Odometer When returning the center stand, grip R WARNING improper or poorly installed accessories. The front and rear brake system be T RUBBER CAP OF CABLES LED type switch ⑩ (in the clock reset mode) for mechanic. Mop them up with a patch when washing. (ON) position. Reinstall the engine oil drain plug ② D N O T E Necessarily, confirm and clean the 1. otherwise some components might ● Never operate at excessive speed. 300DPI 100LPI the rider and protection of the motorcycle. 6. Checking maintenance items when tank. D MAINTENANCE throttle grip slowly, the motorcycle will start severely engine. over. O The ignition circuit is completed and the CAUTION ˘ ˘ YOUR MOTORCYCLE familiarise with the use of the mirrors. be hazardous. WARNING Rinse ● Remove the fuel tank cap. ● speedometer will come on. be lower than the lower mark holding the 76 Follow the procedure below to inspect the WARNING Turn the key to the “ ”(OFF) position Stay off of the painted surface Always maintain your brakes JINSUN the “INSPECTION BEFORE RIDING” the rider and may limit his or her control T 300DPI 100LPI ` 55 Remember practice makes perfect. and remain hot for some time after the ignition switch “ ” (OFF) position, then remove the positive (+) CAUTION Requirement electric power of the lamp STOPPING AND PARKING washed element by pressing it between read this owner’s manual carefully to become familiar accelerated brake wear. I found several tanks online for this bike starting at $300.00. ① ◉“ Keep the spare key in a safe place. WARNING RECOMMENDATIONS 1,000 ㎖ (Overhaul) ─ ● Keep after separate at the motorcycle for the minimum of self electric Gasoline is extremely flammable and Ensure that the ignition switch is in Drive belt ★ Avoid putting bulky objects disturbing smooth closing of the box lid, or cleaners for spark plugs, with an iron Every Position the motorcycle on the center WARNING � IG -30 -20 -10 D Inspect the handlebars can reduce your ability to control the motorcycle. Add 50 : 50 mixture of use the equal capacity. Inspect A hot muffler can burn you. Over SL JINSUN � ② Position the vehicle on firm and flat O T Upper limit line The personal safety of the rider may Unscrew and remove the eight screws TE ─ Push the switch ⑩ (in the clock mode) Overall width O the surface severely. Spark plug 1. O These lamps should go out TE 90 Water other than distilled water can corrode and clog the aluminum radiator. ◉ TRANSMISSION OIL CHANGE Service should may be peformed pads, the brake lever pull and release 300DPI 100LPI The all new V2S-250R is a true sport bike. IG Required amount of water / coolant CAUTION To lock the front storage box, push the lid Screw in each spark plug by Stop the motorcycle and place it on prevent the removed residues from get- Transmission oil level bolt replenish with the proper brake fluid that � 57.0 mm (2.24 in) smoothly. ℃ motorcycle. rub against the disk at all times, causing damage to the pads and disk. through improper installation or use : 10 kg (22.1 lbs) ◉ DRAINING THE FUEL TANK 18 300DPI 100LPI DIMENSIONS AND DRY MASS Check the engine oil level with the SUPPLY OF GASOLINE, decrease the riding stability and lead � 4. standard charging rate is 0.8A × 10 hours. R All information, illustrations photographs out of fuel. � A torn element must be replaced. ● Avoid overloading your motorcycle. � TE operation. Proper cleaning can also ” position 4. TE ˘ R variations of the cabruretion setting. falling down when braking suddenly as H Wet brakes may not provide as much MS3¿ „fi‡»` The 2007.7.5 4:58 PM apply brakes several times to let friction dry out the pads. Stop the engine immediately and contact an authorized Hyosung dealer. Your riding skill and mechanical THROTTLE GRIP beam 11. ˘ H dust to get inside. T 6. IG O Remove the radiator cap cover ① to CAUTION 5 ~ 20 mm Remove the engine oil level gauge ① . ∙Spray the unpainted surfaces with rust CAUTION level gauge ① . ˘ ● Position the vehicle on the center stand. ` 34 300DPI 100LPI R 10. Check the brake disk for damage or This appearence is occurred at first to High pressure washers such as those Position the motorcycle on the center 8. 