This time around, no new tribal synergies are provided, unfortunately, and the same kind of focus on Limited we already saw with the Centaurs applies here as well. But taxing an opponent one mana isn’t the same as having Hexproof or protection from a specific color. Atris is mostly a four-mana card selection spell, which is valuable in Dimir Control even more than elsewhere, but the deal also includes a fairly reasonable menacing body, with enough power to cause some worries to opposing planeswalkers. Are the subtype retired now or what? In fact, he even sort of does the same exact thing, which is drawing a card by paying two mana and two life. Other elements that make the Strider a great card: it's a decent body for its cost; it comes back as an even bigger body via escape; it gives us a handy token to sacrifice, so the first scry is entirely free, along with a chump-block or other exploitations of our poor, literal sacrificial goat (should we say, scapegoat?). Daxos 4. Highlights: Almost every ability word has a lifegain execution as part of the early exploration of its design space, and Underworld Coinsmith was that card, back when constellation was first introduced in Journey into Nyx. Although, to be honest, I don't even understand why we have an Ox tribe to begin with. The Human Shamans don't offer much more. They're mostly Timmy/Tammy-esque creatures meant for casual play. They do contribute two to the devotion count on their own, but there's still a one-point gap that doesn't seem justified. What you see in the picture is … Highlights: The only noteworthy new Cat, Bronzehide Lion, is a top-down design that alludes to the mythological Nemean lion. After all, there's no escape creature with flying, except for Phoenix of Ash, so this Aracnir can make sure we always have a shielding against pesky Birds and Spirits and those Angels and Demons that aren't too large. Naiad of Hidden Coves is decent in monoblue tempo lists, but unnecessary. Pheres-Band Brawler, as the name suggest, can be useful in Brawl for fight redundancy, the same way (Affectionate Indrik) is. Nylea, Keen-Eyed i.e. These two are fine specimens for Limited. Both push the stats for a two-drop in the same way the old Watchwolf did in the first Ravnica, with Selesnya being the perfect color combination for this feat. The activated ability is also valuable, if expensive, keeping their best creature under the water, or even engulfing the entire opposing team if enough mana is available. If constellation is ever going to work in Standard, Pioneer and even Modern, it'll be because the mechanic can now count on a card advantage engine that's already online on turn three, provides additional benefits and is harder to kill compared to the outdated Verduran Enchantress and her inferior clones. Did Dalakos adopt a human child? I'm not a fan of the "prevent damage and remove that many +1/+1 counters" mechanic (sort of the opposite of Ironscale Hydra, isn't it? Callaphe and Tymaret are officially joining the ranks of Theros’ pantheon. Considering that, in formats with more fetch lands than Standard, Klothys also offers some ramp capability, the most fitting comparison appears to be with Domri, Anarch of Bolas. But you can be reassured knowing that the constellation lifegain trigger is now more appropriately in green, and its amount has doubled. Also, as much as that ability means the Hydra will grow bigger and bigger and will never know defeat at the hand of any adversary in combat (except, well, Questing Beast), it also means it'll never fail to be chump-blocked, unless Vivien, Arkbow Ranger or another trample provider are there to help. I'd hazard to say, no role at all, not last because there's no way around the clause (if you don't roll a number, he won't get any protection), and we're already sure he'll be averse to red and Boros staples like Embercleave and Gods Willing. Aren't they all snake-like? NEXT: Magic The Gathering: 5 Best New Cards From Theros Beyond Death (& 5 Worst). 10 new Vanguard  supports were added to THB in March 2020, in the 4.1 release. Her activated ability lets you pay four mana to tap another Creature, but the real star is her passive: at the end of your turn, you can exile another Creature you control, then return it to the battlefield. Finally, Protean Thaumaturge is the most unusual constellation card, despite coming under the guise of a very classic Magic notion. Renata, Called to the Hunt is the green Demigod of Theros, with power equal to your devotion to green. Each demigod also has a static ability that supports the Magic color its in. Klothys, God of Destiny replaces Xenagos from the original Theros sets as the red and green God. No? Daxos synergizes with the Mono-White lifegain theme, having a static ability that gains a player one life every time a creature enters the battlefield or when one under your control dies. Not all decks want her, but those that do, really benefit from her presence, so she shouldn't be underrated. In fact, this is the largest body found within the tribe, along with Bone Dragon and right after Skeletal Wurm (and those are a Dragon and a Wurm, after all). With power equal to your blue devotion, Callaphe can quickly become a blue beater within the right deck. She also makes spells your opponents control that target your Creatures or Enchantments cost one more mana to cast. What I just described is an ideal chain of events, but if you add up Klothys's life swing, her graveyard hate (especially useful in an escape-heavy environment), her potential ramp, and her eventual 4/5 indestructible body for three, the end result is definitely remarkable. Daniel Alexander is a writer, reader, and gamer from Michigan.