This program introduces students to core concepts and cutting-edge topics in computer science. The Department of Computer Science offers students in the College of Engineering a Bachelor of Science degree. Prof. Feng receives ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award, Professor Arpit Gupta receives grant from Verizon Innovations, UCSB Theory Lab: Two first-year PhD students have papers accepted to FOCS2020, Computer Science Faculty Received Future Wireless Systems Research Award from Intel and NSF, Prof Rich Wolski - Harvard Data Science Review Publication, Prof. William Wang - Mellichamp Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Designs, PhD Student, Vivek Adarsh receives HPE "Best in Class", UCSB Alumni Antonio Bianchi receives DARPA Grant. The best time to get this advising is Sophomore year. The program provides students with hands-on experience and a depth of understanding of computer theory, systems, and applications that prepares them for successful careers in computer science and to participate in the next-generation of technological advances. Upper division courses (numbered 100-199) are more advanced courses that venture deeper into a wide range of topics in computer science. Computer scientists are involved in creating technology and systems that are used in a wide range of industries, including medicine, communications, entertainment, manufacturing, business, and science. Current CS students may contact us via email. A computer science degree can also be a good starting point for an eventual career in business, law, or medicine. Note that this class fills up quickly and there is no guarentee of enrollment. and Ph.D. in computer science. The change of major application process is extremely competitive and a … A wide spectrum of exciting professional and academic opportunities exist for Computer Science graduates, including software systems, networking, security, software engineering, human-computer interaction, internet systems and technology, hardware/software development, medicine, biotechnology, business management and consulting, and others. Computer Engineering Major Science Electives: 8 units required; The science electives must be selected from the following set of approved courses and taken for a LETTER GRADE. Quarterly and annual schedules of key events and deadlines relevant to academic affairs. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. The program enables students to achieve, by the time of graduation: Admission to the Major Help us continue to be a leader in computing research and education. Many of the greatest challenges facing our world today are increasingly reliant on computing their solutions — from conquering disease to eliminating hunger, from improving education to protecting the climate and environment. Computer engineers build these systems at a discipline that intersects both computer science and electrical engineering. The FAQ's about enrolling in waitlists are linked below. NOTE! AP Computer Science will qualify students to start with CS 16. Apply for admission to UCSB. Graduates of the B.S. Solving problems through computation means teamwork, collaboration, and gaining the interdisciplinary skills that modern careers demand. Department of Computer Science, Harold Frank Hall, Room 2104; Telephone (805) 893-4321 Web site: Chair: Tevfik Bultan Vice Chair: Chandra Krintz The department’s efforts and programs for outreach to the community. UCSB has excellent computer facilities. The UCSB team, led by computer science professors Arpit Gupta, Elizabeth Belding, and Yu-Xiang Wang, will be developing a wireless network management system that leverages reinforcement learning to optimize the quality of experience (QoE) for end-users. An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity. The Department of Computer Science is committed to providing a respectful and inclusive environment for all members of its community, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. All other courses require major status to enroll. An understanding of professional, ethical, and social responsibilities. UCSB students in majors other than computer science may apply for change of major consideration into the Department of Computer Science once the minimum requirements are met (specified on the departmental web pages). Upper Division Major electives must be approved by a faculty member before graduation. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Note: Students with no previous programming background should take CS 8 before taking CS 16. Computer Science majors who are in their 4th year have an opportunity to take a two-quarter course, CMPSC 189A (fall) and CMPSC 189B (winter) culminating in a Senior Capstone Project that will be presented at the department's annual Summit. For more information on all positions and how to apply, CLICK HERE. UCSB CMPSC 8: Introduction to Computer Science. Site Information • Terms of Use • Privacy • User Login. The primary computer science departmental emphasis is on problem solving using computer program design, analysis and implementation, with both a theoretical foundation and a practical component. Computer science majors use the workstations in several computing facilities on campus. also: CMPTGCS 20: Introduction to CS for non-majors. The prerequisite rules are specified with each course description and is linked below. Computer Science is part of the UCSB College of Engineering and shares the Computer Engineering program with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Site Information • Terms of Use • Privacy • User Login, Calculus and its Applications, Courses 1-2, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Differential Equations, Object Oriented Design and Implementation, Advanced Placement Biology Exam (score of 3 or higher will credit you with 8 science elective units), Geographic Remote Sensing Techniques and Laboratory, MCDB 1B and EEMB 2 plus either MCDB 1BL or EEMB 2L, Memory: Bridging the Humanities & Neuroscience, Introduction to Computational Science or Parallel Scientific Computing, Translation of Programming Languages or Programming Languages. The Computer Science department employs the UCSB-wide waiting list for all courses. A computer science degree can also be a good starting point for an eventual career in business, law, or medicine. The Department of Computer Science offers students in the College of Engineering a … We appreciate your patience and understanding. Students working with faculty have access to the specialized research facilities within the Department of Computer Science. A Computer Science education at UC Santa Barbara prepares undergraduate and graduate students for the next step in their careers by offering high quality programs that emphasize fundamental concepts, hands-on experience, technical mastery, and research opportunities, all focused on solving important problems in science, technology, and society.