By adding instant coffee, you can also benefit from all the antioxidants that comes from coffee! Now that we have covered a few ways you can use instant coffee other than making a cup of joe, what would you use your instant coffee for? But that morning cup of joe is much more than a sippable drink to rev up your day… How so, you might wonder? Not only does it give it an extra coffee boost of flavor, but gives you a caffeine kick. So you bought a bunch of instant coffee to make Whipped Coffee and now you have no idea what to do with it?! Drizzle or mix in chocolate syrup as desired. Need some recipes to start from? Simple put instant coffee granules in an open container in your fridge or freezer to get rid of weird smells that can be created by having lots of leftover dishes inside. Cooking with instant coffee has never been easier this summer thanks to this cinnamon coffee marinated steak recipe! Simply just water your plant with brewed instant coffee and watch your plant thrive! Pour into favorite mug or cup and garnish with ground cinnamon. If you love baking treats, instant coffee can be a great ingredient to include. If you want the best instant coffee to try a few of these instant coffee tips, try Waka Coffee instant coffee! In powder form, you're less likely to mess up proportions - and instant coffee easily dissolves to release its concentrated flavor. Now I have hundreds of real good food recipes that will make you and your family feel oh-so good! Rather than just a simple iced instant coffee, try cooling down in the summertime with coffee ice pops! And while there are a number of components that contributes to its desirable characteristics, the instant coffee granules bring out the cocoa flavor. We have, If you want the best instant coffee to try a few of these instant coffee tips, try. Your email address will not be published. Instant coffee makes chocolate taste more like chocolate, it balances out brown sugar and adds a unique bitterness to baked goods. Add instant coffee to this Chocolate Peanut Oatmeal and it tastes like peanut butter pie! Required fields are marked *. For a quick hit of coffee and cinnamon, try this microwave cinnamon coffee oatmeal – delicious. Coffee… That beloved beverage a whopping 64 percent of the U.S. pours out daily, with 79 percent of the consumers preparing in the comfort of their home according to the 2018 National Coffee Association’s National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) report. As the meat soaks in the marinade, it absorbs that flavor and really adds a nice earthy dimension while it cooks. You can use this around your house to your advantage. If you’re afraid of ending up with a coffee-flavored cake, don’t worry. If you try any of these instant coffee recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Coffee in chili? This is because instant coffee creates a stronger and deeper chocolate taste, making it a more complex and multidimensional flavor. So it’s not surprising that adding coffee to cake batter will boost these flavors in the cocoa. When it comes to baking, use instant coffee in your goodies instead of a brewed cup of joe. Try including instant coffee into your morning oatmeal and cereal. It’s an earthy and delicious ingredient that brings a unique flavor to savory dishes. Roast some beets and carrots with coffee for a colorful side. Substitute strong coffee for some of the water in a recipe to give it a richer, bolder flavor. How to Work from Home (Job Tips to Be Insanely Productive! Lets us know in the comments below. It works behind the scenes to let other ingredients shine, much like a pinch of salt takes the flavor of cookies from flat to robust, without adding any savory flavor. We have this post to help you get started. Even salads can benefit from coffee! Need some recipes to start from? Mix your coffee crystals with cold or room temperature water, then put into popsicle molds and freeze. What Are the Best Supplements to Boost the Immune System? You can also try these Homemade Coffee Ice Cream or Cafe Con Leche Ice Pops. It is a high quality instant coffee made of 100% Arabica beans and freeze dried for the best coffee taste! The name, brulot, actually m... Waka Coffee is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you love coffee flavor, this is a great ice cream topping for you. It can be used in so many delicious dishes! In chocolate based desserts such as brownies, cakes, and cookies, coffee can give your baked goods an extra flavor kick. Enhance The Flavor Of Chocolate And Chili. Add coffee and cocoa powder, and oatmeal tastes like mocha. You would love our Pumpkin, Smoothies and milkshakes are not the only thing that instant can be added into. You can also use instant coffee to produce a dry rub. Literally. Want to impress your significant other (or simply indulge alone while catching up with the newest Netflix series)?