The Mosquito Sniper System is an ingenious solution that hooks up to any blower and allows you to spray liquids such as insecticides with ease. Thank you! 6 months later and still not have seen any, not one roach. The full name of this Talstar insecticide is Talstar P or Talstar Professional. Make sure to keep your windows open for a while. Not sure, Larry. However, I’m not sure how a direct sun would affect the plants, so I wouldn’t risk giving you advice on this one. Stay up to Date on Tool Reviews, Tool News and More. The system has a liquid line that hooks up to the end of your blower from a tank that has the liquid. But there are more reasons insects annoy me. Second, I love how simple the product is to use and work with. Note – I tested the system with the recommended manual tank (Hudson). But consider that you will have to water the seeds and seedlings daily, for 4-6 weeks until they develop deep roots… You may just be washing the Talstar off your lawn every few days. Third, it works like a champ and it solves a problem. Will this work on chiggers and can you put on couches and beds? When you hook this system up with a blower, you can reach high places and you can also make sure the insecticides don’t just get on the leaves but it gets deep into the bushes and trees where bugs love to hide during the day. Bifen I/T. Yes, it’s that easy. Would it kill the seads if I did it right after? I have a combination of tile and carpet inside my house. The label says not to use the product on edible crops. To apply it, you can either use a low-pressure sprayer (no more than 25 psi) or with a paintbrush. Tekko Pro – This disrupts the life cycle of insects to prevent eggs from hatching and larva becoming adults. Parts of our vegetable garden are within 30 feet of where he was spraying. If so, what else would you recommend? This product can be used on carpenter ants, both indoors and outdoors. I have bombed it 3 times in the past week but have seen a few stragglers that are left waiting for food. All you do is attach the end of the Mosquito Sniper System to the end of your blower. They are actually harmless and unless provoked will not attack. But if you want a product that you won’t need to reapply then you should look into another product that is more long-lasting than this one. Does this kill earwigs? And what about millipedes? Am I at risk of being injured? I think it’s cheap and flimsy. With that said… the ignorance among us all these days never ceases to amaze me! Or run off from their yard to our yard? And you can also treat your kitchen or other rooms in your home with this insecticide to get rid of indoor pests such as ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, and stink bugs. of the insecticide per gallon of water (, For treating indoor spaces, you should mix 0.5 fl. We have mites. ExciteR Pyrethrin . Depending on your needs, more specific directions can be found on the label on the product. If you’re not feeling well, you should go see a doctor. To me, that is a heck of a bargain for a product that makes my life easier, more enjoyable, and saves me money over the long term. I saw someone who worked there using a blower and spraying down the field. I bought a gallon one year ago and wonder if it will still be effective? The label doesn’t mention silk worms, but it does say it can be used un non-bearing fruit trees. Is it safe to spray outside if you have a swimming pool. I returned three days later, and became light-headed again. All the weight is on my back, plus it holds more liquid than the other two tanks. I need to spray my pool screening. If you have removed the water the breed in and treated the bushes they like to hide in during the heat of the day Talstar should work well for you. While there is a lot to love about summer, there are also things that annoy me and make me just want to bunker down in the house, such as Mostiqoes. These product are exempt from some labeling requirements and other EPA rules.