130 small cone-shaped teeth on each jaw. It has slender body, narrow rib cage and triangular dorsal fin. in either a normal or inverted position. This species lives in the open ocean and often associates with other species of dolphins and with large bony fishes. Mating also occurs in groups, with several males and several females mating simultaneously. Spinner Dolphin (possibly a cross bred species). Spinner dolphins hunt cooperatively, organized in groups. Other threats include entanglement or bycatch in fishing gear, targeted hunts in the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, and coastal development which affects the sheltered bays that these dolphins inhabit in some areas during the day. form. Key Facts of the Spinner Dolphin: Adult length: All forms of Spinner dolphins measure between 1.3 metres and 2.1 metres. ease, often accompanying them for half an hour or more. 1. This occurs when the dolphin slaps its tail flukes against the surface of the water while White Sided Dolphins, Pantropical As the spinner dolphin is a wide-ranging, open ocean species, its conservation status is not well known. Athleticism: Spinner dolphins are best known Spinner Dolphin, Eastern Spinner Dolphin: White Belly sexually mature at 4 to 7 years of age, while How many towns in the world are named Portland? Diet & Feeding:   The 44 lbs. A dolphin's life span varies according to its environment and species. Click here or below to download hands-on marine science activities for kids. of age. The spinner dolphin has a year-round breeding season After mating, the female's gestation period is about 10 to 11 months, after which a single calf about two and a half feet long is born. River Dolphins, Bottlenose In the eastern tropical Pacific, spinner dolphins swim with yellowfin tuna, an association that has led to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of spinners in … These spins can involve more than four body revolutions. Dolphin. Spinner dolphins travel large distances to avoid changes in water temperature and lack of food. It has between 92 and What Is the Delphinidae Family of Animals? These animals may associate with other marine life, including humpback whales, spotted dolphins and yellowfin tuna. The spinner is a small dolphin species found in tropical and sub-tropical waters around the world. There are four sub-species of spinner dolphins and they are often called long-snouted dolphins. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? Spinner dolphins are seasonal breeders with 1 - 2 peak periods. Spinner dolphins earned their name because of their ability to spin multiple times in one jump. Scientists believe they spin for several reasons, including communication, removing parasites, and simply for the fun of it. M.S., Resource Administration and Management, University of New Hampshire, B.S., Natural Resources, Cornell University. Noteable features:    This dolphin breathes Whales. the most common and vigorous. Life Span: Spinner dolphins live more Spinner dolphins can reach up to 9.8 feet (3 m) above water.2. dolphin is often been seen resting and travelling with numbers around 100 to 300, though Florida. Spinner dolphins display no confined breeding season, mating all year long exhibiting polyandrous, promiscuous mating, in which individuals freely move amongst several sets of partners over minutes to weeks. Although some bottlenose dolphins can reach 40 years of age, their average age is between 15 and 16 years. Forty is an old age for a dolphin -- one making it to 40 is comparable to a human living to be 100. smaller sub-groups that define individuals according to age, sex and behavioural activity. Like their prey, spinner dolphins form large groups – typically composed of hundreds or even thousands of individuals – for hunting and socializing. Spinner dolphin, also known as long-snouted dolphin belongs to the family of ocean dolphins. Click here for a sighting map for spinner dolphins. Size: Spinner dolphins are approximately Spinner dolphins are medium-sized dolphins with long, slender beaks. Class: Mammalia Birth: Spinner dolphin calves are born In Hawaii, they live in shallow, sheltered bays, in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, they live on the high seas far from land and often associate with yellowfin tuna, birds and pantropical spotted dolphins. Sailors for the Sea developed the KELP (Kids Environmental Lesson Plans) program to create the next generation of ocean stewards. Fun Facts About Spinner Dolphins. Most spinner dolphins rest during the day and feed at night. groups. The species was described by John Gray in 1828.