Also, I waited for around 3 days for it to go away on its own, but it didn’t. Tonsillectomy was a smooth process. Hard boiled eggs are another good option. If yes, then you are probably having tonsillitis. It felt like some needles were inserted in my throat. While scrambled eggs and boiled egg whites are considered highly effective for easing inflamed throats, egg yolks are major mucus contributors, particularly if consumed in excess. Don't forget to drink plenty of water! I was taking Ibuprofen every few hours, as the pain was not going away. Anything with pepper or garlic should be avoided. Food like chips, raw vegetables and nuts should also be strictly avoided as they can make tonsillitis more irritable and can dry up the area making you uncomfortable. Bananas are nutritious, soft, and easy to swallow. Choose wholegrain, which has fiber and other nutrients. Also Read: Something Stuck in my Throat Remedy. etc. It is always a good idea to wash your hands before and after a meal, and avoid going to places that are infection-prone. Kindly provide your details to receive the Newvision Newsletter, Throat infection: 10 foods to eat and not to eat. Alcohol. Pair it with a side of mashed potatoes for a throat-friendly meal. You can steam your vegetables as it would make them tender and it will cause no discomfort in passing through your throat. Have you ever felt irritation in your throat and some kind of itchiness, sore throat during the night, when you wake up in the morning? Like bananas, pasta is easy to swallow. Whilst tonsillitis, i.e. Add a tasty cream sauce or add some to your soup. They can also contribute to stomach acid reflux, which can prove to be the second adverse effect of having pickles during tonsillitis. (, Prevent Tonsils Infection – Lifestyle Changes. “You should always be very careful when it comes to your health. All Rights Reserved. Yashfa Marrium is a freelance writer and health enthusiast. Here is the list of top 10 food to avoid during tonsillitis: It would give you a burning sensation in the throat which further aggravates the tonsils. Food that is cooked with spices or garlic must be prohibited during this condition. Top it off with plenty of rest and you'll feel good as new. Not only do caffeine, alcohol, and processed, sugary foods contribute towards mucus production and increase tonsil inflammation, but, combined with excess alcohol consumption, reduce saliva production and dry out the mouth and throat. While most of the dietary adjustments mentioned above are entirely ‘natural’, always consult with your doctor before making any changes or starting a diet plan to ensure overall bodily health. To confirm if dairy is for you, visit an internal medicine specialist in Karachi as soon as possible. Being a natural sweetener, honey is great for the throat. Instead, soak the bread in milk to make it easier to swallow. Tonsillitis often causes throat pain when swallowing, fever and chills, ear or jaw ache and a fever. Tomato is very rich in oxalic acid. Therefore, the best prevention is to practice good hygiene. Avoid sharing food, drinking glasses, water bottles or utensils 3. 1 Solid Foods. Even when you are feeling better, you should eat foods, such as roast beef, baked chicken, whole fruits, whole grain breads, and anything that will not irritate your throat. Tomato sauce. Also Read: How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones at Home? Foods such as popcorn, sesame seeds, and spinach that leave small pieces stuck in the throat settle over the tonsils or in the crypts (hollow spaces) surrounding the tonsils, and can accumulate over time to form stones, along with irritating the throat in case of tonsillitis. But if you want to get better, you need proper nutrition. You can also book an appointment with a top ENT Specialist in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad through, or call our helpline at 042-3890-0939  for assistance to find the RIGHT Doctor for your throat-related concerns. What not to eat! Strictly avoid deep or shallow fried snacks like patties, fried chicken, samosas as it can irritate the lymph nodes (tonsils). It is very essential to moisten your throat at that time. You should be wary of even passive smoking if you have tonsillitis. Take a break from coffee and alcohol, two drinks that can worsen your condition. According to top ENT specialists in Pakistan, avoiding or restricting the following foods, however, can aid in preventing them altogether: Mucus accumulation due to post nasal drip in the throat is a prime, yet lesser known causative factor of tonsil stones; and dairy products, particularly the protein ‘casein’ present in them are major contributors. Therefore, skip adding spices to your food while cooking. ). Replace his or her