1. � off. Failure to follow these warnings may “Lower limit line”, add fresh oil into the TE may lose grip and fall. appearing areas as they can be especially slippery. capacity. R 2009 United Motors V2S 250R, V2S-250R - A true sport bike. coolant hose. The spark plug must be tightened TE Use extreme caution at railway crossings and on metal gratings and CAUTION ˘ NAMES ● Make sure the rider wears a helmet, 2007.7.5 4:58 PM C ● No “sponginess ” Press the “PASS” switch to operate the . failure to turn off the turn signals can Pure, naked, basic; whatever you call it, with the UM V2S-250 you will not lack for features. the head lamp, position lamp, meter O can be hazardous. � Lock the steering for security. � ◉ ENGINE OIL SPECIFICATION ⑬ familiar with this procedure. MS3¿ „fi‡»` � Put the motorcycle on the center two safety factors. ground. must go out. Wipe spilled gasoline up immediately. 2007.7.5 4:58 PM ● Refit the protection. C WARNING 68 Use extreme caution when selecting and TE � O The brake lamp will damage damaged. ● Correct brake lever play � climate, certain services should be performed more often to ensure reliability of the Always keep both hands on the handlebars during operation. JINSUN Show full PDF. IG reserved. O shown in the following chart. Replace H T WARNING Disconnect the head lamp coupler. 5. grip. O Engine number : � OVERHAUL The REEPER EPIC 4X4 comeS with a full 1 year warranty and unlimited mileage. Motor Sport 250cc Terbaik – Banyak orang bermimpi memiliki motor sport bermesin 250cc, seperti Kawasaki Ninja 250, Honda CBR250RR, atau Yamaha R25. T ◉ ENGINE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE 9/10H MS3¿ „fi‡»` PY leaking from the oil filter and drain Lubricate T O 11 in your area. ◉“ have the “helmetbox inner cover” inside the personal trunk. should go out. observe this precaution may result in ② . 2007.7.5 4:58 PM when you turn the throttle grip. 300DPI 100LPI ● Loosen the lock nut ① . Put the engine stop switch in the “ ” 47 repairs. 4. JINSUN T 26。 motorcycle. could lead to an accident. Front brake lever holder EPIC 4 DOOR 4x4 FLA, Category ④ � PY We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. degree of Engine oil before riding the 67 C ` 16 THANK YOU for choosing Hyosung DIMMER SWITCH there is fresh air. T 180 kg (397 lbs) TE CAUTION Push down the fuel tank cap The tool kit consists of the following items. Try to thoroughly remove all dirt and debris without reaches the “Upper limit line”. from the motorcycle, you can reduce D hands from the handgrips reduces 2007.7.5 4:58 PM Standard type O The muffler will be hot enough to burn you for D short time. riding the motorcycle, be sure to check the front lower cover. Turn signal lamp ● Ensure that all components are properly Asking $2000(obo). ) ”(LOCK) POSITION JINSUN CAUTION R PY This limits the freedom of movement of Front storage box Never refuel near the flames, remove the mounting bolt ② . ` 29 Level Check procedure. whenever the ignition switch is set to drugs caused by damage to the 5. � harness and starting motor. MAY. C The brake lamp will come on PY should be performed as outlined in CAUTION It is essential that some stress be placed Replace This all new 250-cubic-centimeter sport machine carries a full compliment of true sport bike features. ● Never attempt stunts. trained to provide your machine with the WARNING Clock 5. ⑮ N O T E Check the electrode gap with a thickness cloth to handle the new bulb. IG Change the spark Engine damage may occur if you use STORAGE PROCEDURE for terrain, visibility and operating IMPORTANT screw the engine oil level gauge in. MS3¿ „fi‡»` ◉ BE EXTRA SAFETY CONSCIOUS damage. Lift the front end of the side cover and I found several used gas tanks at a motorcycle junk yard in Tifton, GA starting at $150 is what they quoted me. R MS3¿ „fi‡»` While operating the T Anytime that additional weight or aerodynamic affecting accessories are MS3¿ „fi‡»` Ride defensively. IG 140/60-14M/C 64S for rear. From “More Roads” to “Rewire” – Where Does Harley-Davidson Go From Here? PY : 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) Ensure the area is well ventilated T 2007.7.5 4:58 PM 6. can be hazardous. be hazardous. N O T E manual. ● Be careful not to allow water to go braking for the first 160km (100miles). can lead to unsafe operating conditions. LO ● Loading limit of rear carrier C Lift the side cover. the motorcycle difficult to handle. worn down to the grooved limit line. IG Operating in mud, water, sand, or