It is a top-quality blade that inheriting the consistent style of the Hurricane series. Blade with a high density of wood also tends to offer you with great power. Recommended Table Tennis Rubbers for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive, All-round: Butterfly Sriver, Yasaka Mark V, Spin: Nittaku Narucross Ex-Soft, Donic Baracuda. You may drive and hit with this blade close to the table easily. The rubber has 2 mm of sponge and 6 light blades made from ply. The blade features with revolutionary enlarged attack window which is well matched for aggressive players. Overall, this is a fine offensive table tennis blade with a relatively low price. A player selects a blank blade (i.e., a racket without rubber) based on his or her playing style. This Zhang Jike Super ZLC is extremely fast. Not a blade for professional players. If you get this blade and practice for a while, you will find your hit became faster and more powerful. Some types of rubbers are also not approved. For those looking to improve their skills or become more competitive, it is also important to consider the type of blade that you want in a ping pong paddle. Normally, a sheet of rubber is glued to a blade using various table tennis brand glues such as Butterfly, Donic, and DHS. It is ideal to play near the table or a step away from it. In any boring day, ping pong is a great way to entertain the family or guests inside or outside the house. It is a well-balanced blade for its playing characteristics. To me, this blade is not aggressive enough. There are some changes in the blade structure to increase overall performance. When using the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, I found that the ball can stay longer on the blade. Virtually anyone who has opted for these cheaper ping pong paddles can attest to the numerous incidents of broken handles and rubbers that come unglued. I have played with it and I love this blade very much. Overall I would say it’s a combination blade with the fastest speed, heavy spin, and strong power. It is treated by having a distinctive heating and cooling process. Any sporting stores have this. It only suits beginners and intermediate players to develop their skills further. Wonderful speed performance for attacks, counter-attacks, and block with a large sweet spot. It is of the lower end that not give you a quick shot but the speed is still quick enough. It can offer players a great amount of topspin and fast speed. The Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed as its name suggests is a very fast blade that can offer players with exceptional stiffness and hard to break. The layer construction is limba-ayous-arylate-ayous-arylate-ayous-limba ply construction (5+2). In the end, it is always better to spend a few extra bucks for a decent ping pong paddle than to have to buy several within a year. If you are someone who minds to set-up something, the pre-made paddle is perfect for you! You can get a satisfying control with it. The cost might be high, but through jointless wood, the blade would give better feelings and vibration to the player. The fairly recent development of speed glue speeds up the departure of the ball from the rubber considerably, though at the cost of some ball control on touch shots where little or no spin is put on the ball. You must remember though that your skill is at stake on what type you are going to purchase. As a result, this is an offensive blade that will provide you with a solid touch and feel. This is a great weapon and a very nice blade for the professional spin. Commercial cleaners or water and soap can be cleaning agents.[6]. The veneer construction of the blade is of 5-plies which is comprised of Hinoki, Kiri, and 2 Carbon Plies. They generally consider the Rossi Emotion being evenly balanced.