However, after looking into it further, I found out that it is the same amount of employment insurance (EI) money but spread out over 18 months instead of 12 months. I think 90-100% of pay for 18 months paid for by employer AND $100 a month daycare. From articles to contest promotions, we ... Let’s face it. My son is 11 months old and I’m currently on the 18 month leave. Learn how your comment data is processed. So let’s say my baby was born in June 2018, and my salary is $75,000 and I intend to go back to work full time after my leave and my top up salary from my employer was for 6 months and it was topped up to around 80% of my salary and there was a top up for the first 2 weeks of the waiting period as well. Gather all records of employment from employers over the last 52 weeks as well as your SIN number and banking information. Following that, parents or caregivers receive 33% of their salary for up to 61 weeks, to a maximum of $337/week (which can be increased if you qualify for the Family Supplement). For a 12 month leave, employment insurance will pay you 55 per cent of your average insurable weekly earnings if you qualify. @Owen- Good point. You may qualify if your net family income is under $25,921, you have kids, and are receiving the Canada Child Benefit. I extended mat leave by a month, since my employer allows that ( not everyone does). Based on these numbers, a mother receiving the maximum amount of EI, will received $28,100 over the span of 12 months or $28,987 over 18 months. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t return to work after your maternity or parental leave, you may be on the hook to pay back your top up for your maternity or parental leave from your employer. the majority of people who work for the federal government or those who don’t have an amazing top-up benefit), having the option of the 18 months extended leave is nice. EI maternity and parental leave in Canada. On the last day of work you can start to apply for EI maternity and parental benefits. Let’s make the same assumptions as the previous example, with a baby born June 2018 and a salary of $75,000. Here at Parent Life Network, we need A LOT of photos about pregnancy. At first, I was really excited about the new policy, firstly because I thought I could extend my 12 months leave to 18 months (no, this was not the case, you have to decide if you want to do 12 months or 18 months before you go on leave), and secondly I thought it would be the same amount of money over 18 months. My ‘mom brain’ took a bit of time to wear off. While you can still make the most of this exciting time during evenings and weekends, it’s hard to replace the quality time you get when you’re home during the day. Make sure you have money saved up for this time with lost income. If you don’t get a top up, the calculation is even more simple- the amount that you receive from EI from the government is the same over 12 months as it is over 18 months. That said, by the time my 12 month maternity leave was over, I was really looking forward to going back to work. I know that this decision doesn’t work for everyone, especially from a financial standpoint, but I am glad I took a longer leave (I say that now, get back to me in a couple months, ha!). At 6 weeks a newborn is so vulnerable to so many things, like severe infections etc. Which one made more financial or family sense for you? So interesting, thanks for sharing- love hearing what other countries are doing. My older children are out of school, so I can spend time with all of them plus my work really slows down in the summer and the boss tries to send staff home if she can. Related:  A Tale of 4 Maternity Leaves:  Comparison Between 4 Countries. Gather all records of employment from employers over the last 52 weeks as well as your SIN number and banking information. This works out to be around $344 each week. In other words, if you opt to take an 18 month parental leave, you will receive $225 less per week at maximum earnings than with the 12 month option. It’s pretty straight forward but to receive your access code in the mail and to actually see your benefits start being paid out takes a bit of time. If staying home for an additional six months means you could pull an older sibling out of childcare in addition to being home with the new baby, the savings in childcare could make taking an 18 month parental leave well worth it financially. @Joe- Yeah, so true. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. @Tom- It’s pretty good, but Sweden is even better! I was so glad I applied for maternity leave and had access to it. That being said, I don’t socialize much lol so my sample size is small and likely, not accurate. With our oldest it was a lot harder to go back to work because I went back part-time. It breaks it down to when your maternity benefits will start and when the parental benefits will start and how much it will be. Anyway I’ll get off my soap box now! While you may be earning less monthly with Extended Parental Benefits, there are other important financial factors to take into consideration. And in 2020 my income would be $75,000 again. Following the initial 15 week maternity leave, either parent or caregiver can claim up to 35 weeks of parental leave at 55% of their earnings (again, up to $562/week). Also, on the flip side, having a lower family net income may qualify you for more Child Care Benefit (CCB) payments. Yes, I felt it was super hard going to just EI parental leave payments too, lol. 12 months was hard enough. For a 12 month leave, employment insurance will pay you 55 per cent of your average insurable weekly earnings if you qualify. You can apply for benefits as early as 12 weeks before your due date or the actual week you give birth. That would be a  total of $52,112. Had I taken longer, I may have found it harder to transition back to work or felt like I was losing my skills. For the 18 month leave, at around $337 each week over 61 weeks, that works out to be $20,557 in total received as a benefit. Related: RESP in Canada: The Ultimate Guide to How it Works, To recap, if I were making $75,000 annually prior to going on maternity and parental leave in Canada, and I were wondering how much you would get from EI every week for 12 months vs 18 months maternity leave…. I’d feel like a new nurse when I return. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. Thank you. Hi GYM, it’s really nice to have the options. In other words, that fact that the employee may be on maternity leave – which is in fact unpaid leave – does not actually alter the status of the employee. Then at around 10 months I had to leave the room (hence us sleeping in living room) because he would wake up at 5:00am and see me from his crib and cry. While I didn’t have the option to choose extended parental benefits because my daughter was born before it was implemented, I would have found the decision very difficult had I had the option. If you are employed, you would inform your manager and contact human resources to fill out preliminary paperwork.