(I.e. Go. By entering this Website or accessing any data contained in this Website, I/We hereby confirm that I/We am/are not a U.S. person, within the definition of the term 'US Person' under the US Securities laws/resident of Canada. This table shows list of stock/bond investments. Prior to this, he served as an Assistant Vice President of Investments at Indiareit Fund Advisors Pvt. It is calculated by subtracting the risk-free return, defined as an Indian Government Bond, from the fund's returns, and then dividing by the beta of returns.

Mr. Patel was the Deputy General Manager of Investments at the Tata Asset Management Limited from May 2008 to January 2012. We believe that investors should avoid funds that have a narrowly defined investment focus such as this one.

8 is/are ranked 3 * , shariah principles.

No tax is to be paid as long as you continue to hold the units. View more, sell silver 61560 tgt 60800 sl 61750. if any clarification contact whatsapp 8825824204. Rupesh Patel is the Current Fund Manager of Tata Ethical Direct Plan Growth fund .The fund currently has an Asset Under Management(AUM) of ₹ 634 Cr and the Latest NAV as of 17 Nov 2020 is ₹ 197.97 . projects. All rights reserved. 20-Apr-2020, Change in Fund Manager under Tata Mutual Fund, Fund News -

Fund News - It is calculated by subtracting the risk-free return, defined as an Indian Government Bond, from the fund's returns, and then dividing by the standard deviation of returns. You will be allocated number of units based on this price. If the fund size is too small than fund may not get enough resources to put into research and management.

^Risk-free rate based on the FBIL Overnight MIBOR rate of 3.86% as on Jul 31, 2020 Ennette Fernandes (Managing Since 20-Apr-20 and overall experience of 11 years) & Rupesh Patel (Managing Since

This is a Guest login. This number shows latest NAV (Net Asset Value) and change in the NAV from previous day. Beta value gives idea about how volatile fund performance has been compared to similar funds in the market. Click here to read a primer on SIP investing, ICICI Prudential India Opportunities Fund, Tata Retirement Savings Fund - Conservative Plan - Regular Plan, Tata Retirement Savings Fund - Moderate Plan - Regular Plan, Tata Retirement Savings Fund - Progressive Plan - Regular Plan, Tata Ethical Fund - Regular Plan  |, For units in excess of 12% of the investment,1% will be charged for redemption within 365 days. So if you are comparing 2 funds (lets say Fund A and Fund B) in the same category. Indicates a new holding since last portfolio, Education: Ms. Fernandes is B.com & PGDBM.

You will now receive notification when someone reply to this message. So you can say that there is a higher chance that Fund A will continue giving similar returns in future also whereas Fund B returns may vary. I/We hereby confirm that I/We are not giving a false confirmation and/or disguising my/our country of residence. Lower beta implies the fund gives more predictable performance compared to similar funds in the market. QUANTITY column value displays how many shares owned by particular fund. 1 is/are ranked 5 * , Experience: Prior to joining TATA Mutual Fund she has worked with Phillip Capital India Pvt. Experience: He served as the Tata Asset Management Limited's Principal Officer of PMS from January 2012 to June 2013. Sundaram Diversified Equity - Dividend: on January 2008 the NAV value of Sundaram Diversified Equity - Dividend was 21 around which is still not recovered, so how the cahrt can show 12% return , are they fooling us ? Tata Ethical Fund aims to generate medium to long term capital growth by investing in equity and equity related instruments of shariah compliant companies. Investors understand that their principal will be at High Risk. The investment objective of the scheme is to provide medium to long-term capital gains by investing in Shariah compliant equity and equity-related instruments of well-researched value and growth-oriented companies. Standard Deviation value gives an idea about how volatile fund returns has been in the past 3 years. This is the annual fees, fund charges you to manage your money. Tata Ethical Fund - Direct Plan (D) Tata Ethical Fund - Direct Plan - Dividend. This difference is because of commission paid to broker/distributor. Fundamental, Stock Ideas, Multibaggers & Insights, Stock & Index F&O Trading Calls & Market Analysis, Positional and Intraday Trading Calls basis Noiseless Chart, Commodity Trading Calls & Market Analysis, Currency Derivatives Trading Calls & Insights, Options Trading Advice and Market Analysis, Model portfolios, Investment Ideas, Guru Screens and Much More, Proprietary system driven Rule Based Trading calls, Curated markets data, exclusive trading recommendations, Independent equity analysis & actionable investment ideas, Details stock report and investment recommendation. Gains over Rs 1 lakh are taxed at the rate of 10%. Investment predominantly in equity & equity related instruments of shariah principles Higher the value means, fund has been able to give better returns for the amount of risk taken. 5,000 in a financial year, the fund house also deducts a TDS of 10% before distributing the dividend. If Fund A and Fund B has given 9% returns in last 3 years, but Fund A beta value is lower than Fund B. 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM.