Only a dozen Marauders managed to survive and escape back to their frozen realm, bloodied, but rich beyond their wildest dreams.[1d]. Can you put him back in his tomb once and for all? Over centuries, as hundreds of royal lines and their armies were entombed, the shining necropolises of the dead outgrew the now meagre-looking dwellings of the living. A mighty tomb carved for a mighty Tomb King. Nagash believed it was only a matter of time before the Priest Kings relented and bent their knees in supplication once more, but his arrogance was to prove his undoing, for he underestimated both their resolve and pride. In the intervening years, Khagul's victories had seen him become a mighty Champion of Chaos, imbued with the power of Dark Gods whose names men fear to speak. With creations such as these fighting at their side, the living warriors of Nehekhara were emboldened, and they crashed into the Undead legions with devastating force.[1d]. Armies of highly disciplined warriors and fearsome chariots warred against the Priest Kings' enemies. Despite the skills of the Liche Priests, the Tomb Kings now resemble dried skeletal husks. They have returned to reclaim that which is rightfully theirs, their legions innumerable, rising up from the scorching sand brandishing weapons of polished bronze and priceless gold. In frustration, he raised his axe high above his head, preparing to strike the assassin's skull from its shoulders but, before the stroke fell, Apophas had slashed his dagger across the champion's throat. The 7th Dynasty is the current ruling dynasty of Nehekhara. However, the tribute exacted by Khemri was so great that the poverty-wracked cities of Nehekhara had begun to fall into ruin. For mid-late game I do this with four army patterns, based around lord skill efficiency: Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The priests of Khemri did as Settra bade them, and for years they brewed potions, recited incantations, and travelled into unknown lands in search of the secret to overcoming death. [1f], Forming the mighty backbone of their armies are the mighty war constructs, animated beings given life by the Mortuary Priest to serve and obey the commands of their Tomb Kings. Ptra and the Desert Gods were victorious, and the evil ones retreated north to escape destruction. Ancient, emotionless and spiteful to all those that have slighted them, woe betide those foolish enough to stand before their silent onslaught.[1a]. Tomb Kings/Prince: Both of these will be looked at together, since they're pretty similar. To this end, they began to war upon each other.[1d]. Within minutes, there was not a single living creature in the entirety of Nehekhara. Rising from their decrepit sarcophagi, the mummified rulers of Nehekhara awoke with eyes of burning balefire, their thirst for power, conquest and vengeance just as strong in death as in life. Settra waded into the carnage. Only the armoured warriors of the Chaos host stood their ground, and they fought against Khemri's war-statues in a clash of steel and stone, but when Settra's chariot legions smashed into the Chaos Warriors' flanks, they too were massacred. Before long, Settra commanded the largest and most devout army Nehekhara had ever known. The Chaos Champion had just finished dismembering a Tomb Scorpion when he was suddenly enveloped by a swarm of black beetles, which obscured his vision before coalescing into a shape resembling that of a man. Since then, the Tomb Kings have ever reigned from their necropoli as they had always done, attempting to imitate the life they once knew and loved. The next morning, blood still staining his hands, Nagash placed himself on the throne, and none dared confront him.[1d]. Powerful incantations were intoned over his corpse and he was embalmed in a great ritual. They were holy men, alchemists, apothecaries, daemonologists and much more.[3c]. Online multiplayer on Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold (subscription sold separately). Not even Arkhan the Black, with his command of dark sorcery, could prevail against Settra's strength of arms, and he was forced to flee Khemri. [1b], Alongside these mighty rulers are their trusted advisors, an ancient caste of religious figures known as the Liche Priests. No single army, exhausted as they were from war, famine, and disease, could hope to hold back the tide alone, but the arrogant and distrustful monarchs refused to put aside their differences to form a lasting alliance, bend the knee to another or halt in their pursuit of domination over their rivals. They saw in Nagash's sorcery the means not only to dominate all of Nehekhara, but also the chance to live forever and sever their dependence on the Mortuary Cult.[1d]. To this end, they stole one of the blasphemous Books of Nagash from the Black Pyramid, and over the course of centuries they secretly become adept practitioners of necromancy. Exiles of Nehek Faction : Even when they lived, the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara – or Priest Kings as they were – were obsessed with death. Upon their first death, the Tomb Kings were embalmed in elaborate ceremonies. The barbarians gazed to the heavens, and a heartbeat later, a cloud of arrows fell amongst them that cut down hundreds of warriors. The axe bit deep into Settra's chest and set his form ablaze. They had survived the rise and fall of Nagash, whose sorcerous power they could not match, but it looked like the warring Tomb Kings were going to destroy what remained of Nehekhara. A statue of a Priest King, one of many monuments dedicated to daath and the dead in the lands of Nehekhara. In his arrogance, he vowed that the grave would not claim him, and set in motion events that would forever change his kingdom.[1d]. Forever after it was known as the Great Mortis River. Besides the few archers you do get and the lord starting units. However, the lords of the city of Lahmia hungered for power over their rivals. Dynasties that were built upon the shoulders of more powerful monarchs were forced to confront their founders, and there were long battles in the necropolises as king fought king. Such was Nagash's hatred of Alcadizaar, who had thwarted his plans for so long, that he spared the imprisoned king to witness the horrifying fate that had befallen his former kingdom. He actually renamed Nehekhara Khemri in his vanity. Nehekhara reached the peak of it power and influence during the reign of Settra, and his name was feared across half the world.[1d]. Settra vowed that he would stay vigilant, taking stock of the world and waging war as was his right. At the head of the funeral procession strode Nekaph, Settra's most loyal servant, mummified at the right-hand side of his beloved king, in order to send him in the next life. Greatest of these cities was Khemri, the City of Kings, and by tradition, whoever ruled it was considered the king of all Nehekhara. The first generation of priests, whose skills were comparatively rudimentary, died after prolonging their lives far beyond their natural span. Legends tell that the Desert Gods then transformed the lands into a verdant realm and ruled there for thousands of years until the birth of the race of Man. KEYWORDS DEATH, TOMB KINGS, EMBALMED, HERO, PRIEST, TOMB KING ON EXALTED CHARIOT. Against this onslaught, the hearts of men faltered, and the barbaric tribesmen turned tail and fled, only to be run down by regiments of Undead cavalry that Settra had positioned for just such a task. As Settra lay dying, full of anger, spite, and pride to his very last breath, the priests of the Mortuary Cult promised him a golden paradise that, upon his awakening, he would rule for millions of years. According to the myths and legends of Nehekhara, in the time before Men, gods walked the world as mortals. To the north and the south, the Priest Kings fought many battles against tribes of Greenskins, barbaric men, and crocodilian lizard-warriors. A Tomb King may demand a bowl of sweet figs and a goblet of fine wine, seemingly oblivious that the contents of such a meal would spill through their desiccated bodies onto the floor. [1e], In ancient Nehekhara, a ruler was only as powerful as his force under arms. In the wake of the volley, vast flocks of Carrion descended upon the wounded and the dying, razor-sharp beaks tore open throats and bellies.[1d]. He intended to enact the Great Ritual, a spell powerful enough to resurrect every corpse across the globe and bind them under his control. $84.00 New. The ancient kingdom of Nehekhara was at its most powerful when other tribes of Men were still primitive and savage, about two and a half thousand years before the coming of the barbarian hero, Sigmar Heldenhammer. Such was Nagash's bitterness, so great the potency of his thwarted ambition, that he chose to end all life in Nehekhara rather than see anyone else hold power over the land.