Job analysis (The systematic process of collecting information that identifies similarities and difference in the work. Armed with this information, you can adjust resources and incentives to maximize the impact of your next plan. Your sales team has been put in place to improve the bottom line, and not just to simply sell because that’s their job. Giving back to our community, because we C.A.R.E. Required fields are marked *. How often will reps be paid out for their performance? Clearly, you want all your reps to attain their quota. Companies  operating in different types of market/product having varying level of maturity,  adopt different strategies and matching compensation strategy and blend of  different compensation methods. That's why it's extremely important that incentives be aligned to each different sales role. Are we looking at an annual period? 2. For example, information technology is a fast growing business  presently and we find maximum merger and higher managerial compensation in  this industry. Learn how your comment data is processed. All of this is possible with automation. Your email address will not be published. Cascio has observed  that in viewing the compensation from strategic point of view, the companies do  the following: Compensation policy is derived from organisational  strategy and its policy on overall human resource management. For the first time, empirical sales “big data” and advanced analytics are available to help you make more informed planning decisions. Looking back, did your sales reps “get” their plans, or did they misinterpret what you wanted them to do? On a macro level, you need to model the total costs associated with a proposed plan. The  relative worth of various jobs determines the compensation package attached  with each job. You likely wouldn’t buy a TV or car without looking at reviews, reports, and comparison studies. These factors may be analysed through wage/salary survey. Sometimes, these are determined by external party, for example, pay commissions for Government employees as well as for public sector enterprises. Of your established OTE, how much should be made up of base salary, and how much should be made up of target incentives? Compensation plan is always formulated in  the light of various factors, both external and internal, which affect the operation  of human resource management system. Finally, you should be giving just as much thought and consideration to your compensation planning process as you do to structuring your sales team. Compensation Plan – 6 Major Steps in Designing a Compensation Plan. The policy should be linked with the organisational  philosophy on human resources and strategy. They view the company’s performance as the ultimate criterion of the success  of the strategic pay decisions and operational remuneration programmes. In such a  situation, average cash and moderate incentives may work. Sales compensation planning is difficult, but with careful consideration and strategic design, you can create your best plan yet. Perhaps it’s the classic “President’s Club” trip (and it’s a classic because it works, has for a long time, and drums up the right amount of competition). There are many things in business that often turn out entirely different than originally planned, and sales compensation is high on the list. Implementation of compensation plan  requires its communication to employees and putting this into practice. Nor do you want your low performers to be unduly rewarded, as that would be simply throwing money away. Some questions to help you along in this regard include: What is top performer status for each plan component? The best follow-up question to ask and answer for guidance here is what is the length of the sales cycle? It’s crucial you examine each and every comp plan element needed to construct programs for each distinct sales role. Let’s start with what we know. However, this latter variable is more important. Job description (Summary report that identify defines and describe the job as it is actually performed.) In mature market, the organisation does not grow through  additional investment but stabilizes and the growth comes through making the  present investment more effective, known as learning curve growth. You will have specific business goals for your organization that are different from any other business. As sales compensation touches multiple disciplines – including finance, sales, HR, and the C-Suite – it’s important to invite important players to the party early in order to get everyone on board. Importantly, automation in this sense doesn’t mean setting up software and pressing a button and expecting all of your problems to be solved. The compensation management process has various sequential steps as shown: Organisation’s overall strategy, though not a step of  compensation management is the starting point in the total human resource  management process including compensation management. How else do you want to incentivize your team? Various internal factors are organisation’s ability to  pay and employees’ related factors such as work performance, seniority, skills,  etc. A sales manager needs to design a compensation plan for the organization. The effects of your compensation planning can be long-lasting—but it’s up to you to determine whether or not that’s in fact good news or bad. HRsoft is the industry leader for compensation planning and total rewards software. It only makes sense for those to be on a pay at-risk plan if they have significant control over the selling process—meaning close contact with prospects and customers, along with the ability to directly influence their purchase decisions. This means you need to think about not just how much you want to pay your employees, but what we call a “total compensation plan”- a compensation plan that includes other factors like benefits , performance bonuses, incentives, and company-provided perks like gym memberships or … If you aren’t sure where to start, look to market data sources or a sales compensation survey. In  such a growing market, the inputs, particularly human resources, do not grow in  the same proportion as the business expands. After designing  the compensation plan, it is implemented. These include maximum incentive effectiveness and cash flow to reps. What targets do you demand of your sales team? Real-time updates on system performance, including privacy and security information. The important thing is to think outside of your sales bubble, meaning there are very good reasons for marketing and other members to have a seat at the sales planning table. Plans that try to do too much usually end up doing too little because reps get confused and their sales efforts become unfocused. Who should be on a variable pay plan, and who shouldn’t? The best compensation plans are useless if they aren’t communicated, and worse, if they fall on deaf ears. Here are more details on pay mix. The task involves many moving parts and requires input from a number of different people. She earned marketing and journalism degrees from New Mexico State University and has experience in SEO, social media and inbound marketing. When it comes down to it, it is very easy to: All in all, the right plan results in the right incentives that drive the right behavior for your organization. Besides, many external factors  which impinge on the policy must also be taken care of Job Analysis and  Evaluation. Measure Plan and Performance Data Across Teams and Industry, Near Real-time Dashboard for Sales Leaders, Intelligent Pipeline Analytics & Sales Forecasting, Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) for Complex Enterprises, Training to help you utilize all of the features Xactly’s applications offer, Plan, execute, & optimize with the latest sales trends and statistics, The Key to Long-term SPM Success: Scalability.