Explain to the class that they will be examining passages from the Declaration of Independence and will be drawing an illustration for certain passages today. First, participants examine each phrase and write a short description of what that phrase means. The official document the declaration of independence was framed and penned with the motivation of … Just as these passages contain the same thoughts expressed in different ways, you can express the thoughts of others in your own words. Excerpts from the Declaration of Independence Handout (1/student) and copies of excerpt translations separated and paper clipped together in sets (1 set/pair of students); blank drawing paper (1/student). This lesson focuses on the declaration of independence. This is fundamentally an exercise focused on knowing precisely what the document says and means. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. Discuss each complaint with your group and then answer the questions below. The Declaration of Independence helped in fighting the war by (1) uniting the Americans to support the war and by (2) getting help from European countries. Declaration of Independence Activity The Declaration of Independence activity involves three parts. You must have three ideas for … Question: TRANSLATING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WORKSHEET-PART The History Of The Present King Of Great Britain Is A History Of Repeated Injuries And Wsurpations, All Having In Direct Object The Establishment Of An Absolute Tyranny Over These States. Declaration of independence worksheet. The Declaration of Independence A closer look at the first 5 excerpts from the Declaration of Independence. The declaration of independence states that it is the laws of nature and the god that created those laws which determine the separate and equal station of a people. Paragraph 1 the purpose of the declaration of independence was to explain the reasons why the colonists wanted to break free from rule under the british government. Student Notes Worksheet Name _____ Use this chart to take notes as you listen to George vs George. 1 TRANSLATING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WORKSHEET PART 5 from ENGL 202 at Liberty University Image of 1823 Engraved Declaration of Independence . Worksheet students will read parts of the declaration of independence examining important. Image of Original 1776 Declaration of Independence . Activities 1. 4 TRANSLATING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WORKSHEET- PART 7 EXAMPLE: Read the following translations of Romans 5: 1-5. Declaration of independence worksheet answers. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States … Understanding the declaration of independence worksheet answers. Declaration of independence page 2 write the date for each of the events in the blanks below and place the letter above the appropriate place for each event on the time line.