Oct 2020] ( 459.79 KB), Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Certification Form [rev. May 2015], Multiple Hires on Rolling Requisitions, [10-4-06], Program Manual for Assessing Candidates for Employment [rev. Search for a career in one of our many locations in Florida. Welcome to the State of Florida MyBenefits Website! of Labor info for Workers/Employees or Employers/Companies. CONNECT provides online access for claimants to apply for benefits, view and maintain claimant account information, view claim status and payments, view overpayment balance and make payments. The State of Florida provides many valuable employment search resources to help you create a great resume, obtain career advice, and land a job. "Florida Information Locator" and "It's Your Florida!" May 2015] ( 357.59 KB), Job Candidate Program Manual ( 245.80 KB), Multiple Hires on Rolling Requisitions, [10-4-06] ( 82.60 KB), Program Manual for Assessing Candidates for Employment [rev. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. They are to be used in conjunction with the broadband system. Laurel M. Lee, Secretary of State. Florida Administrative Code. These class specifications are to be used for historical purposes and to establish salary rate for budgeting purposes. There are 31 entities in the State Personnel System and while they are governed by the same state and federal laws, the day to day operations are managed by each entity. Set up subject alerts for topics you are interested in. MyBenefits provides information about health, retirement, employee assistance program and other benefit options to prospective and current employees, as well as retirees. Please notify us of any technical issues with this site. Many of these resources and programs are funded under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. We are proud to offer this resource to Florida’s public servants who serve more than 18 million citizens in our great state. 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern time, KISSIMMEE-FDC-SECRETARY-SPECIALIST-FC-70003735-CENTRAL-FLORIDA-RECEPTION-CENTER-FL-34744, MARIANNA-HUMAN-SERVICES-WORKER-II-FC-67070066-FL-32446, CHATTAHOOCHEE-SENIOR-RESIDENTIAL-UNIT-SPECIALIST-FC-67053675-APDDDDP-PATHWAYS-FL-32324, CHIPLEY-FDC-WELLNESS-EDUCATION-SPECIALIST-I-FC-70046686-NORTH-WEST-FLORIDA-RECEPTION-CENTER-FL-32428, TAMPA-EQUIPMENT-OPERATOR-55003351-FL-33619, CARRABELLE-FDC-Plumber-70039230-Franklin-CI-FL-32322, GAINESVILLE-SR-PUBLIC-HEALTH-NUTRITIONIST-SUPERVISOR-64006284-FL-32641, TALLAHASSEE-DOEVR-OPS-ACCOUNTANT-I-TALLAHASSEE-48006151-FL-32399, Science Technology Engineering And Mathematics, TALLAHASSEE-SENIOR-DATA-BASE-ANALYST-48000903-FL-32399, LIVE-OAK-LAW-ENFORCEMENT-OFFICER-42005158-FL-32060, TALLAHASSEE-DATA-PROCESSING-MANAGER-SES-71000200-FL-32308, PUNTA-GORDA-FDC-VOCATIONAL-INSTRUCTOR-III-FC-%28Engineering-Technician-IV-WWTP%29-70023049-CHARLOTTE-CI-FL-33955, OCALA-OPS-INTERVIEWING-CLERK-64942296-FL-34478, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, SAINT-PETERSBURG-OPS-Purchasing-Specialist-77907611-FL-33701, TALLAHASSEE-RESEARCH-&-TRAINING-SPECIALIST-71000799-FL-32308, FORT-PIERCE-STATE-ATTORNEY'S-OFFICE%2C-19TH-CIRCUIT-SECRETARY-III-21014244-FL-34950, TALLAHASSEE-REGULATORY-CONSULTANT-DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-FDC-PERSONNEL-TECHNICIAN-III-SES-70005639-CENTRAL-OFFICE-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-ADMINISTRATIVE-ASSISTANT-III-DBPR-DSO-OPEN-COMPETITIVE-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-REGULATORY-SPECIALIST-II-DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL-FL-32399, SAINT-PETERSBURG-JUVENILE-PROBATION-OFFICER-80081611-FL-33712, TALLAHASSEE-BUSINESS-INTELLIGENCE-ANALYST-72003932-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-GOVERNMENT-OPERATIONS-CONSULTANT-I-64085581-FL-32399, PENSACOLA-HEALTH-SUPPORT-TECHNICIAN-64003870-FL-32501, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, FDC-SECRETARY SPECIALIST - F/C - 70003735 CENTRAL FLORIDA RECEPTION CENTER, SENIOR RESIDENTIAL UNIT SPECIALIST - F/C - 67053675 APD/DDDP, FDC-WELLNESS EDUCATION SPECIALIST I F/C-70046686- NORTH WEST FLORIDA RECEPTION CENTER, SR PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITIONIST SUPERVISOR - 64006284, DOE/VR - OPS ACCOUNTANT I - TALLAHASSEE - 48006151, DATA PROCESSING MANAGER - SES - 71000200, FDC-VOCATIONAL INSTRUCTOR III - F/C (Engineering Technician IV WWTP) 70023049-CHARLOTTE CI, RESEARCH & TRAINING SPECIALIST - 71000799, STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, 19TH CIRCUIT-SECRETARY III - 21014244, REGULATORY CONSULTANT - DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL, FDC-PERSONNEL TECHNICIAN III-SES 70005639-CENTRAL OFFICE, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III - DBPR-DSO-OPEN COMPETITIVE, REGULATORY SPECIALIST II -DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL, GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS CONSULTANT I - 64085581. If approved, the appeal will be dismissed. State of Florida Directory An online telephone and email directory for State Government agencies and employees in Florida. For State Personnel System Employees. Our resources and services are tailored to meet the needs of Florida's state agency employees. This change takes effect on May 2, 2005, at which point all Florida employers must be in compliance with the wage increase. Keep up to date with newly published information. are registered servicemarks in the State of Florida. 3-30-11] ( 307.65 KB), Request for Reassignment, Transfer, Change in Duty Station, Shift Change or Promotion [rev 3-13-12] ( 29.69 KB), Selective Service Registration [rev. See Also: U.S. Dept. You may want to review the business sections of Florida newspapers for information on hot companies...or contact a particular company's personnel office (and look for their website to learn more about what the company does) to see if there are opportunities in your area. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. In subsequent years, the state's minimum wage will be adjusted annually to reflect the rate of inflation with the new minimum wage taking effect on January 1 of each year. Florida's LSTA program is administered by the Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services. A claimant or employer who filed a Reemployment Assistance appeal may withdraw the appeal by submitting a written request. Florida Department of State Please notify us of any technical issues with this site. State of Florida Directory An online telephone and email directory for State Government agencies and employees in Florida. Services for State Employees; Services for State Employees. Library Update is a quarterly newsletter for state employees. The Compass is a newsletter for state publications. Details regarding benefits associated with these positions may be found on the myBenefits Web site. State Government (Online Job Application)Requires registration and sign-in; keep track of employment opportunities; register your user ID and password. Our branch library in the State Capitol provides services for the Florida Legislature, legislative staff, state employees and the public. 10-2019] ( 36.98 KB), Guide to Transition for Career Service Employee (Layoff- Right of First Interview) [rev. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. This site explains the benefits of working for the State of Florida. Reemployment Assistance. Curated lists of books, articles, reports, online resources and government publications. StateofFlorida.com is not affiliated with, owned, or operated by the State of Florida and is not endorsed or approved by the State of Florida.