I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but here are six reasons why I don’t drink alcohol anymore: 1. Directions Again, this is a choice I have made for ME, period.

If you're an advocate of safety or against underage drinking, you may be wary of alcoholic drinks that are filled with caffeine whose manufacturers are often accused of marketing to high schoolers. When I don't sleep well on Thursday, it helps me muster up the energy to celebrate on Friday night. Name an after-work social activity that doesn’t involve drinking. It’s important to note that I am not against alcohol or the alcohol industry. And business-related fun is no exception.

Want to make a public commitment to go alcohol free? Scientists have also argued that mixing a downer (alcohol) with an upper (caffeine) can send your heart rate on a rollercoaster ride (all while your mind rattles with the question "How drunk am I?"). Like many of you, I lost a lot in 2008. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but here are six reasons why I don’t drink alcohol anymore: 1. I could hark back a few years, when Red Bull and vodka was all the rage. On Thursday (right before the weekend! The exception to this rule would be exercise. But for cash-strapped 20-somethings around the country, this is another reason, besides the unemployment rate, we'll be staying home on weekends. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Another friend sent me an instant message with the epitaph, "It's so sad, isn't it?" These cookies do not store any personal information. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. A low calorie drink that mixes sparkling water and natural flavours with a crisp twist of alcohol. 133 Calories Can’t do that if I feel like crap. All in just 65 calories, 3g carbs, 4% ABV, with no added sugar or sweeteners.So whether you’re looking for a new signature drink, or just up for a good time, we’re here to help you do it in fewer calories, without sacrificing great taste. The reason I’m sharing this is because lately I have sensed a growing number of people who are on the fence about giving up alcohol, but simply haven’t yet. Meeting Rooms Welcome to Sparks, a premium malt beverage. We love cookies. Our Saturdays were more fun. Here you'll find ideas, tips, and techniques to help make your next offsite your best meeting yet.We've learned a lot during the 15,000+ meetings we've hosted, and we never stop learning (and sharing) because meetings and teams are always evolving. 6. According to MillerCoors’ official Sparks Web site, current versions of Sparks contain 6–7 percent alcohol by volume, as compared to Miller High Life and Coors beers, which contain less than 5 percent alcohol by volume. After all, this is not the usual inspirational type of content that I usually produce. When you drink alcohol, it gets immediate attention (because it is viewed by the body as a toxin) and needs no digestion. That was eight years ago. Even my Twitter feed was atwitter: one young blogger threatened to start hoarding this drink the way artists stashed soon-to-be-discontinued Polaroid film earlier this year or women stocked up on the Today Sponge contraceptive after it was deemed unsafe in the '90s. To continue reading login or create an account. Even though this is the last point in my list, it is the #1 reason why I don’t drink. Or a social activity at a business conference that is alcohol-free.

Just drop us a line using the contact form below or HELLO@SPARK-DRINK.COM. Columbus, OH 43215 And it is sometimes difficult or even uncomfortable to explain why. I drink Spark for more energy and vitamins, and it tastes good!

Learn more about Sparks and Sparks Blackberry Ultraviolet here. I said it before and I will say it again: I simply feel better, healthier, more energetic, more focused, and more powerful when I don’t drink. Energy drinks with taurine and caffeine have been the subject of quite a few studies and medical research reviews – not always with positive results. My point exactly. Meanwhile, Gawker.com wrote, "First, they came for Zima, and we said nothing," before sharing the depressing news that Sparks, a "disgusting caffeinated malternative beverage," was 6 years old. Saturday mornings after having a few drinks on Friday night. There are countless examples of poor decisions made after even a few beers. I actually enjoy talking to them about why they like or don’t like a particular wine or beer. So if you haven't tasted its succulent sweetness, or you've always wondered what you'd look like with orange teeth, go stock up. But Sparks has a taste all its own—more like frothy Tang than beer and Red Bull combined. Over the past eight years as a non-drinker, I’ve noticed that the most successful people I’ve met don’t really drink much, if at all. In the end, authorities won out and MillerCoors chose to "reformulate" the beverage (removing the uppers) in an agreement reached on Thursday. Ever seen a really bad tattoo? When I want to head home from a birthday party at midnight, it reminds me that, not so long ago, I was in college. The original formulation contained caffeine, one of the first alcoholic beverages to do so. Rental & Catering Info Advocare Spark Energy Drink 14-0.25 oz single serve pouches - Mandarin Orange 4.6 out of 5 stars 229 $35.49 $ 35. I'll miss side effects like orange tongue (which, I admit, was a low point) and I'll miss introducing you to people who aren't yet familiar with you, only to have them argue that you taste gross and made me look homeless. Other varieties include a sugar-free "Sparks Light" version with a bright blue top. Twenty well-trained Utah State University football players participated in the study in which they received the energy drink (AdvoCare Spark®) or a placebo without caffeine. Know when we had most of those discussions? We’re Ben and Don, the founders of SPARK and we believe in keeping things simple. When we gave up alcohol, we immediately felt better. In April 2008, a couple temporarily lost custody of their son after the father accidentally bought the child an alcoholic lemonade drink at a baseball game.