upsetting? As of June 26th, outdoor graduations are allowed for up to 150 people. Sadly, his decisions regarding overnight summer camps and religious practices fall far short of this ideal. that   unfortunate reality wasn’t the fault of the Democrats it’s the fault of the the fixed pseudo  fiction known as North American capitalism, the Democrats  whatever their  misdeeds were the ones that shut  recreational activities , parks,  excetera  to save even a couple of lives It would be very irresponsible for the Trump administration to allow sleep away camps to open. I thought they would use kid gloves because they constantly need favors from the local pols but here they pulled no punches and said it like it is. We respect that Governor Cuomo is forced to make difficult decisions in these difficult times. Forms & Calendars. Your good work, selflessness, and efforts are greatly appreciated! Agudas Yisroel, please do whatever it takes. we never had such a situation and instead of bothering askanim about yeshivas so Torah should be learnt we are concerned with the grand sing??? Let’s get our priorities straight. Camp Gan Israel - Chabad A fun, safe and uplifting Jewish day camp experience. Similarly, professional sports training is allowed statewide where occupancy is below 50% of maximum occupancy, with no arbitrary numerical ceiling. Please be in touch with your local Ezra Youth leaders for further details. movement of the OU, Learn About Our Summer Options for Public-School Students, © 2020 NCSY Summer | All Rights Reserved |, {{image.node.edge_liked_by.count}} Likes. Share on Facebook. Maybe it’s time for Jewish media and Agudas Yisrael to do some research and investigate the reason for not opening camps this year. No positive cases would enter camp, and the camps would then completely lock down in a “protective bubble.”. Due to Covid-19, Ezra Youth will iyH run day camps in London and Manchester for people who live in the area, in line with current Government guidelines for this sector. This will affect the learning next year of HUNDREDS of yesiva bachurim!!! former Republican. On behalf of all of us at NCSY Summer, thank you for your support of NCSY Summer programming. This needs to be reversed bs”d. now were stuck-had we showed our true colors politely, and demonstrated our beliefs before his decisions, and not after, perhaps we wouldn’t be stuck now. For example, all religious services in New York City are still strictly limited to 10 individuals per building. Pease please please can we do something about this?!?!?! Yes VOTE REPUBLICAN and stop trying to vote for the “winner” for funds. The agudah should band up with other religious organizations, including catholic and Muslim ones, and sue the brains out of the state if new York, and nyc, its governor and mayor should be sued for discrimination, antisemitic executive orders and so on for there have been numerous abuses of power and attack’s on the constitution, so gather the evidence and go to court, Advice: If there is one person in this country who could get this done – it’s the legendary R” Moshe Sherer ZTL. be mochel camps for one season and focus on yeshivas!! Let’s hope they follow up and actually sue for TRO. For the last 11 years, thousands of children and teens ages 7-18 from around the world travel to Israel to be a part of the Israeli summer camp experience every summer. The point about shuls is a great point and is the point should be addressed directly with the governor and BOH. We are disappointed with Agudah as they always seem to take strong stands after the fact. 3.) what kind of a life if those who want to learn do NOT have where to go to learn?? In an effort to minimize risk of infection in a summer camp setting, Agudath Israel and the Association of Jewish Camp Operators (AJCO) had proactively commissioned leading infectious disease doctors around the country to create rigorous, safe camping protocols for the COVID-19 era. camps is what we need??? The rest of the letter and the comments are just plain wrong. Agudath Israel then brought this proposal to the Governor’s office and intensively advocated for this cause. But his mantra has been to follow the data, follow the science, and follow the law. Summer Camps Shuttered for 2020: Statement by Agudath Israel, Officer Charged With Killing George Floyd Eligible For $1 Million Pension, Tzipi Hotovely To Become Israel’s New UK Ambassador, Watch: ‘Dominion-izing The Vote’ – OAN Investigates, Netanyahu: ‘Uncompromising’ Policy On Iran Must Continue, Top Contender For Biden’s Press Secretary Is An Israelophobe. But his mantra has been to follow the data, follow the science, and follow the law. Introduce legislation to override the Executive Order or sue on constitutional grounds at best its arbitrary and capricious. Virtual Camp Summer 2020. But money isn’t everything. Summer Camp 2020 . Nor is there any additional latitude afforded for outdoor services. It’s a way for the governor and mayor to remain relevant without pushback. Thank you, Agudah, for all of your hard work and efforts, and for the advocating that you continue to do for all of klal yisroel! Sadly, his decisions regarding overnight summer camps and religious practices fall far short of this ideal. disappointing? COVID‑ 19 FAQ. we existed thousands of years without camps but not one without yeshivas!!! Closing summer camp will illicit respectful disagreement from respectful people. Sure, that would be a great kiddush hashem. where do I start? Especially troubling about this development is the fact that it comes at a time when cases of COVID-19 in NY have plummeted for six consecutive weeks. Date & Rates Summer 2020. From a conservative Jews are being outnumbered by other groups and pleasing them counts more. we need yeshivas that will accept and work with every child not just the promising ones. 14. Agudath Israel of America expresses its deep disappointment in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his administration for shuttering overnight camps for tens of thousands of children. No… it’s been hard enough, we want an enjoyable Summer. what ever he said about pesach time- no minyanim, etc…we said fine governor-were a listening people.