And y'know replace the placeholder models for Nightborne. Kul Tirans are the best. Additionally, Blood Elves will have the option to choose from a variety of new skin colors and Void Elves will inherit the skin color options that are available to Blood Elves. Where is my blonde hair. Their origins lie with a group of blood elves led by Magister Umbric who were exiled from Silvermoon City because of their research into the Void. A single thing. Void elves (or ren'dorei, "children of the Void" in Thalassian)[1] are a race of Void-infused elves affiliated with the Alliance. We wanted to give you an early look at a few of these new options available to the two races, with the first being several shades of blue eyes to choose from. Zandalari accessories split out into different categories like piercings, ear gauge, and necklace so you can have multiple visible at once. Shadowlands PvP Vendors Temporarily Closed. They are way more muscular too right? Database Quests Allied Races Void Elf. Nightborne are still waiting, by the way. pls pls pls pls. × To update your character's appearance, simply visit a Barbershop in any capital city. Clear editor. These eyes are available for Blood Elves as well but don't show up in db2 because they already existed as NPC options. Blizz could get creative with the pale/blonde implementation of HElf colors for VElves: Keep the voidy tentacles, but as highlights for blonde/lighter hair colors. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. It's a small addition but Void Elves by far have gotten the most customisation out of any Allied Race and yet those who play them still ask for more on the forums. Not like belf need new hairstyles or anything, keep on giving void elf more stuff, they need it soooooo much :):):):): Nightborne still dont have !@#$. However, I would think that matching tattoo colors, and horns at least would make my demon form feel unique even if it lasts a short time. Not happy. Maybe we can get full beards for blood elves and void elves. Blizz flipped the switch to allow players to use them. red, orange-ish eye glow for DKs? Where's the blind eye options for goblins tho?Of all races that would have scarring, burns and damaged eyes, cmon! You can post now and register later. I guess blue eyes are a response to huge demand of playable high elves, so separate race is unlikely to happen. Void elf really needed new options. Because there are no High Elf racial abilities, there are still no playable High Elves. petition to give highmountain tauren white fur like jale rivermane. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Type: clear Name: Extended search: Level: - Req level: - Side: Match: All additional filters At least one. This guide features all allied races, except for Void Elves, as they are receiving bigger customization options, please find this guide here: Void Elf How Do I Change My Character's Appearance? These include new eye and skin color options. New Blood Elf Customization Options. I main a Kul Tiran Druid with a majestic chest hair: I bet he has a moonbeam fist under his beard too huh? what about purple eyes for BEs?UPD: yeeey! Female Tauren option to put flower in their bangs. Maybe we can get full beards for blood elves and void elves. Void elf really needed new options. Quercus-ghostlands (Quercus) 7 June 2020 04:55 #12. Not happy. This post was from a user who has deleted their account. Play Kul Tiran! Void elf really needed new options. Hope we get upright tauren an highmountain tauren.Also, why would void elves get more skin tones? 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Void Elf blue eyes on top, Blood Elf blue eyes on bottom. Комментарий от Lorelai1548 on 2020-10-28T17:00:13-05:00. High Elf compromise. Comment by Lorelai1548 on 2020-10-28T17:00:13-05:00. Download the client and get started. i finally can create my perfect spriest! Where is my blonde hair. (Also the upright option doesn't work for Orc males. In an upcoming Shadowlands Alpha build, Blood Elves and Void Elves will be receiving some new customization options! Embrace the chunkiness. Upload or insert images from URL. The first reset is over in the US region, bringing Mythic dungeons, Torghast, and Renown.