St. Brendan Catholic School is located in Bothell, WA. The use of the ‘Essentials’ extends the Year 8 program and ensures the seamless movement across the Middle school.

*Families with Children preparing to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation/First Communion and/or Confirmation will have an additional monthly lesson geared to sacramental preparation.

Our deepest desire is that every person, especially each of our parishioners at St. Brendan, knows the deep & transforming love of God the Father, poured out in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. They get to choose four semester units each year from a range of thirteen options to give them more responsibility in framing the direction of their schooling. This program gets back to the foundational teachings of the Church with a focus on encouraging personal holiness!

Integration into the St. Brendan School community through specialist classes, reading buddies, cross-age school “families”, school assemblies, and Masses. This program seeks to empower parents in that role to help them share their Catholic faith with their children.

SBC Middle School (Years 9-10) Handbook - 2021, Year 8 Subject Lines - 2019 (Guide only - to be updated for 2020), Year 9 Subject Lines - 2019 (Guide only - to be updated for 2020), Year 10 Subject Lines - 2019 (Guide only - to be updated for 2020), © 2020 St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon Our philosophy for Year 7 is that early and pre-adolescent learners make up a discrete group of students. 237, 2nd Grade

Children are immersed in a warm and loving environment where they experience a blended play-based and academic education, Provides curriculum that includes religion, early literacy, math, science, social studies, music and art, Builds pre-kindergarten and kindergarten readiness, Promotes student confidence, independence, and a LOVE of learning, Balance between student free-choice and teacher-directed activity. Students in our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Full Day participate in a variety of student enrichment units.

Recognizing that parents are the most organic & effective transmitters of the Faith to their children, we have created OneFaith: Family Faith Formation. There is just one program for your whole family!

In honor of Jacinta Marie Johnson, who attended our school in 1970 as a 6th grader and was called home to heaven that same year, we offer tuition multi-year grants for new Catholic students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. Year 7. Families with Children in grade 6-8 will gather after the 5:30 PM Sunday Mass, ending at 9:00.

That each person would know the support and encouragement of the Communion of Saints! Our Middle School curriculum incorporates Years 7-10 at St Brendan's College. 8755 SW 32nd Street Miami, FL 33165. Sacramental Prep8th Grade The middle grades at St. Brendan are dedicated to preparing students to be responsible citizens of the world and lifelong learners.

While we believe meeting in person is an important and essential part of this family-faith formation program, we will not gather together until things improve and it is safe to do so. Over the course of one hundred years that Catholic School system had grown tremendously. The preschool staff works closely with Pre-K teachers at St. Brendan to ensure student success and Pre-K readiness. When you meet is up to your family’s schedule and what works best for you! This program gives your family the flexibility to decide when to gather for your lessons. That each person would know they can receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the assurance of God’s forgiveness in the confessional. Choose which ones work best for your children’s needs.

Container. In the middle grades the classes are departmentalized with a designated homeroom, math, Language Arts, science, and history teacher who work in collaboration with students to develop critical thinking skills, faith-based community involvement and academic excellence.

No need to worry about multiple lessons or books for each of your children! At Baptism, the Church asks parents if they accept the responsibility to form their child in the practice of the faith. But, we know that nothing can replace the impact that mom or dad living out their faith and sharing it with their children has on a young person’s decision to continue practicing their faith into adulthood! Before school care is available beginning at 7:30am and after school care is available until 6pm (for an additional fee). Developmentally, they have academic, social, and physical needs different from those of young children or older teens. That growth would continue until the mid-1960s when the last of the Baby Boomers entered elementary school. 2950 SW 87 Avenue Miami, FL 33165.

Families with Children in grades 1-5 will gather before the 5:30 PM Sunday Mass, starting at 3:30. The pre-kindergarten program prepares students for our kindergarten class. The Core subjects remain a significant feature of the framework and the National Curriculum and Essential Learnings informs the structure of the units of work, learning experiences and student outcomes, for the mandatory subjects.

We are so proud of our high school youth ministry program, The Vine, which provides high school students the opportunity to encounter God and grow in their faith alongside their peers. The Year 9 and 10 Curriculum includes the continuation of many of the features from Year 8. In our Pre-K program students continue to grow in faith, share, listen to stories, follow directions, play with others, sing, create, reinforce letters while adding letter sounds and early reading skills, and reinforce numbers while building on early math skills.

Assistance must be applied for each year.

233     Teresa Boyne: Early Childhood Coordinator ext.

The parents will need to qualify for assistance and will complete the necessary paperwork only for the first year.

St. Brendan students are accepted to the finest high schools in Los Angeles including Loyola, Marymount, Immaculate Heart, Providence, Notre Dame High School, Notre Dame Academy, Mayfield, Cathedral, and Marlborough. Our pastor, Fr.

But, 41% of children who were raised Catholic no longer practice the Faith!

Please contact the school office for any questions about the process. We also have a variety of videos, books, links, & more available on our Parent Resources page and our High School Resources page to help you continue sharing the faith with your older teens!