Tener miedo 4. Tener dolor de cabeza 7. About This Quiz & Worksheet. There are multiple expressions in Spanish that make use of the verb 'tener' that the quiz and worksheet for this lesson will help you to learn more about. Tener Expressions DRAFT. Test yourself with this free quiz on the Spanish idiomatic expressions with "tener" by writing the correct form of the verb in given sentences. Tengo sed. Tener verguenza 3. Tener razón 2. Tener Expressions DRAFT. Edit. World Languages. Choose from 500 different sets of spanish practice tener expressions flashcards on Quizlet. pujalskb. Learn spanish practice tener expressions with free interactive flashcards. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. 75% average accuracy. Tener miedo 4. Unlike earlier verbs you learned to conjugate, tener is an ER verb, so the endings are slightly different. 0. Edit. There are lots of phrases in Spanish that use the verb tener, where in English we’d use the verb ‘to be.’. Tener prisa 13. Pon atención a las expresiones idiomáticas con el verbo tener. Tener Expressions DRAFT. Tener 8. by pujalskb. Tener Expressions: 31 Different Ways to Use Tener in Spanish By Karla Serpas / Spanish Grammar / July 8, 2018 Native Spanish speakers use idiomatic expressions very often, and learning the most common ones will help you understand real conversations well and speak Spanish naturally. Edit. Tener frío 11. Conjugate the irregular verb "Tener" Conjuga el verbo irregular de "tener" Pay close attention to the idiomatic expressions. 2 years ago. Tener Expressions DRAFT. The first practice exercise and test will cover ten of the most common and useful of these expressions: tener _____ años; tener calor; tener frío; tener hambre; tener sed; tener prisa; tener miedo a/de _____ tener razón; tener suerte; Practice exercises 2-4 and test 2 will cover all of the expressions in this lesson. Tener sed 9. Después de esa comida, tengo ganas de dar una vuelta. Group: 0. 2 years ago. Tener 8. Fortunately, there are still a few Spanish expressions that are exactly … tenerlo fácil — to have it easy. Tener que + inf. Tener Practice * Tener Chart * Notes * Videos * Links to Additional Practice * Tener means "to have". Tener sed 9. For my fellow grammar fans: Note that the Spanish phrases use ‘to have’ + a noun, whereas the English ones … Edit. So if you want to say, for example, ‘I am 30 years old,’ make sure you say, ‘ Tengo 30 años .’. Gana simply means “desire” or “wish.” Therefore, tener ganas de followed by a verb expresses a desire or wish to do something. 286 times. Tengo sed. World Languages. Save. Tener razón 2. Play this game to review Spanish. Tener sueño 6. Tener calor 12. You won’t make much sense if you say, ‘ Soy 30 años .’. 75% average accuracy. by pujalskb. tener ganas de (infinitivo) — to feel like (doing something) Try not to get this mixed up with ganar (to win, to gain). Tengo sed. 286 times. Tener hambre 10. There are multiple expressions in Spanish that make use of the verb 'tener' that the quiz and worksheet for this lesson will help you to learn more about. Tener verguenza 3. TENER EXPRESSIONS. Save. 14. Tener hambre 10. Tener frío 11. 2 years ago. In Spanish, there are some special uses for tener – both expressions and expressing obligation. Tener ganas de + inf. After that meal, I feel like taking a walk. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Tener celos 5. Tengo sed. pujalskb. Phrases where tener is used as ‘to be’. 2 years ago. tener + ... ... "n" años to be n years old ... calor to be hot ... celos to be jealous ... confianza to be confident ... cuidado to be careful ... la culpa to be guilty ... dolor de to be sore ... en cuenta to take into account ... éxito to be successful ... ganas de to feel like 1. Play this game to review Spanish. 7th - 8th grade. 7th - 8th grade. TENER EXPRESSIONS 1.