BETHUEL (Person) Youngest son of Abraham’s brother Nahor and his wife, Milcah. And they blessed Rebekah and said to her, ‘O sister! Bethuel died by eating the poisoned food, in his own home, intended for Abraham's servant Eliezer. When Jacob hesitated because he feared a curse if his father found out, Rebecca invited the curse upon herself should this happen. [13] According to tradition, Rebecca did not share the prophecy with her husband. What Are The Names of the Thieves Crucified With Christ. The Rabbis said that Abraham's servant did not disclose Bethuel's fate to Isaac. Call us at 888-634-2038. [26] Isaac therefore sent Esau out to the fields to trap and cook a piece of game for him, so that he could eat it and bless Esau before he died. Click here to find out more about this unique and fun Bible study tool! [13] The servant told Rebekah's household his good fortune in meeting Bethuel's daughter, Abraham's relative. As a contrast, Isaac perceived Gehenna opening beneath Esau when the latter entered the room. Because Isaac’s eyes could no longer see well, the plan worked as Rebecca and Jacob had hoped. Rebecca continued to draw water until all the camels were sated, proving her kind and generous nature and her suitability for entering Abraham's household. The son of Nahor by Milcah; the nephew of Abraham and father of Rebekah (. Rebecca was the daughter of Bethuel, the great-niece of Abraham, and the sister of Laban. Bethuel was the youngest of eight sons which included Uz, Buz, Kemuel, Kesed, Hazo, Pildash, and Jidlaph. [17], The Midrash says that as long as they were young, people did not notice much difference between the boys. Phone Toll Free: 877-966-7300 or 816-584-3077, [This article continues after a message from the authors], These Articles are Written by the Publishers of, © Amazing Bible Timeline with World History 2020. Showing Isaac that he had been deceived all along by Esau's show of piety.[27]. She was not molested, but one day Abimelech looked through the window and saw Isaac "sporting" (a euphemism for sexual play)[24] with her. BETHUEL (Person) Youngest son of Abraham’s brother Nahor and his wife, Milcah. This is understood from the plain meaning of the verses. Rebekah (or Rebecca), Daughter of Bethuel and sister of Laban; married to Isaac (Gen. 22:23; 24); mother of Esau and Jacob (25:20–28); pretends to be Isaac’s sister (26:7, 8); angry with Esau (26:35), and helps to obtain the blessing for Jacob (27; 28:5; 29:12); her grave (49:31); her nurse (24:59; 35:8). Remember at their birth the midwife foretold that the elder would serve the younger. But when they reached the age of 13, Jacob busied himself in the house of study, while Esau busied himself with idolatry. and Jacob answered simply, "I am" (which can be taken as "I am me", not "I am Esau"). The name Rebecca literally means to tie up, a noose, or frequently translated secured. A southern city of Judah, sometimes called Bethul or Bethel (, 2. (Esau referred to the dish as "that red, red stuff", giving rise to his nickname, Hebrew: אדום‎ ('Edom, meaning "Red").) Your Faithlife account signs you in to all our sites. Rebecca became the wife of Isaac, who was the promised son of Abraham and Sarah. Rabbi Nehemiah in the name of Rabbi Hanina b. Isaac said that the decree with regard to Rebekah that Laban and Bethuel acknowledged came from Mount Moriah. It is elsewhere stated that the family of Bethuel were idolators. Rashi explains that Isaac smelled the heavenly scent of Gan Eden (Paradise) when Jacob entered his room. Please try again soon. It is elsewhere stated that the family of Bethuel were idolators. If Ishmael was 137 at the time of his death, this means that Jacob and Esau were 63 at the time of the blessings. [19], In the Talmud, Rabbi Isaac called Bethuel a wicked man. Wife of Bethuel . In Genesis 25:23, “The Lord said to her, ‘Two Nations are in your womb and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.’” Rebecca and Isaac had twin boys Esau and Jacob, who would later be the fathers of two conflicting nations. ; Iscah . Adherents of the documentary hypothesis often attribute most of these verses to the Jahwist source,[9] and the remainder to the priestly source. Jacob and Esau were born when Isaac was 60 (Gen. 25:26); at that time Ishmael was 74. Here again, Rebecca prophetically perceived his murderous intentions and ordered Jacob to travel to her brother Laban's house in Haran, until Esau's anger subsided. Managed by: Henn Sarv: Last Updated: February 8, … While she displayed a gentle spirit in the early recordings in thLabane Bible, there is much questionable… The youngest child of Nahor, Abraham’s brother, and Milcah (, The youngest son of Abraham’s brother Nahor and Milcah (, 1. Isaac proceeded to eat the food and to drink the wine that Jacob gave him, and then he blessed him with the dew of the heavens, the fatness of the earth, and rulership over many nations as well as his own brother. Is this inspiration or deception? Seeing such a spiritually exalted man, Rebecca immediately dismounted from her camel and asked the accompanying servant who he was. Before the bride and bridegroom stand under the chuppah, they take part in a special ceremony called badeken (veiling). Jones also sees in the second part of the name Bethuel the word אל (El), meaning God, and gives Bethuel the meaning of Virgin Of God.That would work much better, also because Hebrew names don't necessarily describe the bearer of it, and a man may surely be named after the great theological principle of which Isaiah famously spoke when he said: the Virgin will be with Child (Isaiah 7:14). Bethuel was thus Abraham’s nephew ().He was the father of Rebekah (24:15, 24) and was referred to as an Aramean of Paddan-aram (25:20; 28:5). Your Faithlife account signs you in to all our sites. According to the Midrash, whenever she would pass a house of Torah study, Jacob would struggle to come out; whenever she would pass a house of idolatry, Esau would agitate to come out. As he did, Deborah (Rebecca's nurse) died and was buried at a place that Jacob calls Alon Bachuth (אלון בכות), "Tree of Weepings" (Gen. 35:8). After hosting the party overnight, however, the family tried to keep Rebecca with them longer. Bethuel is also referred to as "an Aramean". Bethuel the Syrian was the father of Laban and more importantly, Rebecca.He is listed on the Biblical Timeline Poster around 1804 BC.Bethuel was also related to Abraham through his parents Nahor and Milcah.Who were Abraham’s brother and niece respectively. The Talmudic dating indicates both men were 15 years old at the time.[23]. Rebecca (Rebekah) is the daughter of Bethuel, the well-loved wife of Isaac, mother of the twins Jacob and Esau, and the sister of Laban. She then convinced Isaac to send Jacob away, by telling him that she despaired of him marrying a local girl from the idol-worshipping families of Canaan (as Esau had done). Rebecca overheard this conversation and realized that Isaac's blessings should go to Jacob, since she was told before the twins' birth that the older son would serve the younger. Jacob had scarcely left the room when Esau returned from the hunt to receive the blessing. [26], Noting that Genesis 24:55 reports that the next day, Rebekah's “brother and her mother said, ‘Let the maiden remain with us some ten days’” (Gen. 24:55), the Rabbis asked: “Where was Bethuel?” The midrash concluded that Bethuel wished to hinder Rebekah's marriage, and so he was smitten during the night. The servant presented many gifts to Rebecca and her family and then escorted Rebecca back to Isaac where she was married. Isaac became blind in his old age and decided to bestow the blessing of the firstborn upon Esau. (Genesis Rabbah 60:12.) Bethuel was Abraham's nephew, as son of Abraham's brother Nahor, and was also Abraham's great-nephew through his mother Milcah, who was daughter of Abraham's other brother Haran. sons of Terah. Rebecca and Isaac were one of the four couples believed to be buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs, the other three being Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, and Jacob and Leah.