All communal spaces where the employee has worked will be disinfected using a combination of foggers and spray application. Greek Life student leadership can help with messaging to their memberships. We looked at several computer labs and feel that social distancing could be achieved through a reduction to 50% capacity in general. Instruction will continue through the end of the fall semester. A total of 160 beds will be available. Restriction to groups will follow State guidelines which are fluid based on infection rates. Important to plan for what to do with the data, any necessary follow-up, or enforcement of completion compliance with respect to students. Language should be developed to encourage student engagement. Mental health care will be available to students from the Counseling Health and Wellness Center during isolation or quarantine. We can build upon this, for example, by administering live moderated chats using Microsoft Teams and have a live chat team with employees skilled in communications and IT support during the meetings. Students that remain on campus and are not in quarantine or isolation may receive deliveries. Reduce their fall student or parent loan(s), if applicable — We encourage student and parent borrowers to consider reducing their fall loan(s) to minimize debt and future repayment amounts. Will Information Technology Services be available? Pre-set the Quarantine & Isolation residence halls with informational bulletin boards, or information placed directly in each room that provides expectations and contact numbers for emergencies, food, general information, etc. Need coordination with stakeholders including Dining Services and Student Development, as noted above. Students who have enrolled in direct deposit or registered a paper check preference at BankMobile should go to and make sure their banking information or address are correct by Oct. 15. Others have not changed as course activities continue to include the consumables or other specific costs covered by the fee. No. For the cleaning staff, a process needs to be developed to ensure delivery of cleaning products to workspaces, especially any temporary workspaces that have been created. In sum. Social distancing markers will be posted using tape or signs that denote 6 feet of spacing in commonly used areas. "Our chancellor's acknowledged that. The Healthcare Center will assess, test, and provide medical guidance for students who report COVID-19 symptoms. This should be recognized, and appropriate resolutions and accommodations need to be identified. Increases in positive COVID-19 in the community. Moving forward, need to plan for potential for rapid spread and have pre-assigned teams identified, trained, and ready to be deployed within a Lead Management Team system steered by the strongest leaders from each of the key areas. While there are a few items that need improvement, library staff pivoted to remote services swiftly and effectively. Jim Urso, a spokesman for SUNY, commented on the timing of Morris' resignation. Fixed seating tiered theaters fare very badly sometimes decreasing to 30% original capacity due to their inflexibility in moving seats. Check-sheets or other indicators will be posted in buildings to indicate that disinfection has occurred and when. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Internships in Oneonta and Otsego County have been suspended. Elevator use will be limited. Student teachers, part-time students, graduate students, and others are exempt from some fees and, therefore, will not receive adjustments for all fees. All other employees should continue to work on campus as directed. Establishing a network of communications and a communication hierarchical structure will be key for successful operations in the future. Students cannot carry credit balances to spring 2021 because they will not be registered for the new semester when the college adjusts fall charges. Our vice president for student development and Student Association president serve on a town and gown taskforce. On Sunday, August 30th, Dining Services was informed by the NYSDOH that the campus was required to close all retail and resident dining operation and switch to a delivery service effective Monday Aug 31st. (Mask-to-Mask as a required protocol may reduce concerns expressed over face-to-face options during earlier planning.). We are no longer seeing students in person. Students in quarantine or isolation on Sept. 10 are eligible for a full room credit if they left campus within a few days of their release date. Fall 2020 Contingency Plan This plan details the steps SUNY Oneonta is taking to wind-down on-campus activities and services in an orderly fashion for the rest of the fall semester.