With even options and features to support those with disabilities, it assures a comprehensive user experience. We have seen many phases of virtual classrooms and the technology development is in the progress every now and then. The interaction and communication are taken to a new level with the Raise Hand feature to ask questions. This Page will help students in finding links to sites for research as well as sites that will help them do their work at home. Welcome to R. Cantu Technology Applications Class Webpage. It offers digital classes for various courses like IT& Software, Spoken English, Business Management, etc, 13. Research Project Due on October 16, 2009 and. Keep track of and manage classroom seating charts with Smart Seat. Phone 818-318-0727, New Delhi, India Floor 7A, Tower C, Noida One, Sector 62, Noida . It is a really user-friendly platform with unparalleled functions and features considering tools of its kind. 5 Common Uses Of Technology In The Classroom And One Challenge For Each 1. The highlight of the tool is that it allows 100 interactive students along with 10,000 viewers in a single classroom for free. Students can see all of the class materials and assignments in a single place which makes the organization easy. Many apps can provide teachers with hundreds of hours of pre-designed, age-appropriate activities that can stand in as classroom assignments or be used to enhance understanding of the local curriculum. See more ideas about Instructional technology, Bloomsburg university, Bloomsburg. Assignment Management System: How is it Beneficial For Schools? Virtual Classroom Technology and Apps: Final Thought. 5. There are a lot more classroom tools and apps that can foster the virtual classroom … Using this free app, teachers and students can connect each other beyond class hours in case of any requirements. >>Private conversations for confidentiality, >>Public instant messages for team brainstorming, >>The scheduling feature allows optimal time for classes, >>Easily set up paid courses with PayPal integration. No video camera or editing tools are required to make these interactive lessons. Also Read: 14 Best Virtual Teaching Tips For Teachers. Inspiration offers “mind map” brainstorming for kids of all ages. Organize and record students’ grades with ease using this app. This app helps monitor and control classroom noise levels. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. That is why today’s education has moved way far from one-sided teacher lectures to interacting learning sessions. Britannica offers a number of educational apps on geography. Educators can plan and manage their classes pretty easily with customized options. This allows simple and paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create and review easily from a single place. These educational apps star a friendly and educational dinosaur duo, Ansel and Clair. This behavior-tracker allows teachers to keep long-term records. Some of its key features include: >>Novel ways of creating courses and inviting students, >>Easily access and share learning materials on your device or internet, >>Certifications are provided with visibility in social media. It is one of the best E-learning platforms for online virtual classes. Here are a few other features and options: >>Turns your device into a virtual whiteboard, >>Unlimited online whiteboards to draw on, >>Text tool to add notes and descriptions, >>Real-time drawing and whiteboard sharing. Check out this site for resources on grammar and spelling. Students are free to clear their class-related or subject related questions. Apps As An Assessment Tool First and foremost, mobile technology can be used to keep classes organized and running smoothly. Virtual classrooms are becoming one of the most significant and inevitable elements of today’s learning platform. Get several STEM-focused mobile applications catering to children here. Your device can be turned into a virtual blackboard in no time through wireless casting or direct connection. Kids love getting into these. Educators can simply write with finger or stylus and save with narrated voice and the captured dynamic video can be replayed to make their own tutorials. The tool assures high-quality audio and video to engage learners seamlessly. The Solar Walk app allows students to take a journey through the stars. The app covers everything from conducting and attending live classes to viewing recordings of past classes. This Page will help students in finding links to sites for research as well as sites that will help them do their work at home. This is the official app of the world-traveling character Flat Stanley. It’s easier than ever to take care of these tasks that used to represent tons of bookkeeping for teachers. This is a friendly task organizer suitable for young people. This innovative education tool is yet another addition to get the best use of virtual classroom technology.