loaded: 7300 lbs. The Spitfire, designed with a focus on the highest technology available at the time, was designed by R.J. Mitchell, chief designer at Supermarine Aviation Works, a subsidiary of Vickers-Armstrong. 31 ft. 3 in. 1 decade ago. In short, neither the Spitfire nor the Hurricane could have won the Battle of Britain alone. 1 decade ago. The Spitfire pilot flies a very similar plane to the Hawker Hurricane, even though the aircraft were built by different companies. ww2 spitfire vs hurricane? Relevance. WHAT PLANE WAS RESPONSABLE 4 MORE KILLS DURING THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN. 2 Things: 1: This is a WW2 question. I read somewhere a while back that During BOB the RAF lost 2 spitfires and 4 hurricanes for every 109 shot down. The Hawker Hurricane won the Battle Of Britain, The Supermarine Spitfire … my question 2 the public is. 14 Answers. The Spitfire was not on a kill mission but a distract. 0 8. Shooting down a fighter is a minor gain - shooting down a bomber before it reaches the target is the plan. Hurricane : Spitfire : Specifications: Span: 40 ft. 30 ft. good luck. thats it. Spitfire vs Hurricane These two RAF aircrafts were massively used during the war, yet I've read that the Hurricane was responsible for the majority of air kills during the Battle of Britain. Height: 13 ft. 12 ft. 7 in. 940: RAF Hurricanes Spitfires August 21st 1940 615 326 August 30th 1940 580 287 September 8th 1940 530 275 September 15th 1940 472 256 October 2nd 1940 482 281 October 18th 1940 512 285 Battle of Britain RAF losses – July Destroyed Damaged Pilots killed Pilots missing Pilots wounded Hurricane 33 … Now thats not counting bombers its just the statistic for fighter vs fighter kill/loss. spit fire. WELL DONE. loaded Anonymous. Length: 31 ft. 4 in. Answer Save. You fail to recognise that Hurricanes could not endure the 109s without some help from the Spitfires. Your ‘kills’ ratio is in direct proportion to the Hurricane vs Spitfire ratio so proportionally the Hurricanes did not shoot down significantly more aircraft ‘per head’. Anonymous. here is a quicky. Weight: 7200 lbs. Update: CORRECT. The Hurricane was an older fighter built by Hawker, whereas the Spitfire was a later plane built by Supermarine. Favorite Answer. The two planes complemented each other in the sky and worked together to repel the onslaught of German air attacks. 2: Both were British fighters produced before and during the Second World War.