The higher this number is, the more open and clean the country is. Safety and Security improved due to many countries recording a lower homicide rate and lower levels of political terror. [63], Environment, Development and Sustainability: "Creating a 'Values' Chain for Sustainable Development in Developing Nations: Where Maslow meets Porter": This study uses the 'safety and security' measures of the GPI, including political instability, level of violent crime, and likelihood of violent demonstrations, for supporting an argument that renders societal safety and security necessary for sustainable development. With over 80 million people, Congo has all the natural resources theoretically to become wealthy and offer a good level of life to each countryman. This African country has the lowest CPI index of 9 which makes it the most corrupt country on the continent and in the whole world. The overall score for the 2017 GPI improved slightly this year due to gains in six of the nine geographical regions represented. This has also led to fewer deaths from terrorism. The Index was first launched in May 2009, with subsequent reports being released annually. Last year, Syria, South Sudan and Afghanistan incurred the largest economic cost of … To arrive at these findings, the Institute for Economics & Peace ranked 163 countries and territories (representing 99.7 percent of the world population) according to indicators that measure levels of societal safety and security, the extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict and the degree of militarization. "[47], The International Journal of Press/Politics: "Social Media and the Arab Spring: Politics comes first": This article utilized the findings of the 2010 GPI to construct a human rights index, which was used in their overall study on the use of social media in political uprisings, and in the Arab Spring context in particular. In 2007 Riane Eisler, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, argued: "To put it mildly, this blind spot makes the index very inaccurate." READ ALSO: Effects of population growth in Nigeria, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Top 10 most peaceful countries in Africa to live in 2019. Instead, it aims to “promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.” Otherwise, the slight improvement the world saw this year will remain just that – a blip of good news on a landscape of bad. Indicators not already ranked on a 1 to 5 scale were converted by using the following formula: x = [x - min(x)] / [max(x) - min(x)], where max(x) and min(x) are the highest and lowest values for that indicator of the countries ranked in the index. Argentina, the Comoros, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Rwanda and … READ ALSO: What are 10 economic problems facing Nigeria? He also admitted, "there's still much room for improvement to make Malaysia the best among the better countries and that's what we're doing now. Many local citizens have to work abroad to make their living, so no wonder it has become number 1 on our list. Daniel Hyslop, research director at the Institute for Economics and Peace, came on the podcast to discuss what big data can teach us about terrorism around the world. The international panel for the 2016 and 2017 GPI consisted of: In assessing peacefulness, the GPI investigates the extent to which countries are involved in ongoing domestic and international conflicts and seeks to evaluate the level of harmony or discord within a nation. countries with the lowest CPI are believed to be the most corrupt. Compared to 2008, the average level of peacefulness is 3.78 percent lower. Without strong positive peace, countries that currently rank highly on the Global Peace Index may crumble into violence when a shock – such as a political conflict, climate disaster or economic downturn – occurs. Being one of the largest places by its territory and giving home to over 13 million people, Chad hasn’t done much to develop its agriculture and provide people with enough food and bright expectations of their possible future. [59], Journal of Sustainable Development Studies: "Insecurity and Socio-economic Development in Nigeria": This sustainable development study utilized the GPI, in conjunction with the Human Development Index and the Corruption Perception Index to track fluctuations in Nigeria's socio-economic climate and insecurity issues over the past decade. And we all know that where national wealth is valuable there are always desires of a small group of people to rule over the rest of the countrymen. "[34], Sierra Leone ranked 39th in the 2017 Global Peace Index. "[38], The Guardian: Fraught White House Campaign Blamed as US Bucks Global Trend Towards Peace: "The divisive nature of Donald Trump's rise to the White House has increased mistrust of the US government and means social problems are likely to become more entrenched, said the authors of the annual Global Peace Index, in which 163 countries and territories are analysed. Which African country has the highest level of poverty in 2018? Since nearly half of the 12 million people who live here are younger than 18 years old, you can imagine how difficult it is to develop the economy and provide a good standard of living to locals. Why Does the USA Admit So Few Refugees from Syria? Specifically, according to The Economist, the weighting of military expenditure "may seem to give heart to freeloaders: countries that enjoy peace precisely because others (often the USA) care for their defence," and said the true utility of the index may lie not in its specific current rankings of countries but in how those rankings change over time, thus tracking when and how countries become more or less peaceful. [54][55], Nature Communications: "Global Priorities for an Effective Information Basis of Biodiversity Distributions": In their article about insufficient digital accessible information about ecosystems and biodiversity, the authors utilized the GPI to model the "effects of secure conditions" based on the index as a measure of political stability, armed conflict, and public safety levels. The scores for each indicator are normalized on a scale of 1–5, whereby qualitative indicators are banded into five groupings, and quantitative ones are scored from 1–5, to the third decimal point. The country’s ‘corruption perceptions index’ is 16. According to the report, this is actually the first time that Yemen has been listed among the five least peaceful countries.