peanut butter, bread, tortillas) and spices. for details. 1 head of garlic, chopped or smashed in a molcajete. Join Molé Mama and learn how to cook some of the best authentic Mexican recipes ever! Mole is an authentic Mexican delight. Are you ready to be inspired to cook at home, try new recipes, meet chefs, food bloggers and artisans from around the world? I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we like it in our home and don’t forget to play some music while you’re cooking it! This site needs an editor - click to learn more! Hola! Mole Poblano is perhaps the best known of the moles, and my recipe for chicken mole is probably most similar to this style. MEXICO IN MY KITCHEN. WOW! If you’d like more Mexican recipes delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to my email newsletter. , making mole is easy and accessible. Holy Mole! Hot and Spicy Food Forum: Join Our Forum and add some spice to your life! You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook for more delicious food inspiration. Please leave your comments below and share this recipe with your friends. Cover with water. Transfer the sauce to a large skillet. Mole freezes well and is a delicious sauce for tamales! Doña María Mole is a favorite in many homes for special occasions. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. This particular recipe is a fusion of my Grandma and my Mom’s recipes, and if I’m being honest, it is the perfect combination of both. It is a dish that is original to Mexico and served throughout the country. Mole (pronounced “MOH-lay”) is a sauce and marinade that is native to Mexico. Add peanut butter, chocolate pieces, cocoa powder, mole paste, and salt and blend until very smooth. Serve warm. 2 lbs chicken (chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks), 1 head of garlic, chopped or smashed in a molcajete, Add chicken, onion, garlic, and salt to the stockpot, Cook for about 45 min until completely cooked. can regular-strength chicken broth 2 Tbsp. My mama used to make this when she didn't have time to make the authentic recipe from dried chiles. Use that leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make some delicious authentic turkey mole! This mole recipe is a fusion of my Grandma’s and Mom’s recipes, and is fairly simple to make, so that even the most inexperienced home cook can enjoy it. Continue simmering while stirring continuously for 10 minutes. Process until you have a fine sauce, then set aside. Mole originated in Oaxaca, Mexico. is quite easy to take off, but if you’re having trouble you can remove it using a bottle opener. ❤Laura, Filed Under: COMIDA MEXICANA, ENGLISH, RECETAS, RECETAS CON POLLO Y PAVO Tagged With: Authentic, Authentic Mexican mole, Authentic mole, Authentic recipe, healthy, healthy recipe, healthy recipes, homemade, light recipe, light recipes, made from scratch, mexican food, Mexican mole, Mexican recipe, mexican recipes, recipe, recipes, traditional, traditional Mexican, traditional Mexican food., traditional mole recipe. But our simplified version is just as delicious. In archaic Spanish, mole means “mix,” similar to Indian “masala.” While there are almost as many recipes and versions of mole as there are Mexican families, all moles share some common elements. Créditos: Jacobo Castillo. Exciting, right?! I’m a sucker for a rotisserie chicken when I’m short on time for dinner. For more tips and inspiration to make this recipe, watch my video on Youtube: Show me how your recipe came out on Instagram with #SpicyLatinaMom and don´t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and social media for everyday inspiration and more delicious recipes. is not a spicy sauce, but if you like to spice things up, add one chipotle pepper in adobo. And because so many of you have asked for a simpler version, here it is. Contact raisins 2; orange 2; View More ↓ cheeses. Once the tomatoes are cooked, drain the water and place the tomatoes, onion, garlic, and the toasted tortilla in your blender. Rinse it beforehand to remove the vinegar flavor, then add it to the blender with the cooked tomatoes. Cook the chicken pieces … DOÑA MARÍA® Mole is a staple found in many Mexican kitchens, and for generations has been an easy way to fix a delicious mole in a matter of minutes. Pour the other half of the broth and sautéed ingredients into blender. Check out this post on the different types of Mexican chiles to see which heat level is right for you. The variety is not only found in its look, but also in its signature ingredients. Sparkling Apple Cider Margarita (Manzana Paloma), Camotes Enmielado (Candied Sweet Potatoes), Spicy Lemon Garlic Skillet Rice with Shrimp and Chicken. I am going to show you how to prepare this spicy Mexican mole recipe with chicken and a delicious mole sauce from scratch. My guest chefs and familia share their inspiring stories that led them to create cookie art, Churro cupcakes, Mexican chocolate brownies, sweet potato flautas, pumpkin tamales, and other delicious culinary creations. Heck yeah you can! I just find that it adds a lot of flavor. Her delicious authentic heirloom Mexican recipes have been passed from mother to daughters for generations. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Remove all the skin and fat from the chicken thighs, Boil them in a pot with the salt, garlic, onion, and cilantro until fully cooked, Remove the stems from the chilies and toast them for about a minute, Soak the chilies and tomatoes in hot water for 5 minutes, Put the chilies, tomatoes, a cup of the soaking liquid and salt in a blender and mix well, Add a piece of onion and 2 garlic cloves and continue blending, Strain the sauce through a mesh strainer to get rid of all the skin and seeds, Put the strained sauce in the blender with the cocoa powder, raisins, cinnamon, clove, marjoram, banana, sugar and salt and blend well, Add a cup of chicken broth to the mole sauce and boil it in a pot for about 5-10 minutes, Serve the chicken, pour the mole on top, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.