toothbrush after being diagnosed with tonsillitisTo help your child prevent the spread of a bacterial or viral infection to others: 1. It is very essential to moisten your throat at that time. Practice good hand washing & oral hygiene. Hassan's qualifications and experience makes him a trusted ENT doctor in Multan with patients rating him highly for his services. If left untreated, tonsillitis can grow into chronic tonsillitis. Home » ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) » FOODS TO AVOID FOR TONSILLITIS AND TONSIL STONE PREVENTION. Don't eat snacks like popcorn, potato chips, and crackers. It's a good idea to learn what can speed up recovery and what will just make it worse. Gargling with salt water. Tonsils are lymph nodes present at the back of the throat. Although the proteins found in gluten are an integral building block for wheat and other grains, it is also a major component of most pre-packaged foods; making it not only a major health hazard, but also a common cause of tonsil stones in certain gluten-intolerant individuals. The most common type of bacteria responsible for the soreness in our throats is streptococcal bacteria. The germs that cause viral and bacterial tonsillitis are contagious. Just like tomatoes, citrus fruits like oranges, pineapples and mangoes have considerable quantities of acid and they are naturally of acidic nature. Carbonated beverages do much the same and must be avoided as well. Having studied about basic facts on tonsillitis, if the condition does not show any sign of improvement, you should immediately consult an ENT doctor. Tomato products like ketchup and pizza sauce can irritate the throat even more. We wish you a healthy life!”, Your email address will not be published. Opt instead for soft, creamy foods like mashed potatoes, boiled pasta or rice, and soups. SKINCARE TIPS: 7 KITCHEN INGREDIENTS TO SOLVE YOUR BEAUTY TROUBLES! Pickles have great quantities of vinegar and salt which can cause your tonsils to be more inflamed. Also, it is important to know the food you can eat and food to avoid during tonsils. directly from the refrigerator, drink hot beverages or water regularly. City* Select your cityDelhi NCRBangaloreHyderabadChennaiKolkataMumbaiPuneBhopalBhubaneswarChandigarhIndoreLucknowNagpurPatnaAgraJaipurLudhianaKanpurGwaliorAhmedabadCoimbatoreKochiOther, Treatment* Select your treatmentPilesAnal FistulaFissurePilonidal SinusHernia SurgeryGallstones SurgeryHysterectomyHysteroscopyEardrum surgeryDeviated Nasal SeptumFESS / SinusTonsillectomy / TonsilKidney StonesProstate EnlargementMale InfertilityVaricoceleLaser CircumcisionVaricose Veins. It is a condition in which the tonsils present in your throat swell up and become red and also make swallowing very difficult. 10 Effective Home Remedies. These foods are very acidic, so the best bet is to avoid them. Believe me, I have had broken bones, but the level on which tonsillitis made me feel uncomfortable was incomparable. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Nisar is among the Best ENT Specialists in Multan. I suffered from it when I was a kid. If not done so, the situation can get worse very quickly, as in the case mentioned above. Do not eat any solid food while you are still recovering from tonsillitis. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Nisar has the following degrees: M.B.B.S., F.C.P.S. Warm soup can ease the pain from a throat infection. Should I consider tonsillectomy for my kid? While not a preventative measure, solid foods such as pizza crusts, hard cookies and crackers, and potato crisps are known tonsil irritants and should be avoided for the duration of tonsillitis treatment. It was an outpatient procedure and the tonsils were removed within an hour. Remember that this is a case where the situation got worse and it is an example of chronic tonsillitis. Spicy foods. In a similar vein, avoid acidic fruits like oranges and grapefruits for the treatment duration, or completely in case of recurring tonsillitis. … © 2019 - New Vision. Can Pain In The Ear Indicate Tonsils Problem?- Doctor’s View. Skip the spices when you cook and be mindful about the sauce. ; Ask the sick person to wash their hands regularly; especially after using the toilet This condition can also make it hard to eat. It would give you a burning sensation in the throat which further aggravates the tonsils. Instead of crunchy toast, eat soft bread. If taken in large quantities, the acid present in tomatoes can irritate your throat lining and cause tonsillitis to become worse. Therefore, reduce consumption to 2-3 yolks a week, or avoid entirely in case of stones or tonsillitis. It is most common in children, but it can also happen to adults. But always take care of what you eat when you have tonsils.