1 in the Caribbean. Best Travel Insurance Companies . Check out 20 of the best places for millennials to travel solo … As laid out in our newest ebook, no two generations travel the same. We asked 20-somethings for their best travel tips — from fairy-tale castles to buzzing nightlife, here's what they said. DON'T MISS: Lisbon is the hottest travel destination for millennials in 2019. By Sean Dowling, Buzz60. The Top Five Most Popular Destinations For Millennials To Move And Stay . As one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, Paris is an exciting place – a visit to the Louvre Museum to see some of the most amazing art collections in the world or the Centre Pompidou for modern art. The place ranks just a bit below Thailand as a Southeast Asia travel destination for Millennials. In Europe, Italy, England and France are the top destinations. To date, very few companies have looked at global destination statistics and information for millennials. April 12, 2020 in Featured No Comments 429. Travel in the … According to their data, domestic US destinations like San Antonio, Miami and Tampa are most likely to drop in price in January. This means travel advisors need to understand the characteristics and trends that define a generation and how that influences their vacation planning. Exams are over, a new academic year is beginning, and you want to embrace an opportunity to holiday with your best friends before you set out to begin a brand new school year. These are the top 5 travel destinations for millennials in 2017 . Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj Business Travel Executive Education November 27, 2018 May 29, 2019. While millennials can’t travel through the U.S. quite like some other countries – it’s too spread out! There places to solo traveling that you can get to on a budget and there are some that you might need to budget for. “It is quite interesting to see the places millennials are interested in discovering" said … Budget airlines have also made millennials’ travel desires into realities. Brenda Richardson Senior Contributor. With plenty of job opportunities and cheap housing, Budapest really only scored low in terms of healthcare and progressive social ideals. Booking.com has delved into global booking trends to reveal 10 of the top emerging travel destinations for 2020. But if you are still in doubt about which … Many millennials gather travel inspiration from social media. Share this article: Share Tweet Share Share Share Email Share. School-ranking website Niche recently looked at the best places for young professionals to live, defined as those ages 25 to 34. According to the site, millennial travelers are seeking “memorable and original moments,” as well as “activities that focus on sustainable and personalized local experiences.” The list … While some are more interested in checking off top destinations, others are looking for something totally new and off the beaten path. Travel-planning site müvTravel has released a list of the Top 30 Millennial Travel Destinations for 2019. Thanya Jones/Shutterstock Hokkaido, Japan, is one of 30 travel destinations expected to be popular among millennials in 2019. 40% aim to visit a resort with a beach in the next 12 months. Portland, Oregon, is a popular destination with Virgin America . Even enjoy a day spent … Seven Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2015. The Top 30 Millennial Travel Destinations for 2019 was compiled from examining the bucket list choices of muvTravel’s millennial users.Their desired destinations seem to generally center on off the tourist path choices not often found in traditional top destinations lists compiled by magazines and other travel publications. Taipei, Taiwan. T he beach town honeymoon bucket list for Millennials is a big hit as modern couples are opting for beachy experiences to engage in activities into far reaching locations with unconventional itineraries in the great beach outdoors apart from Acti-Moon destinations and Alp ski … America’s Top 50 Travel Destinations For Millennials In 2019. These are the trendiest millennial destinations of 2019, according to Hopper: 1. New York City and Las Vegas, though pricey, are big draws for younger travelers to spend a few days and a road trip down the West Coast will take travelers through a number of iconic towns – Seattle, Portland, San Francisco – filled … Aided by the 150th-anniversary celebrations, Vancouver has skyrocketed into many Millennials’ lists of must-visit places. It’s essential to understand the way each generation travels – get … Countries like Canada, Italy, Spain, and Australia are standout options as well as are some slightly more exotic destinations. As millennials continue to join the workforce and increase their disposable income, we expect the age group to increase participation considerably compared to other groups within the travel market. It’s an ideal place for a relaxing break and has some truly incredible resorts and golf courses. Check out my website. Alexandra Talty. As it turns out, Miami, Detroit, Tampa Portland, and Los Angeles make up the top five cities for millennials to visit in the United States in 2019. Bora Bora 2. Tulum, Mexico – considering the pristine beaches, incredible shopping, the jungle, fantastic restaurants and of course, the Mayan ruins, it’s easy to understand why this destination landed at the top of the list. A lot of googling and brainstorming must have taken place amongst your besties to figure out the best low-budget travel destination. The No. According to the site, … Nov 16th 2016 2:10PM. It’s also an affordable destination, so it’s one of the best Caribbean islands for millennials. – there are still plenty of places to check off that bucket list. Bora Bora is the top trending travel destination for millennials in 2019, according to new research. Millennials spend more on travel than any other age group.. And the place currently sparking the most wanderlust? The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island south of Miami with magnificent national parks, mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches and a rich culture. Dominican Republic. The most comprehensive set of information data currently is from the travel-planning site, muvTravel, which compiled a list of Top 30 destinations for millennials in 2019 (6). 42nd. Also Read: Find out all you need to know about booking a cruise vacation. From sea to shining sea, there are tons of great cities in America to visit. Follow me on Twitter. Sell the right destinations for every generation.