Poskytuje také pokyny, jak opravit mikrofon na mnoha zařízeních a v mnoha aplikacích pro hlasové hovory a videohovory. Mit dem kostenlosen Online-Mikrofontest können Sie überprüfen, ob Ihr Mikrofon ordnungsgemäß funktioniert So testen Sie das Mikrofon: > Klicken Sie auf () rechts, um den Mikrofontest zu starten * Klicken Sie auf “Zulassen”, um den Mikrofontest zu starten, wenn das Browser-Popup nach Ihrem Mikrofonzugriff fragt. you will hear in your speakers or earphones (if you have speaker or earphone connected) what your microphone hears This microphone test tool is completely free to use. Test My Microphone is a simple and easy to use web application that helps to test your microphone. Detecting your media devices. Please wait... Changing the microphone will reset the current process. Reload the page and try again. Existuje mnoho důvodů, proč váš mikrofon nemusí fungovat. Audio track not available due to technical issue. If it's a mic with a USB connector just make sure it is properly connected to the USB socket (you will not use the pink microphone in this case). During testing, there were errors due to which it is impossible to determine some parameters of your microphone. Please note that in order to obtain more accurate results it is recommended to keep enabled only one microphone. If you allow Test My Microphone to accesss your microphone, Because of this, it’s impossible to detect and manage all available microphones. Want to admire the microphone visualizer. Click ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. You should then see a line moving in the test area - beneath the words, If the line is moving when you talk into the mic. please head to our forum and we’ll try to help. The test will be conducted in your browser online. If you still don’t see any bars and you’re not 100% sure which one of the devices is the relevant one, try following steps 4-11 for every device on the list. Last but not least, in this article, we have strived hard to discuss and resolve all the issues related to mic testing through mictests.com. Since it’s a browser microphone test, you don’t have to download or install any third-party software. Make sure that other applications can detect their microphones. To test the microphone, you only need a modern browser (unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not a such browser) that supports functions for accessing multimedia devices. Wenn du einen Mikrofon-Test in derselben Software durchführst, die auf Mikrofon nicht reagiert, besteht das Problem darin, dass du nicht feststellen kannst, ob der Fehler an der Software oder am Mikrofon liegt. Check out that your microphone has not been muted as sometimes the mute button on the mic or on the wire gets on which causes the mic to stop function. • Microphone isn’t connected: re-plug in to reconnect your microphone to PC. In the “Enhancements” tab (if found), make sure to uncheck the “Disable all sound effects” checkbox. You can check your Builtin Mic, Wired Mic, Wireless Buletooth or infrared Mic Applications like Skype are designed to communicate and they do their core jobs well, however, when they do not work troubleshooting them can be a nightmare. Double-click on the device that represents your microphone. The recorded file is saved as an mp 3 file on to the system. Update or reinstall sound card drivers. Online Mic Tester. In case your browser is Safari browser, then you need to experiment with a different browser or a different kind of test. Do you want to continue? Please say “Hello” or make some noise. The front audio ports aren’t always well connected to the motherboard. No download, no installation and no extension. Verify if computer microphone doesn’t distort their voice. It just has not been tested yet. Make sure it’s not muted. If this is the first time you have visited here your browser will ask you if you allow this site access to your microphone. If you don't see a line after allowing access to the mic, try these steps: Tried the steps and it still doesn't work? Step 2. You did not allow the browser to use the microphone. Now it’s time to determine supported features and make some some measurements. notification will appear and you can choose to allow or deny the permission. Please check if your Mic is correctly connected, or the drivers are properly installed and updated. WebcamMicTest.com - site for checking the webcam, microphone, and webcam with microphone. When you click the “Test my mic” button, your browser will ask permission to start the microphone on this site. If you know your recording device is called “VIA HD audio” please click here, If you know your recording device is called “IDT High Definition Audio Codec” please click here, If the problem concerns your gaming headset, or other microphone + headphones combo, check this out, If you have installed any video/audio recording software on your computer – check this. Sometimes, the built-in tool doesn’t load properly and as such, doesn’t function properly. Try speaking into your microphone, and see if there any green bars rising next to one of them while you talk (as in screenshot). This website provides a simple online mic test that allows you to check if microphone is working properly. ADI & FK Could not find any media devices. If your Windows 10 updating gets stuck, this may prevent you from getting the latest drivers automatically. Choose a place that less noisy. In such situations, go for these checks to resolve the issue. Wenn du auf dieser Seite festgestellt hast, dass dein Mikrofon funktioniert, es aber trotzdem in irgendeinem Drittanbieter-Programm Probleme verursacht, schlagen wir vor, ein Support-Ticket aufzumachen oder eine zusätzliche Unterstützung vom Support-Team dieses Programms zu holen. If you see green bars rising when you talk into the microphone – your mic is now properly configured! Über Mich | Kontakt | Datenschutz Copyright 2020 by Online Mic Test. There are many reasons why people want to test their microphone. Click here to allow access to microphone identifiers, Click here to try forcibly start the microphone. Alle unsere Tests laufen auf der Client-Seite. Could not find a microphone, however there are other media devices (like speakers or webcams). This is not necessary, but we recommend that you do this to help others buy a good microphone and bypass the bad ones. Just remember that in order to start your microphone you need to allow our website to use it. Leave the field blank if you do not know the name of your microphone, For example Samsung Galaxy S8+ or MacBook Pro 13" (2017), Other impressions about your microphone or our site. Email: info@mictestonline.com. If you do see green bars when you talk into the microphone, but it still doesn’t work in some program, then that means that the mic is correctly configured in Windows, but the program is listening to the wrong recording device. The online microphone tester will easily tell you if your microphone is working – right in your browser! If your headset has 2 independent jacks, one for the audio and the other for the microphone, your computer must have independent ports as well. Bewegt sich die Linie, wenn du in das Mikrofon sprichst, zeigt der Test an, dass dein Mikrofon funktionsfähig und ordentlich konfiguriert ist! The best way to check that is to connect your microphone to another computer running any operating system other than Windows 10. If you do your mic is now correctly setup. Once access is granted, the microphone will start up and you will see the visualizer of sounds captured by your mic. Microphone test online, directly in your browser. Ermöglichen Sie den Zugriff auf Ihr Gerät MRB Solutions Check Your Mic in Easy Single Step. So if you find any errors or have any suggestions, please contact us at info@mictests.com. Mic Test Online Guide and Faq's Mic Test Online is a great website that apprises you about the microphone’s health of your machine.It helps you check if your microphone is working properly. To help you, please contact us at info@mictests.com. No hidden fees, and no ads. Also, our microphone testing tool is a built-in too in all the updated internet browsers which means you don’t need to download/install any additional software like Adobe Flash, or particular plug-ins for a browser or Microsoft Silverlight. Firstly, you have to be sure that your browser is compatible with the multimedia devices in your machine. if you find that your mic is working fine, as many people do, then you can be sure that any issues you were having are related to the software which is not correctly detecting the incoming sound. Apparently, your microphone is being used or blocked by another application. When you hit the start button and your browser asks your permission to activate the microphone and you don’t press the allow or deny button, just close the notification bar, than the “An unknown error has occurred” message will appear above the start button. An unexpected error occurred. If this button doesn’t appear and you haven’t received any notifications, it’s likely that there’s been an error with your browser. Interestingly, you can easily test your microphone irrespective of the type of device you use which means the microphone of your machine can easily be integrated (into headphones, or laptops or mobile machines), wireless devices such as WiFi or Bluetooth ones or using TRL, XLR or USB.