VTS is an innovative technology company transforming how fleet-driven organizations make business decisions. Geotab can be integrated with Garmin, supporting 16 hour days, truck routing, driver e-logs, road speed change alerts, advanced sharp turn alerts, stop light camera warnings, recorded duty status changes, drive and duty time audits, messaging, and adverse weather condition support. Dispatching, Routing, Asset Tracking, Auto Invoicing solution for the Waste, Recycling, Container and Service industries. systems represents a practical method to increase inefficiency and safety of vehicles, highways and transit systems while helping to save the environment. Price: Get a free demo before choosing from three pricing options; Light Duty ($1,680/annual fee, Medium Duty ($2,040/annual fee), and Heavy Duty ($2,400/annual fee). Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Connecteam is your tool to manage employee engagement, development, and relationship. Our successful history of helping clients succeed is driven by four key attributes: Founded by John and Karen Cunningham, who offer deep industry knowledge and solutions to the GPS tracking world, Launches FleetMinder™, a client server-based, real-time GPS fleet management system, As an early cloud adopter, provides a secure data center that centralizes and optimizes performance for a vastly growing client base, Recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing U.S. companies; #19 of the top 100 Transportation Companies with three-year growth of 260%, Releases Silent Passenger™, a cloud-based solution enabling clients to view their fleet via a user-friendly web application, Continues launching innovative software with the industry’s first-ever real-time speed violation application, Silent Passenger launches a pioneering, integrated 2-way messaging and routing solution for clients, Designs, develops, and releases Android, Apple, and Blackberry mobile apps, providing clients with real-time visibility and management from anywhere, New headquarters houses expanded R&D team, sparking 180% growth in client subscriptions over two years, Recognized as a top 10 provider in the market by the CJ Driscoll industry report, Emerges as large enterprise provider of choice for data-driven asset and fleet management software and analytics, Officially launches USA12Volt division, a nationwide mobile installation service that VTS has offered since inception as part of our end-to-end onboarding process, Record-setting year in terms of new enterprise client logos, client satisfaction, and team headcount, teeing up future growth and innovation, IntelliShift, the innovative, next-generation asset and fleet intelligence platform is launched to unify fleet and asset operational data while reducing the number of applications clients rely on. To meet customer demand your transport company needs a technology solution that provides a faster route delivery without any delays, errors or additional cost. When considering software (and hardware) for your business, a fleet management solution (FMS) would probably be one of the more expensive purchases you’re facing. In fact, they refer to themselves as a “delightful last-minute delivery service.” For a free 14-day trial, Onfleet makes it easier to manage last-mile deliveries, intuitive routing, real-time tracking, dispatching, analytics, and so much more. Scheduling, invoicing, reporting, payroll, more. But the true savings in terms of money, time & resources are way more.". For all the news and insight for your commercial fleet subscribe to Fleet News. It aims to track driver hours of Service so that you can ensure that you are compliant with HOS regulations, reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Fleet News is published every month in print and a digital (pdf) formats. WEBFLEET, Webfleet Solutions’ Software-as-a-Service solution, enables its customers to share shipment information across different means of transport via open APIs. With the continuous modernization of all GPS tracking products, we can expect even more beneficial systems with respect to crash preventions, in-vehicle navigation and distress alerts in the future. This statistic doesn't even include other negative effects of congestion such as environmental concerns, increased air pollution, personal injuries or death, vehicle damage and inefficient fuel usage. This type of software will be indispensable to any organization. Founded in 2005, US Fleet Tracking calls itself the “number one manufacturer and provider of live vehicle tracking systems in the world.”. The company specializes in the industries of service and maintenance, towing and recovery, delivery and logistics, and passenger transport, so if you’re in one of these fields you’re all set! Increased connectivity in production also requires reliable data at all times - including supplier data, especially in "just-in-time production". Check out the solution advisor for more information on which products are right for you and your fleet. He is a visionary leader and an advocate for the use of technology to better manage, operate, and increase the profitability of his customers’ businesses as well as VTS’ business. With this partnership, DB Schenker is making a further step in optimising freight movement through better utilisation of shipping methods via connectivity between all stakeholders in the supply chain. Price: Price varies– visit the website and input your information for a quote. Increased ROI, improved productivity, theft recovery and enhanced safety for employees and assets are just a few of the reasons companies deploy fleet tracking solutions. Vehicle tracking solutions can monitor the quality of driving by recording hard braking, fast acceleration and speed, and even rate or score drivers' safety performance by analyzing this and other relevant driving data. "We started using GSMtasks just at the right time, as we were looking for technician management solutions", Copyright© 2019 GSMtasks.com All Right Reserved. By continuing to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Research is currently being conducted to possibly use GPS vehicle tracking solutions technology to notify drivers of potential serious road situations, such as crashes, traffic violations or weather hazards. Powerful GPS Tracking software, personal accounts, hosted software, server software. It boasts being easy for drivers to use, with easy ways to contact the receivers of the deliveries and collect proof of delivery. DB Schenker has chosen Webfleet Solutions as its preferred telematics partner to provide improved real-time monitoring of its vehicles. At VTS, Karen’s intense focus on growth and success drive the business as she manages and enhances efficiencies that translate into important value both for the company and for customers.