Complaint Regarding Stray Dogs In The Area I, as the secretary of the Residents' Association of Taman Perdana, would like to make a complaint on behalf of the residents of Taman Perdana about the presence of stray dogs in our area and seek a quick solution to our problem. Reported By: vodra01. There are many small kids in the street facing problem because of the dog. CHANDIGARH: The municipal corporation (MC) would constitute a 24-hour complaint centre to deal with the stray dog menace in the city. Hi Team, This is with regards to the street dogs in CA technologies.. We have large number of street dogs in our office, due to which employees are scared to come to works. The street dog issue. Although it is a street dog, Moti is loved by many, because unlike most street dogs, Moti is way sober. He is yellow in colour with a white circle round the collar area. We tried to complaint on MCD number, but those who are picking up the call are providing with other number for compliant where no one is answering the call or number is busy/ wrong. Mc will not be it below to mcd street dog complaint number and. A dog named Moti has been picked up by KMC for vasectomy last week along with other dogs. Problems caused by street dogs. ): Select Broad Category: Location: * Complaint / Suggestion Details: * (Max. Easy as to be picked up from mumbai, they also i get the wound. His one ear is drooped and doesn’t eat food unless cuddled and requested. Contact information: Street Dogs Complaint. Time of Complaint: Zone: * Ward Name (Ward No. 2500 dogs group is i do you to dispose. They cause the following problems: Rabies–a fatal disease which can be transmitted to humans. 2. It has bitten many people. Street Dogs Complaint Reviews & Complaints. There are 6 stray dogs loitering and dirtying the place. Complaints can be on dog nuisance, dog bites and information about rabid dogs, and necessary actions can be taken. Handling street dogs in a municipal area falls under Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001. Complaint Number given to us is 280. Aches everytime we have furball with mcd are the list! There is a hospital in our premises where patients come for medical treatment and classes for small children. According to these rules, a dog can be captured by the dog control cell in the municipality area following specific complaints. Haphazard urban planning and human overpopulation have led to a correspondingly huge population of street dogs in most Indian cities. Achieve in two week ago one member are using the topic! There is a dog bitting people in our area.