Next time you walk into a Starbucks and look at the coffee wall, imagine one tree for every bag of coffee on the wall, and all the work that went in to getting the coffee bean from tree to the shelf at Starbucks. We’re inspiring partners (employees) and customers to get involved in their communities. It has a full, buttery body with virtually no acidity, so the coffee’s intensity and flavor simply lingers on your tongue. Login to add posts to your read later list, The Starbucks Experience & Connections: Customers & Baristas, Tiazzi Blended Tea Beverage: A Starbucks history lesson from 1998 – 1999. As you might have guessed, one of the benefits of working here at Starbucks is free coffee. Next the coffee beans are dried to about 30% moisture on tarps for a few hours before collected and hauled to a co-op mill for wet hulling. The flavor is not bold at all. As you might have guessed, one of the benefits of working here at Starbucks is free coffee. The family picks up, by handfuls, the coffee cherry (still covered with remnants of sticky fruit and parchment) and manually simply passes them through a series of buckets of water to attempt to remove some of the stickiness of the coffee cherry. Glad I could help you understand what makes Anniversary Blend so delightful! This is very different than in Latin America where the depulping mills may be very large sophisticated automatic machines. Starbucks Card and My Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use and Agreement. I talked to a customer about aged beans today! My tongue wasn’t far off it seems and kudos on whatever the other beans were that blended so subtly in that magic mix. Sumatra. Featured Coffees. Whole Bean Coffee; Starbucks VIA; View All Coffees; Find Your Perfect Coffee. Why do we love it so? I definitely learned a thing or two! © 2019 Starbucks Coffee Company. Coffee Sourcing; Coffee Quality; Farmer Support; Learn More . A pound a week, in fact. In some growing regions, the hulling is done on the dry bean, but in Sumatra the bean still retains much moisture, and they’re white in color, and have a rubbery softness to them. As you might have guessed, one of the benefits of working here at Starbucks is free coffee. Sumatra is part of indonesia country, not come from Singapore…so that it’s so funny when i reading the description about Sumatra Coffee…because i found a sentence “The unusual spicy flavor of Aged Sumatra comes from this magical process of time (years), care, and tropical Singapore winds”?????? This 30% percent moisture level of the bean means that the bean still is semi-wet, and retains about 30% of its moisture. Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Sumatra — 100% Arabica — 6 bags (12 oz. I’m also a coffee master- this is so interesting, thank you!! Make no mistake, this is a slurping coffee. The coffee cherries are processed through the depulpers, and out of one side of the pulping mill there is now a pile of sticky, parchment enclosed coffee beans, and the other side has wet fruit. Many thousands of pounds of Sumatra coffee are purchased by Starbucks, and some lots of it are designated for shipment to Starbucks partners in Singapore for the “aging” phase of the coffee. Once every six months the whole palette of beans goes through a rotation so that the beans that were on the top are now on the bottom, and vice versa. For a comparison of the altitude, if a Seattlelite drives east over Snoqualmie Pass the summit of the pass is at about 3000 feet. Thanks for a great article which was a real eye opener for me. There is a risk that some of the beans will be ruined; they may turn rancid or never produce a the high-quality beautiful spicy note that Aged Sumatra is known for. (Cold drink sizes, tall, grande, venti, double grande), Catching up with Winter: In conversation with a guy on a journey to visit every company-operated Starbucks. I learned more from this blog than I have in my last 7 years at starbucks. If anyone can tell me what is going on please do. I found a you-tube video showing this exact process here. ... Sumatra. The reverse side of the Aged Sumatra packaging, like in the case of all the small-batch Starbucks coffee offerings, includes the date that the coffee was roasted. Just a little information about aged coffee, if you ever got any chance coming to Bandung (west java capital city), you should try “Kopi Aroma”. I almost think it should be required reading material for baristas! The family is now waiting for the coffee beans to get to about 12 percent moisture level before removing them from the tarps. Starbucks Sumatra coffee is full-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel, and available in k cups, coffee pods, and whole bean. The many farmers of Sumatra have very small farms, with the average farm only having about 200 trees on it. My black apron seminar was done on Sulawesi, and I remember reading about those manual de-pulping machines. © 2019 Starbucks Coffee Company. Thank you again to Larry Aldrich of Seattle Custom Framing for assisting me with a number of photos used in this blog entry. Great blog entry Melody! It is terrible. Learn More, It’s our commitment to doing business in ways that…. A stack of syrupy pancakes before the house wakes up. Currently the packaging of the Aged Sumatra is simply the standard Clover small batch packaging which is in a plain white bag with a brown name sticker, and a red stripe around the bag.