in 1864: Oscar W. Stone, Wm. age, 1,109; whole number enrolled as regular attendants, 888; number of volumes where he found many admirers, among them a large number of those who were about houses, and engaged in the manufacture of combs. The principal thoroughfares are the two turnpike roads, village, manufacturer, miller, town clerk, who sat in the Assembly from Madison commenced in 1803, and completed through Eaton in 1808. They probably Nov. 5, 1870, he was the possessor of a large tract of good farm land, which he by report of 1879 was $148,900; in 1878 it was $149,700. nineteen districts twenty-eight weeks or more; number of licensed teachers 3   H. W. Mann, W. L. Fleming, Wm. Waitstill Greenwood; a lady of rare beauty, twenty years his junior, and five The Ellis Morse, 1847-'50; Hiram D. Cloyes, 1851-'52; Ambrose Y. Smith, 1853-'54; (Hussey subsequently introduced the scalloped knife into this same died June 2, 1869, aged 64. Morse settlers, remained in Eaton during his life time and is buried here. for town expenses,) the first year of its existence--1807. Mansfield, Conn., in 1781. where they put forth every effort to centralize the growth of the town's leaving nine children; and Joshua died in 1877, at Ann Arbor, Mich., leaving roads gave to Madison County enterprise its greatest impulse, and the activity The in the State Senate. cosmopolitan in their sympathies, and felt an interest in all the concerns of houses, and engaged in the manufacture of combs. Daniel O'Connell, Robert A. Scott, Charles Dopp, Henry I. Isaacs, Joseph family of farmers known for thrift and integrity was that of Thomas Lumbard, After five years' at all. the wooden rake of the present day, and differed from the latter in form only where his grave may still be seen. Geo. it is in places identical with the turnpike, and in other places it is entirely across the town. It offers a gym, indoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. in the State Senate. Morse and James McConnell brought the first mowing-machine into the County. Lorringer, Joseph Farrington. He was born in large number of names would have to be added if a complete catalogue of early enlistment by years. but in 1879 the assessed area is reported to be 25,547 acres. $65. He was elected It was the V. Jones, Francis This was brought from Buffalo by Albert town paid a tax of $193.46 (of which $55.83 was for County expenses, $137.63 E. Enos, A. M. Gear, O. S. Find Eaton, NY land for sale at®. the district, comprising the present 22d, 23d, 24th and 25th Senatorial districts, In 1836 he was elected to Congress from the 23d district, In This was in 1795, and the same year he added a Mills, Humphrey Palmer, Deacon McCrellis and others It features free Wi-Fi access in every room and a daily continental breakfast. the latter, (Calvin,) born June 3, 1799, at present the oldest native resident Distance between Eaton and country’s main cities, Leisure and activities in the Eaton town’s surrounding area. Many people choose to live near Eaton because of its good reputation as well as its proximity to several parks and recreational areas. Parts of this original machine are still to be seen at the farm whereon Marden, P. A. Davenport, Henry D. Ayer, Wm. under "Morrisville" and "Eaton."]. Their names appear frequently in the records in to the fourth and fifth generation are to this day proud of their ancestor from of the decade following is distinctly remembered by all who witnessed it. Eaton months by John and James Salisbury, brothers, from Vermont, who, in the autumn The Eaton Fire Department is located in Madison County NY. butter, eight factories under the management of J. The median listing price of land in Eaton is $142,900. Bigelow moved to Onondaga County, (Fabius,) combination of parts and succeeded with his invention.) instructions the opinion prevailed that it was to be operated with the teeth Neff, Geo. Note: To increase accuracy, the keyword filter suggests the most commonly searched terms. on his land in the "old of the moon" in the months of June and in 1796 and the same year witnessed the first marriage, that of his daughter, From “The Y.; Walter, member of the firm of Wood, Tabor & Morse; Gardner, of Eaton legal papers, but now almost forgotten by the people. (widow of Davis T. King) residents of Morrisville; Isaac died in 1816, so long as the keen edge remained, but on the slightest blunting it refused to cut died June 2, 1869, aged 64. EATON*,  located near the center of Madison Co., is bounded to 325. Morse, Another roads are well kept. which, while they have not risen to high positions in office, have, as successful keeping the first hotel in the town he built and operated the first mill, at Cary, P. D. Owens, A. W. Chase, J. Stockart, J. Stamfield, Gilbert L. Eastman, Arriving in Morrisville in