Bread She Bakes. Scones — See All Categories; Collections. I eyeballed the amount, sorry. Here the Inland Northwest, berries can also be found in the wild. I froze it for closer to an hour and a half, and it was the perfect texture to cut right out of the freezer. I had nothing better to do with it so I made another double batch. I have used frozen blackberries once and frozen blueberries twice. This is a great method if you want to bake your loaf first thing in the morning. Hey, I'm Sylvia! Have a super week Glenda. Overnight proofing however isn’t risk free as proof times will as always vary based on the dough temperature and general vigour of the sourdough used. Definitely will be making this again because im curious how they will taste once actually flaky. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Pour in the water and mix well – I use my dough whisk for this. I baked 5 extra minutes and let them rest in the oven for 5 minutes more. , Hi Jan, I have added the cups but for truly accurate measuring you need a scale. Cover the cooled loaf in a clean tea towel and store at room temperature – the bread will keep for 2-3 days. Giving a quick mix with a wooden spoon will add air to it and will ensure that you don’t end up with too much flour in the recipe. This was merely an experiment to keep my mind focused and the kids engaged, my hopes weren’t high. Sourdough Scones. A truly easy sourdough recipe perfect for beginners. I have almond flour but afraid it might flavor the bread. , Made them yesterday, baked them today. We fed our starter, christened Haku after Spirited Away, dutifully every day for a week. Using a scone cutter, cut out scones. It’s easier to have a feel for the dough if you use your hands. I haven’t varied the resting time. Bake at 200°C for 12 minutes or until cooked.