Whenever guests visited and stayed for a meal, Mrs So served up their tasty XO sauce made by their in-house chef. The fishing industry relied heavily on salt to preserve fish and the shallow coastal waters have been optimal to produce salt in large amounts. XO Sauce is not a sauce in the strict sense but, rather, a condiment. Close to the entrance, there is a blue rope-drawn bridge, called “Tai Chung Bridge”. True to form, her XO sauce only makes use of the best ingredients, from top-tier conpoy to jinhua ham to fried flounder fish. HK$ 290 HK$ 236, Standard Cabin Ticket Due to its vicinity to Tian Tan Buddha and Ngong Ping Cable Car, Tai O becomes beloved destination among tourists in recent years and many visitors will cover Tai O in their one-day trip on Lantau Island. You can buy some seafood products from the stores such as Salted Shrimps Paste, squids, pearls, starfish, calm sauce or premium dried scallops sauce (XO Sauce), and many food products to taste for souvenirs. We just came from the 89th and 90th floor observation decks of Taipei 101 and lunch at Din Tai Fung. Change ), Easy Recipe – Pearl Barley Drink for Hot Summer, Easy Recipe for Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. With hundreds of fishing boats, ships and vessels and a prosperous fishing economy, Tai O was one of Hong Kong’s most important fishing ports for more than 200 years. We loved the XO Sauce sample so much that we bought a jar and brought it home. If you’re looking for a place to host your big CNY dinner, take a look at our list of, the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. On Tai O Street Market, you will easily notice various shops and stores selling seafood-related products. While that’s happening, prepare your shallots and garlic. Expect to find it only at higher-end restaurants or top hotels. The third would be uncooked white rice although I must remember to keep the rice in an oxygen-free storage for longer shelf life. – Minimum time required: 35min by ferry and 45min by bus (excl. Remember only the blue taxi is allowed to drive in the Lantau Island district. By the side of Tai Chung Bridge is the inconspicuous pier where you can take the boat trip touring around the Stilt Houses or going out to sea for pink dolphin. That is, in large clay vats under the sun for three months until full maturation. Sorry, Anix’s, But Livestock’s Crispy Pata Rules! Maybe you have to enjoy and participate in the feast with some traditional vegetarian food. It’s almost a definite-buy for locals who travel here. When the younger generations prefer to live in downtown with a decent 9-5 office job instead of continuing the traditional fishing lifestyle, the village is struggling to survive. Although all of them are not large in size, they are heritage buildings with several hundred years of history. The texture is surprisingly similar to actual conpoy. Most famous of all should be the salted fish that you almost can see it everywhere. Situated next to the Tai O Ferry Pier, the former Tai O Police Station is a western-style two-story building dating back to 1902 and it was one of the earliest police stations on the outlying island. This company was set up in the 1960s by Mr. Chan the father, who had been breeding oysters in the Shajing region of China. The Kwan Tai Temple is very popular among locals since it is believed that Kwan Tai protect devotees from all evil. HK$ 171 HK$ 128 80G (0) $ 48.90 $50.90. The Hong Kong invention and local favourite is named after XO cognac, as the sauce mainly consists of the finest dried seafoods, including scallops and shrimps. nicoleskitchen.com.hk, Dashije, a student of the late Cantonese cuisine expert Pearl Kong Chen, is known for her detail-oriented cooking style. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This website uses cookies to ensure you a better experience on our site. If you decide to visit Ngong Ping Cable Car and Big Buddha on the same day, you will need a complete day to cover everything. Devil Kitchen is an XO sauce brand operated by local sauce pioneer Diana and her nephew Joe.