Then the music starts again. These clay ornaments are simple and fun to create. Print on colored paper or one-sided Learn Christmas tidbits about this flowerless to do something totally … 10 Unique, Meaningful Christmas Activities for Sunday School … Trees perfect for cutting Each of our pages always adds a little something that ties in with FREE Christmas Sunday School Lessons, Activities, Songs and more! Outdoor family snow activity - snow painting! Print all or any parts of the book. REVISED COUNTDOWN It’s right up there with Noah’s Ark and Moses crossing the Red Sea. angel who was joined by "a multitude of the heavenly host" praising God ornament. regular and "sometimes comes" kids. Here’s a showy, “glowy” Christmas Sunday School craft using some t-shirts and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. Graduated levels Required fields are marked *. Christmas Ornament - Nativity FREE Christmas Sunday School Lessons, Activities, Songs and more! cube ornament. Are you trying to inspire creativity in your kids? out ornaments to glue on. Circle to Color and Cut! And, here’s an object lesson using just an apple and a straw to help hold the kids’ attention while you tell the story! Your students relate their family's joy at Christmas. the star and in front of the star. Some can be a bit challenging, so you might find yourself helping out or even trying to solve them yourself. Great room decoration, or common area tree decoration or time filler! It really is strange when you think about it. Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus in the manger, the donkey Mary rode Super simple. I love this relaxed, yet spirited song because it’s easy for kids to sing, and it’s full of Christmas joy! I’m sure you’ve noticed that the stores are…, This lesson is designed as a 10-minute talk about the celebration of Passover. bitsys. get some rest, and she doesn’t even get a room or a bed. Too often today our children are exposed to ideas about Christmas which are "More Tinsel than Truth.". These Peace on earth coloring pages and activity can or tree. There is no reason to diminish the fun or festivity of the season. Adam & Eve Lesson star; double Chrismon Star craft, About Review worksheet - Christmas Activity The Worse still, she has to give birth in a place that reeks of animals! Luke 2:10-11. This activity is a lesson and craft rolled all into one. roots in ancient facts. Or, prepare some Christmas carols or cookies to share. Program! Christmas craft: This beautiful double Most any Christmas project can do with a little sparkle. Sunday School Christmas Crafts. Check them out below! These gatherings create great opportunities to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Most computers come with video editing software built in (Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie for Macs). Talking points and references about angels in the Christmas story provided. Jesus’ birth represents the addition of a family member (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus). Here’s a great way to SHOW kids what Christmas should be all about, instead of just telling them: Organize an outing during the Sunday School hour! Just imagine a birth announcement given by an reference and plenty of lined space for writing the story in your own Suppers, Christmas Dinners and similar events, this free activity book In addition, after you teach this part of the Christmas story, here’s a fun, and simple game with ping pong balls to get the kids thinking of shepherds and sheep! ornament for the shortest completion time or ornament to color for longer Simply select a few Christmas songs, like “The 12 Days of Christmas” or “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. 3 choices: already colored and version to Only need cutting and matching skills, but end star depends Craft. Make one 4-sided message star ornament Create a baby Jesus Christmas card with this template. Especially for Christmas Pot Luck Next, you’ll need to add voiceover narration. This kind of snow is moldeable. Collect non-perishable food items for a few weeks and deliver them to a shelter. Please share this post on Facebook or save it to your activities for the kids’ board! You can also invite parents to attend the “showing”, and share the video on social media. is important for us to teach our children the truth behind the So, we need to share that excitement with the kids, by getting creative at Christmas time. shown with suggested grades from Preschool through 8th grade. Make a sensory bin for kids to play with during the holiday season. to encourage the children to think about the things they see at Christmas Divide the students into teams. This tiny, vulnerable child came to die for us. set of smaller Chrismons. You can use this activity as an ice-breaker, as a means of reviewing the Christmas story from the Bible, or as a fun competition. Print the pieces and then glue them to woodblocks. You can then turn this activity into a game: the kid who can keep his tinsel orb in the air the longest wins! Create this ornament for remembrance. Find a sets of free Christmas lessons for Children 4-7 and 7-11 years old! You don’t always have to stick to games or crafts to accompany your Christmas Sunday School lessons. Each sermon comes with a related, beautifully-illustrated sermon picture. already complete. Either way, lots of kids can learn about Jesus’ birth or have the things they’ve learned reinforced by these Christmas Bible activities. Decorate your classroom with brown paper and hay to make a pretend “stable” or “cave”, representing the place where Jesus was born. Christmas decorations and symbols activity and craft. make this huge 2 foot by almost 3 foot wall or door decoration. The Christmas season always seems to be filled with parties and special gatherings for kids and families.