But is the mojo sauce supposed to have the oil in it or is it truly acide-based? Wait a minute or so; you will notice moisture leaching from the garlic. Cook until the chicken is done with a little bit of salt and garlic paste. Ingredients: 1 whole chicken – cooked & shredded The texture/mixture and taste was great and a really easy recipe. This was great. Venezuelan Eggnog Recipe – boozy, creamy and delicious! I guess some mojos are acid-based, but after several testing, I found that the addition of oil in this recipe, really helps with the flavor and texture. If you don’t add potatoes you can cook some rice as a side dish and it will work great with the pollo guisado sauce. Light one chimney full of charcoal. It was quite good. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or overnight. In my case, I like to use potatoes and carrots because I can have a complete meal in just one pot. Place the chicken in a pre-heated oven at 220 degrees Celsius and cook for 45 minutes. Repeat this motion a few times, until the garlic has formed a semisoft paste. You can make this chicken stew with or without potatoes and carrot, that is up to your preferences. @2020 - Mi Terruño Food. Copyright of Mi Terruño Food - www.miterrunofood.co.uk all rights reserved. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. (Alternatively, use a mortar and pestle.). by lilia | Dec 26, 2017 | recipes | 0 comments. Marinate the chicken: In a large mixing bowl, combine the garlic paste, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, vegetable oil and 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper. What kind of Oliver’s do you use? Place chicken a gallon zip-top freezer bag. Shred chicken using your hands and sprinkle into the onion mixture. Nevertheless, the name of the recipe retained its original denomination: ‘Ensalada de Gallina’ (Hen Salad). This recipe is a win win!! So try it and let me know with a comment how was it, you can even share a picture through my social media and tag me to see the results…, Your email address will not be published. Holding your knife blade almost parallel to the cutting board, scrape the blade over the chopped garlic. Is physical inactivity the same as sedentary behaviour? Cook for an additional 10 minutes before flipping the chicken a final time. You’ll need: A whole chicken; Fresh lime juice; Vinegar; Canola or vegetable oil; Garlic cloves; Green bell pepper; Red onion; Salt and black pepper; Sweet paprika (pimento dulce) Sugar; Cumin; Please check the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact quantities and instructions (scroll down). Add sherry and capers; season with salt. Roast in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. You can also eat it as a main — it has pieces of chicken … In a large bowl, mix the chicken, potatoes, carrots, red apple and a bit of shredded onion. Thank you! 19 hours ago, by Perri Konecky Cover skillet and cook onion mixture until slightly browned, 5 to 10 minutes. Great low calorie dinner. Read our. If you use chicken legs just make sure that you take off the skin before cooking the chicken. I can say that my grandmother makes a big pot of pollo guisado every week. NOTE: If the chicken is getting too brown to your taste cover the top with foil, leaving space between the top of chicken and foil tent for heat circulation. 22 hours ago, by Kelsie Gibson When the chicken is cooked, take the tray out of the oven and transfer the chicken to a board or plate to rest for 10 minutes or so. You can make the mojo ahead since it get better with time! Thrive Themes I use regular green olives without seed. I love to cook with lime if you follow my blog you know that a lot of my recipes have lime instead of lemon… is just the flavour of the lime that I find so damn good… and this Venezuelan Lime Chicken Recipe is really a finger licking dish perfect for the BBQ, grill or as a roast. 1​5 EASY DINNER IDEAS: ​LESS THAN 30 MINUTES. This post is sponsored by alli®. However, as time passed, chicken replaced hen in this traditional recipe. Wash and peel the potatoes and the carrots, cut them into cubes and save them in different bowls. -  Designed by This site uses cookies to store information on your computer, Spanish Chorizo and Feta Cheese Rice Cake Recipe, Plantain Boats with Roasted Vegetables and Melted Cheese…, How to Make Fried Plantain Chips at Home…, Venezuelan Tuna & Fried Plantain Bake – Classic…, Lean Chilli con Carne Recipe Venezuelan Style, How do you Make Rice and Chicken Venezuelan…, Venezuelan Sweet Fried Plantain Bake with Spanish Chorizo, Green Peas & Italian Prosciutto Pesto Pasta, How to Make Gnocchi alla Sorrentina Recipe, Tomato & Italian Pesto Summer Vegan Salad, Easy Spicy Italian Baked Eggs Recipe for breakfast,…. Remove to a platter, garnish with lime wedges, and serve. Crush the canned tomatoes and pour them into the pot.