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Planned by the project research in this area will help to develop a new efficient synthesis route to lembehynes and their derivatives and widely explore the influence of the nature and structure of the substituents in lembehyne, the introduction of additional functional groups on the developing neuriogenic activity, and thus give the opportunity to spend a full cycle of pre-clinical trials of the most promising samples lembehynes given structure. Published data on the synthesis of pyridine bases from carbonyl compounds or acetylene and ammonia by the Chichibabin method are summarized. Zh. 1,208,569, Ref. Unlimited access to over18 million full-text articles. Khim., 5N167P (1974). K. N. Akhmerov, D. Yusupov, A. Abdrakhmanov, and A. Rakhmatova, and Sh. 121,794; Byull. Zh. Khim., 61927P (1958). J. Falz, J. E. Mahan, and D. White, Petrol. The collaborative research would allow extensive investigations into understanding the influence of the nature and structure of substituents in the dienoic acids, the introduction of additional functional substituents and various compounds of the “mitocan” group, as well as the location of the 5Z,9Z-dienic system position towards the carboxylic moiety on the antitumor activity. Zh. Khim. Eng. Obshch.,47, 703 (1915). Ztg.,45, 159 (1942); Chem. Zh. We'll do our best to fix them. 896,648; Chem. Khim. Rusk. PubMed Google Scholar. Zh. H. Krzikalla, German Patent No. 2,749,348; Ref. Omaé, Kh. Process Engl.,17, 9 (1971). M. Ferles and J. Jizba, J. Chemie Pyridinu, Prague (1957). Vuzov. Zh.,1, 3 (1994). 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We have used a Cu(I)-catalysed azide-alkyne cycloaddition click reaction to prepare the 1,2,3-triazole-linked diethynyl-pyridine amides. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. 2,745,833; Ref. E. Dürkopf and H. Göttsch, Berichte,23, 685 (1890). Codimerization of v‐cyano‐α‐acetylenes (Ia), (Ib), or (VIII) with excess acetylene, catalyzed by cobalt 2‐ethylhexanoate, yields mixtures of the compounds (II) ‐ (IV), (V) ‐ (VII), or (IX) ‐ (XIII). Abs.,38, 2040 (1944).