You evaluate everything in light of the new data. He just sent me a text saying that he never ever wants to see me or hear from me ever again. I think it will help you to realise that HE is the one causing you this pain. One day i saw his ex gf texting him and saying shes loves him so much so i asked if i could text her and see why she is saying all this stuff but he didnt allow me to saying shes a real b**** and she will just make it worse for me to just trust him. I agree it does sound like you may need to speak to someone properly about this so have a chat with your GP and they will be able to put you in touch with a good counseller as they can also really help . I had already psychologically prepared myself to let go . Surprisingly I would never have wanted that a few years ago – I used to crave and create drama. I know I am on the verge of a breakdown so I try to call my Mom once a day at least, she being, by definition, someone who will listen and care. She showed up the next day and packed up her car. Eventually she got the hint – by which time I’d met someone else anyway. He also let me stay at his parents’ house and meet his parents. My world just stopped moving. I cry every single day because I just want him back, everyday I would wake up in the morning feeling that something is missing in my heart. My ex wouldn’t take a stand for me so I decided to take a stand for myself and ended our relationship. Luckily, I managed to track down the guy who bought it from the pawnshop. She told me she mussed me and couldn’t get over me . You have to get out there and get on with it and work hard. I regret doing theese things and there was a few times when i stayed out all night . Would you mind adding your age and town (completely optional : ). Reading up on here I think I could just copy/paste LoveSickMonkeys comments and they couild be mine. The pain is so bad that sometimes I feel like the only way to start a new beginning is to stop living and start new life. When you are happy once again you will look back on this and be thankful it happened. But now I’m back at the hospital being treated again, because my doctors now believe there is hope.”, “After three years of separation, and lots of regretful drama, my ex-wife and I finally resolved our differences and we met for dinner last night. break ups are painful but they make you realise amazing things which you would probably never seen in yourself. Help us share a voice for the recovery community by bringing real, authentic stories of recovery to She was on my mind 24/7 and nothing else mattered not even my family. Five weeks ago he broke yet another promise to me and could not cope. Me and my boyfriend then began arguing. Paid peanuts but there was always promises that if I buckled down there would be rewards in the future , had to move into our parents home and moved back to our home city . It’s so horrible, this pain is never ending and I am always alone in this suffering, more and more of my friends are not wanting to talk to me or see me. I used to work part time as a bouncer as well as university . 7 years back I thought I was going to die from the heartbreak. They were hanging out in the lobby by the fireplace sharing stories, laughing, and taking turns reading excerpts from. I strongly believe in god and my faith upon him is the only stick I can hold to live. You have to be your own carer. Life is indeed weird; I love him, always did and always will, it was such a naive relationship at its purest! I didn’t feel as much of a failure as I did before but then it all went down hill again…. Think how daft that is. Even in my sleep I can’t escape. I had fun with my friend and was glad to be out of my parent’s house. Up until a couple of days before he broke things off he would still tell me that he loves me and we spoke on the phone everyday and texted constantly. He had to return to London for a job whereas I had to stay at home with my parents because I had no job. And he went ape shit was calling me alsorts down the phone split up with me and blocked me off everything , how stupid yeah ? I can’t imagine my life without her because she was the love of my life. everything was planned but then one fine day she informed her marriage is fixed by parents in haste. Not being able to eat after i gained most of the weight back, not being able to smile or even talk to anyone. That’s when my life slowly faded away.. I’ve never felt so alone and let thoughts run through my head as they do now, things I never dreamt of going through my head. If it wasnt, then he really has changed. We’ve had a really rough year, him working all the time not being close arguing etc. Only then I told her how I really felt but to no avail, she had moved on and had a new life to live. So you think you’re not the best person in the world, maybe you’re not doing some amazing job. You lost the game not me. The man with whom I was dreaming a future actually only wanted sex and once he got it has disappeared.